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Song + Synopsis

Song: “Rebound” by Laura Bell Bundy

Title: Rebound

Starring: Kate Mara, Fran Kranz, America Ferrera, Henry Cavill, Jennifer Tilly & Bruce Campbell

Synopsis: Kayla (Mara) and her boyfriend, Mike (Cavill) have just broken up, the last year of their relationship being nothing more than sex.  After being forced to go out to a club by her coworker, Janis (Tilly), Kayla meets Bo (Kranz), another newly singleton who’s been in a chaste relationship with Ruby (Ferrera) for the past three years.  Finding it hard to break from the physical aspect of her previous relationship, Kayla and Bo’s relationship gets off to a rocky start.  Bruce Campbell costars as Kayla’s therapist.

Song + Synopsis

Song:  “Tangled Up In Blue" Bob Dylan

Starring: Benjamin Walker, Christina Hendricks, Jeremy Sisto, Michael Mosley & Bruce Campbell

Synopsis: The story starts with Coleen (Hendricks) waking up, dressing and getting ready to leave Nathaniel (Walker).  The story of their life together(and apart), from meeting up the night before back to their very first meeting a decade earlier.  After their first meeting, the two are forced apart by life and friends.  In the following years, Nathaniel leads his life, working hard, all the while commiserating about that one girl that got away to his cousin, Tommy (Sisto).  Coleen chooses a life with Braiden (Mosley) dreaming of the what-ifs with Nathaniel.  Over the decade the two run into each other, intermittently, usually when rock star Herbie Hung (Campbell) is in town.

Song + Synopsis

Song:  “You All Everybody" Driveshaft

Starring:  Emily Mortimer, Heather Burns, Javier Bardem, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Daniel Radcliffe, Elijah Wood, Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel & Bruce Campbell


Alice (a classic ballerina), Renie (a model), Nester (a diplomat), and Zach (a Nobel prize winning scientist) (Mortimer, Perry, Bardem, Radcliffe) are strangers living in different countries with nothing in common until the dreams start.  The images are of a fantasy world, where they are treated as kings and queens, so intense that they’re conscious thoughts are often interrupted by images of this world.  Weeks after the dreams start, the four of them receive an invitation to poker game held by renowned, eccentric billionaire, Edward Monet (Campbell).

Upon their arrival, the four are met by Celia, Irene, Ernest, and Chaz (Burns, Deschanel, Morgan, Wood), their Doppelgangers, whose lives they’ve been dreaming of.  In their world, the Doppelgangers have been having dreams of the Earthlings’ lives.

Monet explains that their lives are colliding and are interchangeable, and by the end of the night one of those worlds will end. He will not disclose which world will be destroyed but when the time comes, the winners of this poker game will be sent to the surviving planet with untold riches.

Song + Synopsis

Song:  “D & D" Stephen Lynch

Title:  “D&D”

Starring:  Jesse Eisenberg, Lucas Grabeel, Bill Hader, Bruce Campbell

Synopsis: Carter (Eisenberg), Sean (Grabeel) & Artie (Hader) have been D&D buddies since Carter and Sean met Artie at a comic convention. Lately, with Carter’s new job, Sean’s upcoming wedding and Artie’s legal woes, the trio haven’t been able to get together. Carter, seeing this, decides Sean’s bachelor party will feature less strippers and more trolls. The three regroup for one epic battle to put all other D&Ders to shame. Campbell cameos as himself.

Song + Synopsis

Song: “The Remedy" by Jason Mraz

Title: ‘Remedy’

Starring: John Cho, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Taran Killam & Bruce Campbell

Synopsis: Giving Nurse Ratched a run for her money, Yogi (Campbell) and BooBoo (Killiam) look after the patients of Oakdale Recovery Center.  Well, technically they don’t “look” after anyone.  Yogi and BooBoo are the hosts of Oakdale’s residences’ favorite radio show and they have a 3 hour block to start the day.  Russell (Thomas) and Wade (Cho) are the center’s oldest residents.  Usually a place to simply unwind from the horrors of the everyday for a month, a rehab for the stresses, these two have stretched their stay to 8 years of relaxation.  That is until Yogi and BooBoo announce the Mayan’s end of the world prediction.  Hearing this, Russell and Wade ditch the center and make for the radio station to find out what the personalities know only to realize after 8 years in the comfort of a resting home, they have no idea how to survive on their own.  Or get downtown, at least.

Song + Synopsis

Song:  “Fist City" by Alysha Umphress/Loretta Lynne

Starring: Jason Sudeikis, Drew Barrymore, Blake Lively, Taye Diggs, David Hornsby, Jessica Walter & Bruce Campbell

Synopsis: Amidst rumors of his infidelity, Warren (Sudeikis) has to prove to his fiancee Bea (Barrymore) that while she was visiting her family (Hornsby, Walter) he did not have an affair with local celebrity Kari (Lively).  The rumor has made it’s way through town by the help of Kari herself, who could not deny the attention it gave her from the public and her ex, Tyler (Diggs) and father, Freddie (Campbell).  Unfortunately for Kari, Bea is a kick-boxing enthusiast and challenges her to a match to once and for all settle the fight for Warren.  Warren on the other hand, just wants to see these girls fight over him.

Song + Synopsis

Song:  “Bible Baby" Dana Fuchs Band

Starring: Josh Hutcherson, Hayley Marie Norman & Bruce Campbell

Synopsis: Scotty Mack (Hutcherson) is a nice boy, nothing special, just a average B student without a criminal record who goes to Catholic school, exactly what his parents need after their hectic early life together.  That is until his parents’ past catches up with them and they are kidnapped.  Enter Bible Baby, Scotty’s stage persona from his latest high school musical, a superhero who uses the power of gospel music to bring justice.  Breaking the fourth wall, Bible Baby enlists the help of his leading lady, Ivy Cooke (Norman), school principal, Father Daniel Payne (Campbell), and his gift of song to save his parents and bring the unholy criminals to justice.

Song + Synopsis

Song:  “Womanizer" Britney Spears/All American Rejects cover

Starring:  Henry Ian Cusick, Jennifer Carpenter, Leslie Bega, Stacey Dash, Frances O'Connor, Madhuri Dixit, Bruce Campbell

Synopsis: Leo (Cusick) does not live your average life.  He is the script writer for the latest “reality” show centered on a few choice woman of Manhattan (Carpenter, Bega, Dash, Dixit).  Script writer, of course, means he picks and chooses what the woman are going to fight over.  Behind the scenes, he flirts and takes out the women to get to know their personalities for the show.  Each woman truly believes he has feelings for them, leading to the on-screen drama to cross over, much to the dismay of Leo’s true love, Anthony (Campbell).