I wish kpop fans (not just “ot8 stans” or “maomaos” or etc.) would be careful about their “musings” about what happened between SNSD and Jess. It’s one thing to speculate/have an opinion and another thing to viciously attack the character and integrity of 9 people none of us even know personally in a situation none of us actually knows the true details of. It’s almost been 2 years and it’s still sad to hear cruel, unfounded accusations toward SNSD, Jess, SM, Tyler- all of them. Objectivity>hate

if you actually think snsd are better than 2ne1 then THAT IS perfectly okay, it’s your opinion :) the wars between our fandoms need to stop. i’m a bj but i’m perfectly fine with snsd and sone. obviously, as a blackjack, i see 2ne1 as the better group, but i recognise snsd are also talented and i don’t mind if you think differently. let’s just not fight about it :D