The votes are in! We didn’t even have to count them because we all know that SonBaDak had an overwhelming number of votes!

We’ll be working with Starlight’s Gift to sub this project! Currently, SG is subbing EP1 and we are subbing EP 3.

Stay tuned for updates on our Instagram!


120613 F.I.X performing new song 내 여자라고 on SonBaDak TV   


Kiyeomi Player (귀요미 플레이어) by VIXX on Sonbadak K-POP TV VIXX Ep.2

sleepingbeanie asked:

If no one's told you yet, the "artwork by jung taekwoon" gif set is from Sonbadak (Palm of the Hand?) K-Pop TV ep 4, during the Rock Ur Body era.

Well, that would explain why I have never seen it then. Other than MTV Diary, Sonbadak TV is the one of the only other things I never watched all of…

Thanks for letting me know :D <3

createquotes asked:

Hello ^o^ I wanted to ask if you have any VIXX show recommends? I watched VIXX tv season 1 and 2, VIXX file, VIXX OFD, VIXX Diary, PLAN V diary, weekly idol VIXX, A song for you, etc etc! And If you don't know any, maybe from other groups? Like EXO, GOT7 or BTS or something? Thank you and saranghae yo! 💕



1thek let’s dance/hashtag/ask in a box, after school club, pops in seoul, immortal song, dream team, all the kpop, sonbadak tv, music on tv, running man (n & leo), open studio, mcd beings, 4 things show (n), hitmaker (n & hyuk), perfect singer (ken), star king, star face off (vixx girls :^)),  law of the jungle (hyuk), first day of work (n), mnet obscenities, beatles code.


showtime, happy camp, running man, the strongest group (its a sm ent thing), dating alone (chanyeol ?), infinity challenge, exo 901014, weekly idol, immortal song + chinese version, roommate (chanyeol), after school club, world changing quiz show, and finally! exo next door lol


roommate (jackson), real got7, king of ratings, 4 things show, a song for you, world changing quiz show, after school club, hitmaker (jackson), weekly idol.


rookie king, weekly idol, beatles code, after school club (rap mon’s glorious english !!! ) they also upload videos on their youtube channel!