Anonymous asked you: "Where do you come up with your artwork/prints or do you just google image search and print it on everything? Just curious."

I get ideas from all sorts of places! Sometimes I do search for public domain images just to see if anything strikes my fancy, but more often then not I’ll actually be making an item because I want to match it with something I already own. For example I started off doing this because I thought it would be cool if I could match my phone case to my outfits (and that explains why there is so much galaxy print ahaha) :)

I also make items based on my interests, it probably wouldn’t take anyone long to figure out my favourite animal!

Quite often I’ll also combine ideas, just to see if I like the result :)

Plus my family and friends like to chime in ideas occasionally:

Sometimes I take photos specifically for cases:

But I’ll also use old holiday photos that I’ve looked back at and thought would be cool:

Oh, and I like to think I’m pretty good at designing prints from scratch too :)

and finally sometimes I get suggestions from people! Like one person once commented asking if I would ever be interested in making items with the Eagle Nebula…

…and I think that may now be one of my favourites! :)

Sorry the reply was a bit a long, but I hope it helps show that designing involves a bit more then just a google image search - plus just doing that would take all the fun out of it! :)