wanna one as abcs (american born chinese)

a/n: based off the abc guys in my life or that go to my school

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jason yun (yoon jisung)

  • your oldest cousin who’s in charge of watching the kid’s table
  • took care of you when you were a baby
  • takes you out to eat a lot and pays for anything you might want when you go to target or smthn
  • probably talks about college and high school with the other older kids
  • gets teased about getting a girlfriend/having a girlfriend/anything that involves a girl (space) friend
  • need a ride?
  • jason will pull up in his gray honda civic within 10 minutes to pick you up or drive you somewhere

steven ha (ha sungwoon)

  • #forever_5_foot_si_no_seven
  • the one boy in your class who still hasn’t gotten his growth spurt
  • “wah steven, vivian is almost the same height at you now!”
  • “vivian tell your mom to stop bullying me”
  • the star of the school’s choir
  • sings the national anthem during graduation/orientation/school rallies/etc.
  • always wins when the family goes out to a karaoke place
  • you know that one guy in your class who doesn’t have huge pores, no ance, and his skin is brighter than your future?
  • yeah that’s steven

michael huang (hwang minhyun)

  • the guy in your chinese school that’s always praised and gets the highest scores on exams
  • teachers always call on him to read the passage and he get all the tones right and everything
  • helps the younger kids write pinyin on the words they don’t recognize
  • girls in his class thought about quitting chinese school, but stayed bc michael is hot and helps them with chinese
  • been on the honor roll for five semesters straight
  • student coucil pres for the past two years
  • everyone is sure michael is going to be valedictorian

stephen ong (ong sungwoo)

  • always mistaken as a viet bc of his last name
  • this bitch is the one kid in chinese 1 that’s like
  • “y’all i tested into chinese 3 native, but i’m taking 1 bc there’s less work”
  • he can’t even write his chinese name right
  • always writes “我是很” instead of just “我很”
  • (the first one is grammatically incorrect in case y’all don’t speak chinese)
  • on the school’s dragon boat team and carries around the paddle everyday
  • wears hollister/a&f with khakis or adidas pants
  • owns a pair of nike roshes and vans old skools
  • goes on boba runs in the middle of the night with his 645214 friends

johnathan zhang (kim jaehwan)

  • his cousin owns the boba shop stephen frequents
  • works there mostly bc his cousin let’s him play his playlist
  • always plays the most recent bops, but does a throwback every so often bc he likes seeing ppl go like “holy shit i remember this songgg”
  • used to do this fist bump thing with stephen every time he came, but stephen goes to the ranch 99 two stores down before buying drinks so his hands are full and he can’t fist bump johnathan anymore
  • can’t make drinks to save his life idk why he’s working there
  • this boy can’t even pour ice into the cups without dropping seven ice cubes on the floor
  • the whole reason girls go to the shop is to listen to him sing along to the songs on his playlist tbvh

daniel gang (kang daniel)

  • the hot ranch 99 part timer
  • there’s a r99 10 minutes away from you but you beg your cousin jason to drive an extra 30 so you can see daniel
  • star of the school’s dance team and performs regularly during rallies/festivals/talent shows
  • was the butt of the “damnnnnnnn daniel” joke for months
  • the thing was he didn’t even wear white vans?
  • he was more of a converse guy
  • people think he’s one of those douchey guys because of how he dresses and his friend group, but in reality, daniel is a sweetheart
  • suuuuuuuuuuper chill and won’t get mad at you unless you harm his cats
  • if you hurt rooney or peter, you are no longer a friend to daniel

wilson wu (park woojin)

  • diamond three in league
  • all this boy talks about is league istg
  • spends his entire afternoon gaming instead of doing homework
  • gets decent grades even though he doesnt do any work
  • a solid 3.5 student
  • his parents cant really say anything bc hey at least he’s not failing
  • got scouted by a kpop company once when he was dancing at a festival with his dance team
  • declined bc the auditions were on the same day as worlds and he bought tickets to watch lol

justin zhu (park jihoon)

  • people thinks he’s a fashion god bc of how he dresses
  • nobody knows it’s his sister that picks out his outfits
  • “you’re going to embarrass me if you wear the outfits you pick out yourself” -ashley zhu, 2017
  • rants about his sister 25/8
  • they’re always arguing about something too omg
  • one day justin is fighting over the bathroom with her
  • the next day ashley is racing him for the passenger seat
  • will laugh in someone’s face if they say his sister is cute/hot/etc.
  • look, he might make fun of her, but he’s the only that’s allowed to
  • if he hears a someone talking shit about ashley, he’ll expose your ass and make you regret it

brandon yang (bae jinyoung)

  • shy shy shy
  • your mom’s friend’s son
  • does not try to converse with you at all
  • at least when he was younger
  • used to be lanky and not that hot
  • but then y’all go into high school ans this boi gets the glo up of the century
  • it went from “brandon is not my type” to “holy fucking shit y’all get in line i’ve known him since third grade if anyone’s dating him it’s me”
  • the boy who couldn’t look you in the eyes when he was nine now plays with people’s feelings
  • except you
  • he won’t do that to you because he secretly has a crush on you

david lee (lee daehwi)

  • sigh
  • this boy is all about memes
  • has probably said “DEEZ NUTSSS” out loud in class before
  • don’t let his love for memes fool you though
  • this boy is hella smart
  • top of his math class, great at english and spanish, speaks chinese like a native, and has also done 200 hours of volunteer work already even though he’s a sophmore
  • this boy is too cute for his own good
  • known as everyone’s little brother at school
  • gets his cheeks squished quite a lot, mostly by the upperclassmen in the clubs he’s a part of
  • doesn’t complain bc he likes it
  • uses big hand gestures when he’s talking
  • david is honestly the cutest little bean ever if you hurt him i will hurt you

guanlin “gavin” lai (lai guanlin)

  • the transfer student from the motherland who comes in the middle of the year
  • “uhhh gu anne lin?”
  • “here. you can call me gavin”
  • his name on attendance is never changed and he goes through this shit whenever there’s a sub
  • lives in the affluent part of the city bc his dad is a ceo of a company
  • comes to school with an mcm backpack, rolex, and a gucci t-shirt
  • everyone is like
  • :ooooo gavin your outfit costs more than my entire allowance for the year
  • and gavin is there like??
  • but this is one of my cheapest outfits
  • cue everyone going like how rich are you?????
  • “i only live in a three million dollar house though? my house back in china is worth seven million.”


  • The chairman’s son
  • doing his residency in neurosurgery under the direct supervision of his father’s friend, Cor
  • is super good at it, but he’s doing it just so he can qualify for his role as heir
  • has no passion for it, Noct would rather study medicine for dogs or birds or fish or literally anything else other than people
  • does it splendidly anyway, because he wants to make his sick father proud
  • would never admit it but he he can’t ignore someone who needs his help
  • has a secret relationship with Lunafreya who is a biochemist and next in line for pharmaceutical giant Nifilheim Co.


  • pediatric nurse and resident sunshine boy
  • just looooves the new babies!
  • they’re so cute and squishy!
  • wears a colorful set of scrubs everywhere, and reads storybooks to sick kids on his time off
  • sometimes feels inferior and out of place because he’s the only male nurse in the maternity ward
  • kids love his animal impressions tho, and that’s all that matters! 
  • best friends with the chairman’s son but not a lot of people know that


  • Rehabilitation Specialist
  • helps people get back on their feet (literally) with love and sometimes necessary guilt tripping
  • has the mass and muscle to carry patients around if they can’t do it themselves
  • likes to chat casually with everybody and actually remembers things about them, his patients tend not to skip on their exercises because he feels like a friend
  • likes to schedule his coffee breaks to coincide with Cor or Ignis


  • Oral Surgeon
  • he WILL stick his gloved fingers in people’s mouths without warning
  • Noct hates the ‘surprise check ups’ because he never flosses
  • does more surgery than dentistry, a lot of his patients are car crash survivors and high-impact sport athletes
  • has restored the faces of hundreds of people, a natural healer
  • likes the idea of getting his work done without the patient babbling on and on
  • addicted to coffee and enjoys the occasional cigarette, gets teased because “what if u get mouth cancer and have to do surgery on your own face lmao”


  • Neurosurgeon
  • detail oriented and a stickler for details
  • refuses to give up on patients, stubborn till the end and beyond
  • has actually brought back some patients from flat-lining like some immortal healer
  • likes to chat with Gladio on breaks and assigns him most of his rehab follow ups
  • is very strict on Noct even though the boy is actually really good at his job


  • used to be an ER surgeon, moved to working with and studying prosthetics after losing his left arm to cancer
  • wants to create functional limbs to replace his own, but also to help other amputees coming back from his war-torn country
  • hates that his sister’s company keeps putting roadblocks on his patents and projects, but understands that there’s very little she can do about it until the current chairman dies or retires early
  • standoffish and aloof, he’s not aware how popular he is with members of the staff, it doesn’t help that the only people who aren’t scared to sit at lunch with him are the twerp’s clique
  • actually enjoys their shenanigans and looks forward to lunch at work to catch up on the latest drama but shhh don’t tell anyone


  • Pathologist and sometimes Coroner
  • lives in the basement and takes charge of the morgue, disappears occasionally to do work out in the field with the local police
  • everybody agrees that he’s the creepy slimy type, he thinks he’s everyone’s friend
  • plays with dead people every day, creates his own drama plays with the corpses when he’s bored (he gets the clothes from thrift shops and dumpsters)
  • tries to persuade Noct to fund his ‘reviving the dead through cryogenics’ experiments by throwing rad Halloween parties (nobody attends)

can you make a scenario of hanbin impregnating you and becoming a teen parents with a son

do you know how shocked i felt when i read this lol

Your alarm woke you earlier than expected, you didn’t realize how tired you were when your body refused to move out of the bed. That wasn’t your bed. You stared at the walls that kept you safe, then flipped over to see if anyone was around. His eyes were perfectly closed, he was still asleep and it seemed that nothing could wake him up. 

You left the bedroom silently and saved yourself to get to your house, hoping he forgot everything that happened last night. You remembered every single detail, your mind was going crazy because of that. Your parents were surprised to see you back home so early, you didn’t explain anything about the party since you told them that it was just a reunion party before going back to school. 

You grew up as a good little smart girl in your family, your parents never doubted you and always trusted you, that’s why guys were allowed everywhere around you. They never thought that anything would happen between their daughter and another dude in a closed room, your parents trusted you more than anyone in this world. 

Your phone buzzed for a quick second, meaning you received a message from someone. Glancing at the device, his name was displayed on your screen. 

Hanbin: Where are you?

Of course, the question everyone asks when their lover disappears. You entered your code and answered him, trying to sound as normal as possible and not nervous. 

_______: I just had to get back home for a quick second. I’ll be right back
Hanbin: No need, I’m coming. 

You threw yourself against the window, searching for his silhouette among the people that were waking outside. Your phone started to signal you about new messages, you didn’t bother looking until it started to sing your favorite song. 


“Did you fall back asleep?” His giggle made you smile. “Open the door, will you?" 

You kept your charming smile on as you greeted him in. He knew your parents pretty well and they trusted him as well, they knew that he wouldn’t do anything wrong with their daughter. Something didn’t feel right with you and it annoyed you, but you ignored it and just went on with your day. 

"Did you eat yet?” He asked, placing a bag on the dining table. 

“I didn’t.” You replied happily when you saw what he bought.

You settled the food properly on the furniture and started to enjoy it. There was no conversation going on until he sighed and started one.

“We’re going to school again soon…” He mentioned sadly. 

“That’s not the only thing that is coming back.” You sighed.

“Please be nice to me this time!” He begged, hoping you would promise that. 

“What? I’m always nice to you.” You laughed.

“Not when you’re PMSing! You go crazy and it scares me to death. It feels like I’m in love with Satan." 

You glared at him. "What are you comparing me to, right now?!”

“Nothing, but like… Let’s just finish eating.” He concluded. 

The day went on fast, there wasn’t much that happened except for your body being abnormal. You just wanted to stay in the bathroom for the whole day but decided to keep your cool and hang around your boyfriend before school took your free time away from the two of you. Your parents didn’t question Hanbin about the party, which was great. However, the number of times you were about to run to the bathroom was uncountable. Your parents, including Hanbin, kept staring at you each time you got off your chair than sat back. 

“Are you okay, _________?” Your father asked, taking a look at your food,

“I’m fine.” You answered despite the unusual feeling that was growing inside of you.

Your boyfriend kept his eyes on you, he seemed worried and afraid about something. After supper, you two went to your room to talk before he went back home. 

“Are you okay?” He murmured.

“I’m okay, why?" 

"You don’t look well, are you sick?” He cupped your face with his warm hands. 

“I’m not, don’t worry.” You reassured him with one of your smiles, something he fell for when he first saw you.

You weren’t necessarily thinking of it, but what if you were pregnant? You kept searching up all the symptoms on the Internet and they were pointing out which symptoms you were living with. You denied that fact, maybe they were just symptoms similar to pregnancy. Until the day your periods were supposed to arrive, they didn’t.

“Why are you so calm today?” Your boyfriend asked, reaching for your hand to hold it.

“I’m just really nervous…” You confessed.

“Why? We’re just going to school again, we did that since we were 4 years old.”

“Today must be your lucky day, Hanbin.” You smiled at him.


“My periods are late." 

His eyes widened at your words. He didn’t seem happy, he didn’t smile, he just frowned at what you said. You didn’t want to upset him, but how were you supposed to tell him the truth? He didn’t look away from you, he kept staring at you until your eyes looked back at him.

"Why are they late?" 

"I don’t know,” You kept your eyes on your fingers that were tangled in his. 

He didn’t avoid you at all, he stayed with you all day. He even went out to purchase a pregnancy test for you. You felt so shy when he handed it to you, no way would you use it. He was concerned and scared, he kept pushing you to eat better and go to the bathroom more than usually. 

“Take it!” He forced you, trying to open your hand to hold the stick.

“No! I don’t want to!" 

"Fine, pee for me and I’ll do it!" 

He followed you to the bathroom and even entered, he didn’t want you to flush it away and get rid from the test. You got up as soon as you were done, letting him check while you stared at him sticking the pregnancy test in the toilet. You had to wait patiently for the results, while Hanbin had to sit near your pee until the result came.

You hear him mumble something then getting up to walk to you. You kept your eyes on him, he was smiling, it wasn’t a strong smile but a smile that showed how he was distressed and relieved. He hugged you warmly before telling you what happened.

"You’re pregnant.” He sighed.

You couldn’t just push him away and glare at him, all you could do is feel stress grow up faster, you were scared and a bunch of scenarios started to run through your mind. Thoughts about school, family, jobs, everything started to fit itself in your mind and all you could do was be worried. 

“W-what do we do now?” You stuttered with tears.

“What do you mean? We’ll just become parents.” He chuckled lightly. 

You knew his chuckle wasn’t a happy one, it was a worried one. You were both afraid of what would happen and how you would go through it, how your life would twist and become probably harder and different, depending if your parents supported the idea of having a grandchild at their age.You heard the front door close itself, you eyed your boyfriend that eyed the door. 

“We should get going.” He whispered, grabbing your hand to leave the bathroom.

You stepped down the stairs and got to the kitchen where your mom was putting the groceries away. She saw you two standing near the counter and smiled. She greeted your boyfriend and soon sat with you two at the table. 

“Are you ready for school?” She asked nicely.

“Oh, about that…” Your boyfriend lost his words as he tried to explain the problem.

“What is it?" 

He got down to his knees and started to apologies senselessly. Your mother kept looking at you then your boyfriend, confused about the situation .

"Why are you apologizing? What’s going on?" 

"Mother, _________─”

“Mother? Why are you calling me that? Are you marrying my daughter? Why are you apologizing?" 

"I’m pregnant.” You blurted out without thinking.

Her head was looking back and forth, she wasn’t sure where she was supposed to look. Her hands were shaking, you could see her tears forming near her eyes.

“H-how can a baby be pregnant?”

“Mom, I’m 16, how can a baby have its periods since she was 11?” You tried to laugh it off. 

“Sweetie, how can you fall pregnant at this age? You don’t have a job, you didn’t even graduate yet, you have so much to do in the future and you’re going to let a child ruin it for you?” She cried.

“I know that I made a huge mistake, I have no idea what to do anymore.” You mentioned in tears.

Your boyfriend kept a distance between you and your mother since he didn’t want to ruin your mother-daughter moment. He waited patiently for the two of you to finish, then your father walked in the house, his eyes scanned the living room where he saw his wife and daughter crying.

“What’s going on? Why are my ladies crying?” He glanced at your boyfriend.

“I’m sorry, I knew it wasn’t the right thing to do, I─”

“I don’t get it?" 

"She’s pregnant.” Your mother added.

It has been a few months since the day you told  your parents about your problem. Now, all your family is involved, including your cousins, uncles, aunts and Hanbin’s family. Some may have supported you and others may not, but it didn’t change anything since you spent the past months living with Hanbin. You did attend school, you actually did that everyday and you were doing perfectly fine. 

Students did recognize how big your belly has gotten and didn’t bother commenting about it, even your teachers knew about your pregnancy. You weren’t so far from your delivery day, and that day was near the end of May and the beginning of June. 

“Are you sure you can do this?” Your boyfriend asked, pacing around the room.

“Well I have to do it either way, I can’t just run away from it.” You answered a bit nervously. 

The door of your room opens, a few nurses and doctors walked in calmly. 

“__________ won’t be able to deliver her baby naturally.” One stated as he kept his eyes on you. “We’ll have to take her in." 

"What? Oh, gosh.” Hanbin mumbled loudly. “She’s going to be fine, right?" 

They smile at him before taking you away. You knew everything was going to be fine, they wouldn’t just cut you open without making you fall in to a deep sleep. 

Hanbin’s POV 

It’s been hours since __________ was in there, it’s so nerve wrecking I could die right now. How long does it even take to get a baby out? What if they’re twins? Or triplets? No, that’s impossible the doctor said it was one baby and it was safe. The sudden screaming that came from the room startled me, it was my baby. I’m sure of it, only a newborn would scream and cry this loudly. 

Fifteen minutes went by and they still haven’t brought the baby out. What were they doing to it? 

"Mister Kim! Congratulations on your baby boy!” A lady voice congratulated me.

She handed me a child in a white blanket. A little boy. Just as big as half of my arm. I couldn’t stop looking at this kid, he was so cute. Hours went by so fast, I didn’t realize what time it was when the doors opened and __________ came out. They rolled her to her room and it took her some time to wake up.

“What is the baby named?” I asked.

“Minhwe?” She said weakly.

“Are you still tired? You slept for hours." 

"I’m so hungry I could die right now." 

Of course, the first thing she says when she wakes up. It didn’t take long for a nurse to come in with our food then leave. We didn’t talk about anything until the nurse came back to get our plates and leave.

"Do you like him?” She giggled.

“Of course I do! We made him!" 

"You better be responsible now, you’re a father." 

I furrowed my eyebrows. "I’m always responsible. I took care of you when you were pregnant!" 

"Will you remember when to change his diapers and when to feed him?” She started to challenge me in this parenting game.

“Of course! I don’t, well you know who would do it. Grandparents always run after their grandchildren and take care of them when parents can’t." 

She didn’t deny what I said and kept looking at Minhwe. I admit it, being a father is exciting and fun, until the number of times I had to wake up when _________ was too tired for that.

Graduation day was one of the best days of June, free from this place and luckily, it wasn’t raining on our parade. It was sunny and great, even Minhwe enjoyed it even if he had no idea what was going on. We were signing each other’s graduation books until I remembered. What could I be doing right now at this moment? Proposing to her. Will I do it? Of course, why not?

I rush towards her to give her a ring I picked out not too long ago, the perfect engagement ring. As soon as I spot her, I get near her and pull her hand away from Minhwe, luckily he didn’t fall off her lap. I push the ring on her finger and smile.

"What are you doing?” She laughs.

“I’m engaging you to me. I want to marry you.”

“You could have done that later in life, we just finished school.”

“I just want to make sure I get to marry you before something happens.”

nordiskt-samarbete replied to your post “THIS EPISODE OH MY GOODNESS I CANNOT EVEN THE WRITERS ARE SO SMART….”

How much do you think that God was screaming and having feels when Lucifer was watching Hot Tub High School? “Son, that precious, beautiful, topless girl is your lady love, soulmate, my future daughter-in-law!”

this is literally my favorite thing right now (god sitting up in heaven madly shipping deckerstar and yelling at lucifer to meet her and being a giant fangirl and texting zeus in all caps about their otps) and i can’t get enough



/peeks through fingers





Filho, Eu estou aqui! Tudo tenho acompanhado, embora não possas me ver, mas sempre estive do teu lado. Não consegues entender, que o meu silêncio é pra ouvir a tua alma e colocar tua fé em prova. No silêncio Eu te conheço, sondo os teus pensamentos. Posso até ouvir palavras que não foram pronunciadas. Eu ouço teu clamor, tuas lágrimas enxugo e Eu abro o céu inteiro só pra te ouvir. Filho, Eu estou aqui! Tua lágrima eu vi. No silêncio Eu vou assim, vou abrindo os caminhos. No silêncio Eu vou fazendo o impossível acontecer. Teu silêncio não é o meu e tudo que eu faço você pode ver. Você não ouviu, mas a muralha caiu, você não viu, mas uma porta se abriu. No silêncio Eu trabalho, a tua benção Eu preparo, e agora eu entrego tudo pra você. Filho, Eu nunca te abandonei. Filho Eu estou aqui, sinta minha presença te envolver, sinta o meu abraço te aquecer. Ouça o meu silêncio se romper, filho eu tô aqui!
—  O Silêncio De Deus
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U-KISS - SMART LOVE LYRICS English & Romanized

ukiss smart love translation:

It has been 30 minutes since we have met
I don’t look too happy and I assume it’s because of the coffee getting cold
what should I do with you who seems to not care for me and
can’t escape from the world of your little smart phone

You take a picture first before you start eating

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Borracheras de Amor -- ChalXod -- Challa x Xoda.

Avisen error alguno pls

Dedicado al Anon que me debe mi regalo >:c
Y a CuquiPandy por su Recapacita Tsuki c:

Volvió a mirar una y otra vez a la persona frente a él sosteniendo una maleta en su mano. el cigarillo de sus labios cayó al suelo quemando u circulo justo donde había tocado la alfombra. Mientras sus ojos inspeccionaban cada rincón de su ‘visita’

– ¿Qué chucha hací’ acá?

– Me vengo a hospedar po’ weón, ¿A qué más vendria? – Le apartó del camino mientras entraba y ponia su maleta sobre el sofá y se ponia cómodo. Xoda aún no entendia que mierdas hacia el Challa en su casa, y menos entendia el como consiguió su dirección.

Sintiendo como la penetrante mirada del dueño de casa seguía sobre él, decidió ocupar su 'As bajo la manga’

– Si me dejas hospedarme, te doy esto – Sacó de su bolso una botella reluciente de 'Bacardi’, esa bebida alcoholica que tanto le encantaba tener a Xoda.

El Santiaguino sin decir palabra alguna, tomó la botella y se dirigió a la cocina sirviendo 2 vasos.

Xoda =  0
Challa = 1

Entregandole uno a su acompañante, se dignó a subir las escaleras y enseñarle el cuarto en donde se quedaria.


El tiempo no pasó en vano luego de enseñar la habitación y el alcohol prontamente fue acabandose.Reviviendo historias antiguas, mucho antes de ser Youtuber, e inclusive contando uno que otro anectoda chistoso. Dentro de ese tiempo, ambos también comenzaron a comentar que era de su vida (Además claro de hacer videos para YouTube y ser un Manco total)

– Yo, no hago ni una weá…O sea, trabajo, pero luego de eso, me pasó caleta de tiempo con ustedes – El Challa comentaba mientras miraba su vacio vaso y la botella también totalmente vacia. Una mueca parecida a un puchero apareció en su cara provocando la risa y pena de Xoda, quien casi a regaña dientes, compartió la mitad de su vaso con él sacando una sonrisa por parte del invitado.

– ¿Y como te va con el amor, mi estimado Xoda? – La preguntá fue como un balde de agua fria en temporada de invierno; él realmente no tenia mucho que decir (Además de estar solo y que todas sus antiguas relaciones terminaron bastante mal)

Bajó su cabeza hasta toparse con sus manos y el casi vacío vaso entre ellas, realmente no queria comentar ese ámbito de su vida.

Primeramente por tener un amor no correspondido y secundariamente por el Challa su acompañante.

Dejando de pensa un momento en la respuesta, bebió a fondo el contenido de su vaso para luego levantarse tambaleante diciendo que tenia sueño para irse a dormir.

La mejor excusa de todas; Tengo sueño.

Aunque el Challa tenia otros planes ya que él, al contrario de Xoda, soportó mejor el alcohol, aún le quedaba un poco de cordura en las pupilas de sus ojos, asi que, levantandose se acercó a su acompañante (El cual obviamente estaba muy ebrio) y le tomó por el brazo antes que este pudiera escapar de la habitación. Diciendole que le ayudaria a ir hasta su habitación.

Llegando a esta, el hospedado lanzó a la cama a Xoda posicionado sobre él a horcajadas.

Un casi inaudible «¿…Qué?» escapó de sus labios.

Su cabeza aún no procesaba todo lo que estaba ocurriendo, por lo que no opuso resistencia cuando sus manos fueron atadas sobre su cabeza y sus ojos vendados.

–¿Sabes Xoda? Yo… Siempre te tuve ganas..Pero sé que vo’ erí’ un 'Macho que se respeta’ por lo que no seria fácil acercarme a tí…Y digamos que no vine acá solo a hospedarme… – Tomando el cierre de su polerón, comenzó a bajarlo lentamente deleitandose con las rápidas respiraciones del cuerpo bajo él. Levantó su polera dejando al descubierto la blanca y densa piel del Santiaguino.

No pudo resistir más y se 'lanzó a su presa’.

– Challa… – Sintiendo como su cuerpo era manoseado y la Cálida lengua de su compañero recorria su torso hasta su pecho comenzó a jadear literalmente como un perro, no era que le gustase, claro que no, el ser tocado por un hombre era una acción completamente desagradable para él. Además, ¡Era el challa por la rechucha!

Y aún así, su cuerpo, lujurioso, siguió la corriente.

Pequeños gemidos escapaban de sus labios cada vez que su acompañate mordia o tocaba alguna parte de su cuerpo. Las ropas poco a poco fueron siendo incómodas y pesadas, por lo que el Challa comenzando por Xoda, fue desperdigando una por una toda prenda de ropa quedando ambos solo en boxers para la satisfacción del Challa.

– Cristian… – Murmuró su nombre para si mismo. Por alguna razón, le encantaba como resonaba su voz en la estrecha habitación, siempre habia soñado con ese momento en el que Xoda fuera solo para él, inclusive cuando jugaban con los demás.

Plantó un dulce beso en los vírgenes (Para él) labios del menor, disfrutando el roce de su lengua con la contraria, Xdoa también lo disfrutaba, mientras sus ojos estaban vendados, su audición se fue agudizando llengando a poder escuchar el latido del corazon del Challa.

Estaba acelerado.

Y bastante.

Se podria decir que más que el suyo.

¿Realmente era el Challa?

Separandose por falta de aire, Xoda trató de quitarse la venda de sus ojos siendo detenido por las firmes manos del contrario

– No lo hagas… – Fue lo único que de los labios del contrario. La seca y dura voz quedó en el interior de su cabeza siendole imposible moverse un solo centimentro ¿Realmente era el Challa?

Bajando a su cuello, comenzó un húmedo recorrido deteniendose unos momentos en los pezones para luego seguir hacia el ombligo y, el inicio de sus boxer

– Challa… No… – Sin moverse un centímetro, trató de detenerlo con palabras de súplica, sabiendo perfectamente que no iba a ser escuchado, aunque no perdia nada en intentarlo

–¿No? Pero si está muy duro aquí abajo… – Como si se tratara de una tortura, comenzó a tocarlo por sobre la ropa, notando cada vez que el bulto era más grande – ¿Realmente quieres que pare?

Por un momento, solo el ruido de sus respiraciones inundó la habitación, Xoda aún no sabia que decir, sus pensamiento estaba muy confundidos y el alcohol no le ayudaba a pensar mucho.

Sin darse cuenta, las vendas de sus ojos fueron retiradas y se encontró frente a frente con el causante de todo mirandolo fijamente a los ojos esperando ansioso una respuesta.

Finalmente, en un suspiro, expresó lo que queria decir.

–Xoda…Te amo weón, ¿Como podí’ ser tan imbécil? –

Sus ojos se expandieron lo más que podian, ¿De verdad estaba pasando? ¿No era solo una alucinación por el Bacardi que habia bebido anteriormente? ¿Su amor iba a ser correspondido?

Solo deseó que no fuera una alucinación.

Se abrazó al cuello del Challa susurrandole un 'Te tardaste demasiado, aweonao’ Con una sincera y feliz sonrisa en su rostro.


Comenzando con las caricias y besos ahora con un Xoda totalmente desnudo y libre de  vendas en manos y ojos, el  Challa bajó hasta su cadera tomando su exitado miembro llevandoselo al la boca.

–¡Espera-! ¡Ngh! – Cada vez más grotescos sondo comenzaban a escaparse de la boca del menor, sus manos jugueteaban con los enredados y mojados cabellos de su acompañante, única cosa que aún le mantenia entre la linea de la locura y la cordura. Le encantaba el roce de sus dedos con las finas hebras de su acompañante

– Ya no… ¡…! –Gritando su verdadero nombre, se corrió en la boca del mayor, un sentimiento de felicidad recorrió su cuerpo al saber que Xoda aún recordaba su verdadero nombre. Untó sus dedos en el espeso y blanco líquido introduciendo uno sin previo aviso dentro de su amigo
Subió para besar las pequeñas lágrimas que escaparon de los ojos del Santiaguino. Le susurro un 'Relajate’ y volvió a besarle en los labios mientras introducia otro dedo y comenzaba a moverlos.

Lentamente, los gemidos de Xoda fueron reemplazados de dolor a placer y se vió a si mismo moviendo las caderas al compás de las penetraciones con sus dedos.
Notando como ya estaba más tranquilo, retró sus dedos y entró lentamen teen él para no causarle ningún daño. Pero a la mierda, Xoda si que era estrecho, al parecer nunca lo habia hecho con un hombre… Eso le agradó… De algún modo…

Inconcientemente se volvió a abrazar al cuello del mayor sintiendo como su cuerpo era invadido por “un muy raro objeto”

Una vez entrado completamente, comenzó un vaivén de placer para ambos; Xoda gimiendo cada vez que cierta concentración de nervios era tocada y su acompañante por las paredes interiores de Cristían.

Los gemidos de ambos llenaron la habitación convirtiendola en un total frenesí de lujuria y pasión, no pasó mucho tiempo para que ambos llegaran al climax corriendo  el Challa en el interior de Xoda, y este, en su abdomen

luego de dar el último beso, se recostaron ambos en la cama del menor observando el techo con el sonido de sus fuertes respiraciones. Y sin pronunciar palabra alguna, sus ojos volvieron a encontrarse fundiendose en un profundo sentimiento más allá de las palabras.

                                                  – Te amo –


Puede que hayan comenzado una relación, puede que compartan momentos íntimos que solo ellos y las paredes sepan (Y probablemente los vecinos por los gemidos de Xoda) Pero, las cosas seguirian siendo siempre igual


– Xoda… ¡Es la venganza por matarme!


Sip, la relación de ambos no iba a cambiar por nada del mundo, eso sí, el Challa tuvo que casi amarrar a Xoda para que no tomara un bus a Temuco para golpear a Vardoc por dar su dirección.


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here’s how it works

  • when brendon and sarah are together, they are my parents
  • when it’s just sarah, she is my wife
  • when it’s just brendon, he is my son
  • does this work? yes
  • why wouldnt it

Shaimaa Alsabbagh, a girl who protested for the martyr’s rights, got killed today by the Egyptian Internal forces while she was holding a flower, yes, a flower not a bomb!
The girl below her, Sondos Reda, a 17-year-old girl that also got killed yesterday and guess what, she wasn’t holding an RBJ either!

For what sin were they killed?!