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June 3-4, 1962

The early Beatles pictured at the Cavern, rehearsing for their June 6th recording session at Abbey Road. The day before the recording session, the band drove down from Liverpool to London, staying in the Capitol to avoid traffic jams, weather and anything else that would risk a coveted recording contract with EMI.

June 6, from 7pm-10pm

The Beatles’ session took place, first running through a number of songs before recording four; Besame Mucho, Love Me Do, PS I Love You & Ask Me Why.

Years later, only the recordings of Besame Mucho & Love Me Do would survive, being discovered in a private collection in the ‘80s. Both appear on the Anthology 1 album.

Photographer: Michael McCartney (Mike McGear)

((Exact date of photos unknown, but either June 3rd or 4th.))

Today in Beatles History!

June 6, 1962: The Beatles attend their first ever Abbey Road recording session.

Taking place in studio 2 from 7-10pm, it acted as both an audition and recording session. After playing a large number of songs and getting the “thumbs-up” for actual recording, The Beatles record four songs: “Besame Mucho,” “Love Me Do,” “P.S. I Love You,” and “Ask Me Why.”

“We gave them a long lecture about their equipment and what would have to be done about it if they were to become recording artists. They didn’t say a word hack, not a word, they didn’t even nod their heads in agreement. When he finished, George (Martin) said ‘Look, I’ve laid into you for quite a time, you haven’t responded. Is there anything you don’t like?’ I remember they all looked at each other for a long while, shuffling their feet, then George Harrison took a long look at George and said ‘Yeah, I don’t like your tie!’ That cracked the ice for us and for the next 15-20 minutes they were pure entertainment. When they left to go home George and I just sat there saying ‘Phew! What do you think of that lot then?’ I had tears running down my face.” - Norman Smith, engineer