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I read what sooyul wrote about the jjps and how if they were to unstan the groups that were guilty of being colorist/racist, they would stan nobody. Yet they continue 2 follow those awful ot8 (& others) even though they say things that could hurt PoC

Sones are stupid as fuck. This is how their logic works.

Sones Logic: If an anti of your precious bias says something, look up all possible definitions to make them look bad, call them racist for things they didnt know were racist and colorist.

Sones Logic pt2: If your precious bias literally talks about someones skin color just ignore it and try and drag the antis favorite group, like krystal..who talked about luna’s skin at age 14…even though krystal learned from her mistake and hasnt said shit like that since, Tiffany who continues to be colorist is fine, because she is our bias….so its totally fine..

if you actually think snsd are better than 2ne1 then THAT IS perfectly okay, it’s your opinion :) the wars between our fandoms need to stop. i’m a bj but i’m perfectly fine with snsd and sone. obviously, as a blackjack, i see 2ne1 as the better group, but i recognise snsd are also talented and i don’t mind if you think differently. let’s just not fight about it :D