troye’s music has this intrinsic way of evoking the most humane of emotions, ones that we all feel but are terrified to say out loud–and i think that, in itself, is a true work of art. 

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Shoujo Manga Lists

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1. Bokura wa Itsumo

2. Himeyaka na Tousaku

3. Seifuku de Vanilla Kiss

4. Sora to Kimi to.

5. Taiyou No Ie

6. Takane to Hana

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playing hatoful boyfriend for the firs time

me: haha, lol lets do the library nerds route, boring ones first lmao

me after finishing nagekis route:

me: HAH well :/ guess i picked a bad starter there, lets do this stuck up douchebags route next, surely ill feel nothing for this duster ass looking bintch

me after finishing sakuyas route:


I miss you more than I thought I would.