High School Sweethearts | AU

It’s just a game.”

The first string Quarterback for ‘The Saiyan Elites’ muttered as he scuffed his feet across the worn down field. It wasn’t just a game though, it was the first game of the season and Goku blew it for the team. The crowd cheered the team on, all the way till the interception that lost the game.

Goku couldn’t be too down though. As he looked over to the cheering crowd only one person stood out, his girlfriend. Chi-Chi, head cheerleader and most popular girl in school it was only expected that the two of them would be together, but it wasn’t because of their position or rankings at their school. It was the unbelievable connection that they shared. They just– get each other. 

It was hard throwing the game with her watching, but tomorrow was date night and that’s where he’d make it up. Turning his scuffled walk into a light jog Goku went over to Chi to sweep her off the turfed grass. “I hope I didn’t disappoint you, baby.” He stated with a soft smile.