Sondor is an archaeological site built by the Chanka culture during the Late Intermediate Period (LIP) in the Andahuaylas Region of Peru. The LIP sector of Sondor extends several hundred meters with circular terraces and structures. The largest circular terraces on the hill of Apu Muyumuyu (pictured above) was used for celebrations during the solstice and zenith of the sun. The site was later taken over by the Inca during the Late Horizon. 


photos- valdanderthal

text- CULTURAL TRANSFORMATIONS OF THE CHANKA HOMELAND (ANDAHUAYLAS, PERU) DURING THE LATE INTERMEDIATE PERIOD (A.D. 1000–1400) Brian S. Bauer and Lucas C. Kellett Latin American Antiquity , Vol. 21, No. 1 (March 2010) , pp. 87-111