Jessica stans barely complained when it was Tiffany who was in the sub unit. Because we understood Jessica also had her own schedules; her musical, photo shoots in korea and abroad, variety shows. She was one of the busiest members in 2012 aside from TTS. But sones came at her for the similar schedules she had in 2014, acting like things weren’t done that way in SNSD since 2011, and grumbling about how she neglected the group, about being selfish, when she never missed a schedule. Shame on you.
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Hey guys! it’s been a while! now that I have a bit more free time until finals kills me, i figure i would do a small art stream! but this time it’s gonna be a little different! Normally when I do my drawings it’s usually done on Adobe Photoshop, but thanks to my Graphic Design Major, I wanna try something new and use Adobe Illustrator! this gonna be fun, just watch me stuggle with a new program while listening to some oldy but goldy sone and NOW I HAVE A MIC so I can chat with you guys!

hope to see you guys soon!

You don’t get it do you?

I see a lot of Jessica stans already putting the blame on SM and Sones for acting out. Which they’re wrong for, because they’ll be eating their words soon if they keep this up lmfao. But another fandom isn’t the problem, while you idiots were busy fighting with Sones, Wonderland was dropping and last time I checked, Wonderland disappeared and is nowhere to be found. Lmao.

The true problem at hand is Coridel and people have started to get the point of that. Tyler, her boyfriend or whatever is doing a shitty job. Golden Stars can promo Jessica better than this. Truth is, they have. They were the ONLY ones who were promoting Wonderland while Coridel sat on their ass and continue to use Jessica for what she has. It’s pissing me the fuck off honestly.

What’s also wrong is people decided to speak up on this the first day. Let Jessica experience the first day of comeback peacefully no? Jessica has already said these sales don’t matter to her but she appreciate the fans doing all they can. Really who the fuck does that? You basically said, “I loved your music, but you flopped.” No wonder Jessica disabled comments. Golden Stars had the right intention but they ended up hurting Jessica in the end. 

All of you should apologize for that.  There’s a time for everything and that was inappropriate as fuck for any of you to begin complaining about how Jessica’s company isn’t doing shit right. We all know Coridel has a lousy job of doing things, but was it fucking smart to send that information to Jessica? She can’t LEAVE Coridel. What the hell were you people thinking?

Sones are all up in Jessica’s ass calling her a flop and wack. I ain’t gonna stoop low and say some shit about SNSD but you know what’s up. You know it. Once again people are biased out of their minds ad throwing the “disney channel” insults at Jessica’s music, discrediting her hard work and calling her a copycat off of Taeyeon. Well fuck you, I’ve had enough of this shit.. Jessica doesn’t need to copy anyone and Taeyeon had no input in her own comeback anyhow. SO there’s no copycat and sones could stay in their lane.

They’re always talking about wanting people to respect the nation’s girl group, and cry whenever Jessica stans have something to say about an SNSD member when they they have a solo. Now Jessica released Wonderland and all they were doing was trashing it and doing the things they fight us for doing. Fucking shame.