“Welcome to the show…”

No, dammit, I’m not turning this into another askblog. Not with Children of Everfree going months at a time without an update.

But if I did (and that’s a very big if), Sunset and Co. would face off against the Dazzlings at the climax of Rainbow Rocks. Unfortunately for our heroes, the Dazzlings prevail with overwhelming force, ripping the veil between worlds asunder and leaving them free to return to Equestria.

Having seen the power of friendship for themselves firsthoof, and considering the great favor done for them by bringing so much magic in one place to effect their return home, they decide it’s only right to reward their new friend…

With Pony!Twilight left stranded back in the human world and Sunset taken to Equestria, the reformed Sirens bestow one last gift upon Princess Celestia’s former protegée before leaving her to her own devices. There’s a whole world out there after all, ripe for the feeding, and there’s never been a better time to dig in…


September 15-16th it’s not a party only for mexicans, it’s also for everybody who likes our traditional food as Quesadillas, Tamales, Tostadas and TACOS!!!

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