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go your own way

i. the chain // fleetwood mac ii. get down tonight // kc and the sunshine band iii. i want to break free // queen iv. heart of glass // blondie v. s.o.s. // abba vi. wasted days and wasted nights // freddy fender vii. same old song and dance // aerosmith viii. out of the question // gilbert o'sullivan ix. don’t go breaking my heart // elton john with kiki dee x. stayin’ alive // the bee gees xi. september // earth, wind, and fire xii. disco inferno // the trammps xiii. i will survive // gloria gaynor xiv. take a chance on me // abba xv. wish you were here // pink floyd xvi. heroes // david bowie xvii. we are the champions // queen xviii. back in black // ac/dc xix. heartache tonight // the eagles xx. go your own way // fleetwood mac


#24 Preference ( Michael/4 ) - You like him but you’re too shy to talk to him plus you think he doesn’t like you but actually, he does. [Requested.]

You were lying on your bed, listening to music when you heard your mom yelled your name from the kitchen. You sighed, turning off the music and slowly made your way downstairs.
“ - Yes mom? You asked, faking a smile.
- Your dad needs you for the garden chores, she mumbled, not even looking up from her cake.
- But I’m waiting for y/f/n !
- I don’t care, see that with your dad. ”
You were going to reply but closed your mouth, it was impossible to talk with her anyway. You cursed and put some shoes on, joining your dad outside.
“ - Hey dad! How can I help you? You pratically shout, making him jump in surprise.
- Jesus y/n you scared me! Well, I was hoping for your mom but as you can see, she doesn’t want to go outside.
- Yeah and she forced me to. My friend’s gonna be there in a minute, you mumbled.
- Well, I just have to finish cutting the shrubs, so maybe you and your friend can just do some car washing, I guess.
- But-
- I promise I’ll pay you a pizza and give you some money to go to your concert next weekend?
- Okay! Damn you’re so convicing sometimes, it scares me, you giggled. ”
He laughed and you approached your car, parked in front of your house. You took the bucket of water your dad left next to the car and the huge sponge.
“ - Jesus, don’t tell me you’re on for some house chores again, your friend mumbled as she arrived.
- Ahah funny because we both are, now come and help me.
- Sounds boring. Let me put some music before. ”
She took her Iphone from her bag and a little amp in her purse and put some musics on. It was very various songs from different kind of music and that was the fun part. You were dancing to the song Disco Inferno from the Glee Cast when you stopped your neighbour watching you. Your god damn sexy neighbour, Michael Clifford. You froze as he just smirked and sat on a couch, on his terrace. That have been three years since him and his family moved here in your city and you never really talked to them, Michael wasn’t even in your high school. But he was amazingly stunning and you couldn’t help but stare eveytime you saw him. You sighed, turning your attention back to the car.
“ - Why don’t you just go say hi? Your friend smiled at you.
- Oh yeah, sorry but it’s not that easy. You can go see every man you want and he’ll be mesmerized by you but hey, I’m not you. I’m just… me.
- What the hell y/n? Did you just listened to you? You like him for three years now and you’re not able to say hello to him and-
- Yeah, thanks for reminding me, he’s just .. you know.. I’m sure he’s out of my league and-

- Who’s out of your league? You heard a voice behind you, making you jump. You heart stopped beating when you saw that it was Michael.
- N-nobody, you stammered.
- I have to go to the toilet y/n, your friend smiled at you, giving you a wink when she crossed the door.
- Nice little dance by the way, he smirked.
- Thanks, you blushed, looking away. ”
He laughed quietly and put his hands in his pockets.
“ - So erm.. y/n. I was wondering if you were doing something this weekend, he asked.
- Hm, no I’m not doing anything, w-why?
- Well me and my band are playing a gig at the local concert hall and I’ll be happy if you’d come and see me playing, he smiled, looking into your eyes.
- Y-yeah, why not, you murmured. ”
His smile widened and he made his way to his house.
“ - Michael? You murmured, and you murmured it a little louder the second time.
- Yeah?
- Why now?
- Well, that have been three years since I moved in here and I wasn’t able to say hello to her and I though that it was a perfect time to do it, he winked at you as you blushed harder. He continued his way, singing the song lyrics in a high-pitched voice, making you smile.
Burn, baby burn


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Avatar AU Headcanon: Everytime when Mike fire bends, the song "Disco Inferno" plays in the background like: BURN BABY BURN DISCO INFERNO.

Everyone is like “Where the fuck is that music coming from” as Mike continues to put shit up in flames of fury.