Reesa and Sonbol!


SONBOL FATEMI x SONBOL documentary [theocracy rally]. 2008

Sonbol Fatemi is 35; she is single, owns her own dental practice, and likes to compete against men in rally races. Sonbol lives in the holy city of Mashad in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Living a life like her´s in Iran means she has to fight everyday: against her mother, who would love to arrange a marriage for her, aganist the sports administrators that want to exclude her from the rally races, and against her own doubts about God and if he is on her side.

2 stills from an incredible + touching documentary:
the first one is sonbol sitting in her car, talking about her greatest fear: once she was arrested after attending a party because the police found glasses that smelled of alcohol and she, as a doctor, should have realized that: DUH ! her family wanted to keep the incident a secret in front of her husband and his family but sonbol insisted to let him know. soon after she received a call from her husbands lawyer informing her that hed filed for divorce.

freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose. but even in that state of fearlessness, after total loss and disillusionment, you still need a reason to justify endless sacrifices, fights and loneliness, endlessness itself. sonbol says the worst thing would be to find out she was wrong about god, that the whole time shed been leaning on something that was never there. and i guess in the end thats the only thing everyones really afraid to lose: not material goods or a significant other whose siginifance is mainly defined by society and a lack of self-confidence in women created by the exact same society; but faith, despite it all – be it in god or a more secular belief – why are you still doing this? because things do change, slowly, over centuries and generations, you wont even see the seeds grow that you sowed. but what other purpose do we really have in life?

#2, the final scene: sonbol and her girl stranded in iranian wilderness. they fought so hard to particiapte in this rally but their car broke down and the cause, the wheel rim, isnt evidence of incapacity but a hard-earned trophy – you made it this far and its farther than anyone wouldve expected or wanted you to come: all in good time…

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