song about someone

Taylor Swift wrote a song about loving someone, but loving herself more when they didn’t treat her right and that is honestly how everyone should live their life. Know your worth and demand others do too.

not trying to fake deep but did anyone realize the storyline in the way jaebum posted his songs? in holic there is the sound of the door opening at the start and holic is about meeting someone and being attracted to them.
next is sin which is a song about being so deeply in love with someone that you don’t care about losing yourself.
the last song is bad habit which is a song about breaking up with someone and there is the sound of the door closing at the end of the song.

like wow i love the way the songs literally portray the course of an entire relationship. jaebum the king of doing that.


I’m here to give you a warning. Leave me and the people around me alone. And what if I don’t? If you don’t, I’ll come and find you, no matter where you may be. I’ll end our first encounter with just this warning but if I ever come to see you a second time, you will die.


— Yves Navarre, Friends Gone With the Wind


BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Says He Brought Taeyang And Girlfriend Min Hyo Rin Together

BIGBANG made a guest appearance on December 21’s episode of “Radio Star,” where Taeyang finally shared the story behind his hit solo track “Eyes, Nose, Lips.”

When asked about his inspiration for “Eyes, Nose, Lips,” Taeyang replied, “It’s a story based on my own life. There have been a lot of rumors that it’s a song about someone else, but it’s really a song that came out when I met Min Hyo Rin.”

G-Dragon jumped in to add that he (unintentionally) played the role of a matchmaker in their relationship. “When Taeyang was planning to film his music video, he was considering who should be his female co-star,” he said, referring to Taeyang’s video “1AM” which features Min Hyo Rin. “I suggested a friend of a friend because I thought they’d look good together, and it turned out that Taeyang already had her in mind.”

“I went to the music video set, and I saw that Taeyang was smiling from ear to ear, even though it’s a sad song,” he recounted, which made Taeyang laugh.

G-Dragon then cracked everyone up by reenacting a scene where Taeyang was supposed to be hugging Min Hyo Rin sadly, but G-Dragon spotted him grinning.

Credit: Soompi


Simple and plain and not much to ask from somebody
               Come out of hiding, I’m right here beside you.

Why the wolves had to go: Sansa and Arya, Lady and Nymeria

Something I’ve always wondered (and I’m not sure if there’s been a lot of discussion about this) is why Martin decided the Stark GIRLS had to lose their wolves - but their brothers got to keep them.

In Jon’s case, Ghost’s presence is very clearly a symbol of his identity. He has to send Ghost away when he’s with the Wildlings - at the most crucial moment of the betrayal of his vows. He has to help them climb the wall he swore he’d defend against them and then Ghost is gone. Ghost returns after Jon defends the wall and takes up his vows again, permanently leaving behind his urge to run with the Wildlings.

The wolves are tied to identify in a lot of other ways but Jon is the only boy who is separated from his wolf for an extensive amount of time and Jon is the only boy who struggles with his identity.

I’ve always thought Robb, Bran, and Rickon never lose track of their wolves because they are solidly Starks and never even think about becoming anything else. Whereas Jon knows he’s not a “true” Stark and the girls - well, the girls can only be Starks until they’re married.

I think Martin chose to show how a woman’s identity in Westeros is changeable and transient, while men are always who they are. Cat was a Tully, then she was a Stark. But she’s never really either one. Sometimes she’s both. She has to take on a new identity in her marriage and yet retain her old identity out of pride and duty.

((Another post could discuss how Cersei refusing to embrace the Baratheon identity that’s been forced on her and instead remaining a Lannister, both in name and spirit, means something for her story.))

Girls in Westeros belong to their families but only until marriage - when they belong to a different family. Sansa and Arya have no idea when this change of identity will occur for them or whether it will be good or bad. Sansa dreams it will be all she ever wanted, Arya suspects it would be a hell. They just Know, as all girls instinctively know in this kind of society, that someday they will have to become someone else.

Bran dreams of knighthood, Robb tries to be a king, Rickon has a little Wildling to him - but they’re all Starks through and through. Jon toes a line, admittedly (and his entire identity is a mess).

But the girls are constantly changing their entire personhoods. Sansa LONGS to marry a handsome stranger and become a different Lady. Arya wants to be a hero, an outlaw, a mystery, a new Nymeria. Sansa embraces her role as a high born maid and thereby kills the Stark in herself (but not really because we all know she’ll go back to herself in the end). Arya rejects her gender and class role - but accepts that she’s a social outsider and sends her Stark self away, just as she would have sent suitors running away. She buries it deep inside herself. Both of the girls are good at becoming other people when they need to.

It’s been expected of them since birth. It’s just that Sansa embraces it and Arya fights it. In losing their wolves they’ve lost, not themselves exactly, but their family history, the safety of their house, the power of their names. Their outward identity.

This is exactly what marriages would have done to them, even happy marriages. Girls have to be ripped of their homes, stripped of their identities, and forced to play a different character - it’s what they’re born for. So the Stark girls CAN’T keep their wolves, not until they reject these roles and demand their birthright (in a Dornish fashion, in a way).

The boys don’t have to worry. They were always going to remain Starks.

((Please add to this or point me towards people who have said similar things, probably more eloquently.))

producer unnie pt. 2: listen!

secret wjsn (co-written by exy) closer oh my girl (co-written by mimi)  a sip of lips fiestar (co-written by yezi) 10 seconds aoa (co-written by jimin) ☆ blind 4minute (written by sohyun, rap by hyuna & jiyoon) ☆ cream exid (written, co-composed by le) stupid liar wa$$up (co-written by nada) ☆ lost nicole (co-written by nicole) yes or no 9muses (co-written by euaerin) ☆ fox boa (co-written by boa) ☆ what do i do? tiffany (co-composed, co-arrange by tiffany, written by sooyoung) ☆ shut up & groove heize (co-written by heize) ☆ red queen iu (written by iu)
passing by
lee hi (written, co-composed by lee hi) ☆ still hyomin (co-composed by hyomin) love me the same jessica (written, co-composed by jessica) ☆ across the universe baek yerin (co-written, co-composed by baek yerin) ☆ i miss you mamamoo (co-written by moonbyul) ☆ whoo rainbow (co-written by woori) ☆ to the beautiful you wonder girls (co-composed, co-written by hyerim, sunmi, yubin) ☆ tonight spica (co-written by kim boa) 

bonus: i like my way home moon hyuna (written by moon hyuna)

imagine karen or nancy teaching el how to play the piano and then when she finally learns something simple like twinkle twinkle little star she gets so excited and she shows mike and he cant help but be so proud of her and feel so happy bc the grin on her face is so blinding and then when el learns something more complex she shows him again and this time she’s so giddy and excited and all mike can think is “im so in love with her i love her so much” and mike accidentally lets it slip and el is confused by the word love so she makes a mental note to ask karen later and when she does karen is in shock and asks where she learned that word from and el tells her mike told her he loved her and after karen explains it el’s qiet for a few moments. before mumbling, “i love him too” and karen is feeling like she’s simultaneously falling and flying because she’s sad and upset about the fact that mike loves someone in a not so family way and because he’s growing up but she’s so gleeful because her son has found someone he truly loves and someone who truly loves him back and its so cute to her