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i have no excuse this is just kind of fun

Look Away (Violet)
The Dear Hunter
Look Away (Violet)

Then, there’s the simple fact that
I was born this way
In such a taut assemblation of mistakes
And don’t you misjudge what I’m capable of
If I’m heir to a broken will
I’ll fall

the dear hunter || look away

i cannot even choose a favorite veggietales song, but i can assemble a playlist for you:

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The Front Bottoms Complete List of Songs (For Now)

The Front Bottoms have a lot of songs. A lot. Here’s a convenient list of songs painstakingly assembled by yours truly to help guide you through the world of their music. Enjoy.

I Hate My Friends (2008)

  • You Wouldn’t Be Laughing
  • Lipstick Covered Magnet
  • Lonely Eyes
  • Taking My Uzi To The Gym
  • Current Events
  • Pale Beneath The Tan (Squeeze)
  • Push-Ups
  • Twelve Feet Deep
  • Be Nice To Me
  • If You’re Happy

Brothers Can’t Be Friends (2008)

  • Carry Me Down The Street
  • I Wrote A Book
  • Jim Bogart
  • Molly
  • Not Yet
  • So Sick We’re Dead
  • The Winds
  • The Bells

My Grandma vs. Pneumonia (2009)

  • The Bass is Too Loud
  • More Than It Hurts You
  • Flying Model Rockets
  • Somebody Else
  • The Distance That I Fell
  • The Wrong Way
  • I Think Your Nose Is Bleeding
  • Christians vs. The Indians
  • The Cops
  • The Supply of Power (La La La)
  • Just as Big, Twice as Swollen
  • Silver Shinbone (Bucket Song)

Self-Titled (2011)

  • Flashlight
  • Maps
  • Looking Like You Just Woke Up
  • Mountain
  • Rhode Island
  • The Beers
  • Father
  • Swimming Pool
  • The Boredom Is The Reason I Started Swimming, It’s Also The Reason I Started Sinking
  • Bathtub
  • Legit-Tattoo Gun
  • Hooped Earings

Talon of the Hawk (2013)

  • Au Revior (Adios)
  • Skeleton
  • Swear to God The Devil Made Me Do It
  • Twin Size Mattress
  • Peach
  • Santa Monica
  • The Feud
  • Funny You Should Ask
  • Tattooed Tears
  • Lone Star
  • Back Flip
  • Everything I Own

Rose (2014)

  • Flying Model Rockets
  • Lipstick Covered Magnet
  • 12 Feet Deep
  • Jim Bogart
  • Be Nice To Me
  • Awkward Conversations

GDP/The Front Bottoms Split (2015)

  • Wolfman
  • Handcuffs

Back On Top (2015)

  • Motorcycle 
  • Summer Shandy
  • Cough It Out
  • HELP
  • Laugh Till I Cry
  • Historic Cemetery
  • The Plan (Fuck Jobs)
  • Ginger
  • 2YL
  • West Virginia
  • Plastic Flowers

Needy When I’m Needy (2016)

  • Tighten Up
  • Joanie
  • Katana (Demo)
  • Would I Lie To You (Demo)
  • Sexy and Alive (Give an Inch) (Demo)
  • All For You Sacrificial Ritual (Demo)

Songs that really don’t fit anywhere

  • The Bongo Song
  • Today is Not Real
  • If It Were Up To Me
  • Hello World
  • Trampeed (Trampled, Trampied, or however the fuck you wanna spell it)
  • Water-gun-Knife
  • Burn Harvard Burn
  • Christmas Wrapping (The Waitresses)
Les go De!

A/N: This is day 1 of my 7 Days of Halloween stories. There will be a masterlist here where you can read all of the stories. I haven’t read through this yet. My bad for any mistakes.

Dean’s age-15     Sam’s age-11     Reader’s age-5

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader   

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The motel he walked in to after school was not what he expected. You had been talking all week about how excited you were for Halloween this year and today was that day. There was going to be an assembly, songs you learned to sing, and even a Halloween party at school. This was your first year in school where they had this sort of stuff and you were eating it up.

Which is why when Dean walked into the motel and saw you crying into a pillow on the motel bed with Sam trying to make you feel better surprised him. He expected you to be hyped up on sugar. Not crying.

He made his way over to the bed and sat next to Sam, “What happened?” He mouthed at Sam. Sam just shook his his head and continued to rub your back. Dean let out a sigh and grabbed Sam by the collar, dragging him into the bathroom so he could force Sam to spill.

“You have about two seconds to tell me what happened before I hit you.” Dean said, annoyed that his little brother wouldn’t tell him what was going on, “Sam.” Dean warned.

Sam let out a groan but faced Dean, “It was the Halloween stuff at school today.” He told Sam.

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anonymous asked:

When you see songs how do they actually look? Are they like blobs of colour? Do they look like paintings?

There’s actually a ton of motion that changes throughout the song. Not everything in a painting is happening at once in the visuals I get–I just try to assemble the song as a whole onto a still image.
Broadway Baby, But First, High School - Chapter 2 - denimcharlie - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter 2 is live!!

Songs used:

Glee Club Assembly - Stop! In The Name Of Love/Free Your Mind



Two-part harmony

Requested by Anonymous: Could you write something about a human narrator singing to the company around the fire and a dwarf (Thorin or Fili or Kili or any dwarf or all of them idk) falling in love with her??

Here you go, my dear anon…I hope it’s what you imagined!

“Blow the Candles Out” – Traditional English folk song. There are probably a hundred different versions, but if you haven’t heard it, you can listen to one here.


The sun was setting as you helped Bombur and Bifur lug the cooking pots back to camp from the riverbank where you had worked together to wash them. The calm, cool, lavender twilight was refreshing after a long day of traveling, and the crackling campfire invited the company to gather around and rest their weary bodies in its warmth.

When at last you went to join the circle of lounging dwarves, Fili caught your eye and quietly spoke up as you approached. “You can sit here if you like,” he gestured to the fallen log where he was seated next to his brother, “it’s close to the fire.”

“Ori! Budge up.” Kili sprang into action, shuffling Ori to a precarious perch at the very end of the log to make room beside Fili, but Ori, already sulky because Kili had accidentally knocked one of his journals into a damp streambed earlier in the day, was having none of it. He scooted himself forcefully against the combined weight of the Durin brothers and huffily reclaimed his place.

“It’s all right,” you said placatingly, settling yourself on a large tree stump beside Dori, who gave you a companionable smile. “I can sit here, it’ll be quite warm enough.”

You could have sworn you saw Kili throw his brother an apologetic look, and you dared to hope that Fili might share your disappointment, but the incident was quickly forgotten as Bofur began a rollicking song, and the small assembly broke out in approving hoots and clapping hands in time with the beat. The rousing dwarvish tunes had been entirely unfamiliar to you when you’d first joined the company as a guide and the lone human among Thorin Oakenshield’s ragtag band of followers, but at this point in the journey you often found yourself quietly humming them as you trudged through the wilderness, and you enjoyed the cheerful evenings at the fireside as much as anyone else.

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Project Songtale start!
What is this?
Yesterday I came up with an idea to make a sketchbook full of drawings based on my favorite songs. You know, as a funny and entertaining way to exercise traditional art. And then another idea stroke me.
To make an Undertale sketchbook full of drawings based on songs, yes!
I quickly assembled the sketchbook in like 2 hours and added the polymer clay title to the front.
So, here it is.
Only 92 pages, because I used thick watercolor paper.
Anyway, I’ll try to make it to the end of the sketchbook.

Plus some WIP under the cut 

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 ONE BIG WEIRD HAPPY FAMILY - because sometimes a family is you, your twin sibiling, your great-uncle, your /other/ great-uncle you didn’t even know existed until he escaped another dimension like last week, and the other employees of the tourist trap that somehow, over the course of a summer, became home

so i know we’re all in a state of emotional distress at the moment but. the pines family is very important. hence this assembly of songs about, home, family, mystery, recklessly caring about each other, and the occasional reference to the fact that, when everything goes horribly wrong, those things actually can get you through an apocalypse

home - phillip phillips // you told the drunks i knew karate - zoey van goey // sticking with you - addison road // try to believe - oingo boingo // here’s to us - halestorm // gone, gone, gone - phillip phillips // GF DANCE EURO POP - bradbreeck // odds are - barenaked ladies // last party - MIKA // embers - owl city // taking over midnight - love patrol alpha (cover)


Peeta’s Rouge One Blunder

To @shesasurvivor Happy New YYear’s.. ps…unbetaed..all mistakes are mine..

Peeta was in trouble. He said under his breath, “First day of the New Year and Katniss was pissed off at me.”

They parked the car at the theater. Katniss got out of the car and slammed the door.  He put his forehead against the steering wheel. 

He dug a big deep hole for himself and he couldn’t get out of it.  He tried.  He’d made her hot chocolate, and served it with a basket full of piping hot cheese-buns. He’d rubbed her feet.  Peeta surprised her with a bath, complete with candles, lavender scented water. Nothing, though, quelled the anger he unleashed, when he went to see Rouge One without her.

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