sonata in d

IMAGINE Jungkook as a University student at Julliard. He’s majoring in music and is aiming to become a pianist in the near future. He’s that one guy who’s making everyone’s head turn , including yours. He often plays on purpose to attract your attention and it works everytime. “ Moonlight Sonata” he’d sigh before undoing his tie and staring at you “ it’s my favorite.” You blink as he suddenly grabs onto your hand “ Want to learn how to play it ? ” his attractive voice makes you weak. “I’m sure I can teach you a thing or two” he’d press his long fingers on the notes and keys to play a beautiful melody. He hovers his gentle touch over your trembling fingers. “ Relax” he’d whisper in your ears “ Everything is under control” his sexy tone makes you nervous. “ I’ll make sure these fingers…” he grabs your fingers in his large hands as he inspects them before adding “ …become just as skillfull as my own” his lips whisper against your neck as your cheeks turn a few shades of red.

Black history month day 25: American political scientist and diplomat Condoleezza Rice.

Condoleezza Rice was born in Birmingham Alabama on November 14, 1954. Her father was a guidance counselor and a minister and her mother was a music teacher. Her name derives from the music-related term con dolcezza meaning “with sweetness”.

Rice had an art-filled childhood. She began to learn French, music, figure skating, and ballet at the age of three. Her initial dream was to become a concert pianist. While she did not become a professional, she still plays with a chamber music group and once accompanied cellist Yo-Yo Ma in playing Johannes Brahms’ Violin Sonata in D Minor at Constitution Hall in April 2002 for the National Medal of Arts Awards.

Rice grew up in the segregated South, and her parents raised her with best education and resources possible so that she could stand against the discrimination of their culture. She grew up needing to be “twice as good” as nonminorities to gain the same respect. One of her friends and schoolmates was one of the girls killed in one of the infamous church bombings in Birmingham. Rice said later of that event: “ I remember the bombing of that Sunday School at 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham in 1963. I did not see it happen, but I heard it happen, and I felt it happen, just a few blocks away at my father’s church. It is a sound that I will never forget, that will forever reverberate in my ears. That bomb took the lives of four young girls, including my friend and playmate, Denise McNair. The crime was calculated to suck the hope out of young lives, bury their aspirations. But those fears were not propelled forward, those terrorists failed.”

While at the University of Denver, Rice changed her major from music to political science and graduated with honors. She then earned her Masters in political science from the University of Notre Dame.

Rice became the first African-American female to serve as Secretary of State, serving under President George W. Bush. She was only the second African-American Secretary of State after Colin Powell, and only the second female after Madeline Albright. She currently serves as a faculty member of the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a director of its Global Center for Business and the Economy.

  • [ Midorima as the driver for the day ]
  • Kise: Midorimacchi~! Can you put on some music, please?
  • Midorima: Fine. *plays classical music*
  • Aomine: What.. is this?
  • Midorima: Sonata for Two Pianos in D Major, K. 448.
  • Kise: Can we listen to pop music? (^▽^)/
  • Midorima: What starts with N and ends with O?
  • Aomine & Kise: ... Nanodayo?
  • Midorima: *abruptly pulls over*
  • Midorima: Get out.
myers-briggs types as my fave pieces

INFJ: Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E Minor, I. Allegro molto appassionato

INTJ: Shostakovich Quartet No. 3 in F Major, III. Allegro non troppo

INFP: Kabalevsky Concerto No. 1 in G Minor, I. Allegro

ISFP: Dvorak Serenade for Strings in E Major, I. Moderato

ISFJ: Haydn Cello Concerto No. 2 in D Major, I. Allegro moderato

ISTJ: Dvorak Symphony No. 8 in G Major, IV. Allegro ma non troppo

INTP: Rachmaninoff Trio Élégiaque No. 1 in G Minor

ISTP: Dvorak American Quartet (String Quartet No. 12), I. Allegro ma non troppo

ENFP: Shostakovich Jazz Suite No. 3, Dance I

ENTP: Shostakovich Trio No. 2 in E Minor, II. Allegro con brio

ENFJ: Bach Suite No. 6, VI. Gigue

ESFJ: Sibelius Symphony No. 2 in D Major, IV. Finale: Allegro moderato

ENTJ: Dvorak String Quartet No. 14 in A-Flat Major, IV. Allegro ma non troppo

ESTJ: Shostakovich Sonata in D Minor for Cello and Piano, II. Allegro

ESTP: Shostakovich Symphony No. 5 in D Minor, IV. Allegro non troppo

ESFP: Mozart Violin Concerto No. 1 in B-Flat Major, III. Presto

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You Gorillaz fans are so fucking dumb. Calling the clique immature but then immediately turning your backs and acting like children. "Soggy" started this whole mess because she crossed a line by making fun of the clique. Now shes getting our passion. See, were much more powerful than you think. The whole clique listens to the intellectual sound of TyJo and Josh Dun. I guess you fuckers are just too daft to understand the meaning of their philosophical music. You messed with the wrong clique. |-/

We are not dumb. You only say otherwise because we won’t listen to your shit music. Really, we were smart enough to use reverse psychology on an entire fandom to throw more fire to the flame. Sunny here did not want to cause any harm to the fandom. You see, as human beings, we like to have fun. Besides, this “intellectual” and “philosophical” music you’re talking about? You’re saying this as if you’re listening to Mozart’s Sonata for Two Pianos for D Major and you’re shitting on us for not being a fan of the Classical Era.

You see, Gorillaz isn’t just a simple painting on a canvas. There is so much more to the band that you probably wouldn’t care to know about. But, since your lack of knowledge about the subject, I should give you a rundown of how Gorillaz isn’t about sex and drugs like your edgy band is clearly appalled by. The band is political. It’s a way of expressing their views on the issues going on around the world, such as Brexit and the shit that’s been happening in the United States. 

Example: Let Me Out. The song is a cry for help from every ethnicity, and their desperate escape from Donald Trump’s power and the fact that he believes that he had more power than anyone else. Power? More powerful than, we think? I remember reading this anonymous message I got claiming that they were more powerful than my fandom because they listened to “intellectual” music, crazy right?

Anyways, you’re lucky that you got us fuckers in time. We’re too busy doing sex and drugs to deal with arbitrary bullshit from other fandoms. It’s uhhh…complicated you know? God I’m so dumb to think of any smart choices. I need to listen to some intellectual and philosophical edgy shit you know? 

Don’t get ahead of yourself, you have plenty of time to apologize for pulling shit over our eyes. You messed with the wrong fandom. 


“Filmlerimi yaparken ne yapacağım üzerinde çok fazla düşünmem; sadece açıklamaya kalkmadan bir şeyleri hissetmeye çalışır ve bunu yakalamaya çalışırım…Düşünmek çok korkunç bir düşmandır. Sanat yaparken zekanı kullanmak yerine, sezgilerini ve kalbini kullanmalısın!” 

Robert Bresson

“The things one can express with the hands…” -  Robert Bresson

“A work of archival criticism that forgoes the language of rigour for that of rapture… here are hands – votive, tender, purloining, trembling – that make me want to raise my own hands in gratitude to this mysterious poet.” - Sukhdev Sandhu, Sight & Sound (best films of 2014)

Music: Schubert, Piano Sonata No. 20, D. 959

Sonata No. 2 In D Minor, Op. 14 - II. Scherzo : Allegro Marcato
Mikhail Pletnev
Sonata No. 2 In D Minor, Op. 14 - II. Scherzo : Allegro Marcato

Piano Sonata No. 2 In D Minor, Op. 14 - II. Scherzo : Allegro Marcato

Year/Date of Composition : 1912
First Performance : 2-05-1914 — Moscow: Sergey Prokofiev (piano)
First Publication : 1913 — Moscow: Jurgenson. 31 pages. Plate 36673.
Composer Time Period : Early 20th century
Piece Style : Early 20th century
Instrumentation : Piano

By Composer Sergei Prokofiev

Performed By Pianist Mikhail Pletnev

Pulse Points Ch 11:  The Final Chapter

Many, many thanks to all of you who have supported this story and taken this journey with me. I cannot thank you enough, and know I read and cherish every review and appreciate every reblog and retweet so very much!  

This chapter is specifically dedicated to my precious friend and soul-sister @lillie-grey  as a belated birthday gift. Please forgive me for being a week late! And I’m leaving this verse open-ended so prompts and requests will be welcome. :)

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Christ, her feet hurt.

Regina had followed Mary Margaret from Babies R Us to Buy Buy Baby, from Victoria’s Secret for some post-pregnancy lingerie, now that the new mom had been given the green light for having sex again, to Barnes and Noble for what supposedly was supposed to be an “in and out” errand. Said errand had morphed into a prolonged search for a children’s book that was ironically out of print, followed by coffee in the bookstore’s cafe and an impromptu nap for Baby Neal. Her friend had more energy than most new mothers, Regina mused, especially those who’d undergone an emergency C-Section only weeks prior, and she was glad to see Mary Margaret acting more like herself again. She just wished her feet weren’t paying the price for her friend’s unexpected burst of energy. She took another sip of her Flat White as she snuggled her godson to her chest and rubbed his back, relishing his soft weight and his sweet baby scent as his head rested on her shoulder.

“Alright,” Mary Margaret stated, checking her watch as she returned from the restroom and took a final sip of her Frappuccino. “I think we should probably head home now.”

“Thank God,” Regina muttered, kissing Neal’s downy head as she stood. Her knees popped as her lower back protested, making her curse the questionable logic of wearing heels this afternoon. Snazzing up a little on a Saturday after wearing sensible shoes to work all week had been an appealing option this morning.

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Schubert - Piano Sonata in c minor, D.956

I was upset to read that Schubert’s sonatas were neglected during the 19th century. Even his final three sonatas, considered to be the hallmark of his mature works as well as great staples of the sonata repertoire, weren’t brought to the esteem they’re at now until the 20th century. This sonata seems almost like an ode to Beethoven, who had passed away just the year before Schubert’s own death. The choice of key, c minor, a key that Beethoven personally identified with as representing fate and conflict…we start off with a restless movement that sounds similar to Beethoven’s sonatas, but still has Schubert’s flavor. It is energy dying to break out of the constrains of classical sonata form. and there is never a moment where the music rests, it is always agitated. The shift into the calmer second movement is expected, and here we have the “dinner music” Schubert, something we can sip wine to and relax with. Though it isn’t completely relaxing: in the background we can hear a constant sadness. This is a dulled sense of serenity, we aren’t actually calm here. There’s some relief in the next movement, almost like a little dance, some melancholy but it is rhythmic enough to stay away from a deeper pain, this is actual “dinner music”. The finale is almost like a tarantella, its jumpy melody that runs around the keys but ends up in the drama and the bleakness of the minor. And to think I was sipping coffee listening to the sonata this morning…not a “happy” way to start the day.


1. Allegro

2. Adagio

3. Menuetto: Allegro - Trio

4. Allegro


My favourite pieces of classical music:

Moonlight Sonata ; D. Sicheng

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“Actually guys, I need to call someone to watch the house, I almost forgot it was my own…” Johnny muttered, picking up his phone and dialing his most reliable friend, Winwin, who hadn’t even gone to the party because he was responsible and barely drank.

“But hyung, I’m on a date…” Winwin groaned over the phone.

“Take your date to the party, have a good time! Just don’t get drunk.”

Winwin turned his phone off, and sighed loudly as he looked to his date. Johnny and a few of his friends had apparently gotten into a fight, so he needed Winwin to take care of his house. He smiled kindly (guilty) at her, and she raised a brow at him.

“What’s wrong?” Y/N asked in annoyance, tapping her foot while they stood in a nice dress outside a fancy restaurant. It was getting chilly, and she could feel it in her bones. Sicheng held her hand in his, and he was shaking with nerves. Y/M clutched his hands and looked at him seriously. “It’s okay. What do we need to do?” she asked again, softer this time.

“My friends needs us to watch his house, because he got into a fight. There’s… a party there too,” he explained, clenching his teeth as he waited for her snap.

She sighed loudly making Sicheng internally freak out. She turned to him, flicking her hair out of her face as she responded, “My dad’s a cop, want to get rid of everyone?” she asked, making him grin widely.

“Will your dad be okay with us staying at a house by ourselves?” he asked.

Y/N laughed, “He’d like it better than us being around a bunch of drunks. Plus, he likes you, and trusts you. He did a background check,” she smiled cheekily, taking his arm and walking to Johnny’s house as she spoke with her father.

The party goers could care less that the homeowner wasn’t home, as long as they got their illegal amount of alcohol in their system and were having a good time grinding against others they were fine. That is, until the sound of those sirens from a distance sounded, drunken eyes sobering and rushing out of the house. No one left inside except a few passed out kids that would later find themselves waking up on the porch.

“Thanks, dad!” Y/N called, stepping into the house as he pulled out of the driveway and waved, going onto his night shift.

The couple made their way inside, sighing at the sight of the disgusting house. Sicheng was annoyed that Johnny had left him with a mess. He sighed, flopping onto the couch only to find himself laying on cans of beer and open condoms. He stood in disgust that his nice suit was soaked and quickly tore it off himself. 

“Why don’t we change?” you asked, smiling at him. He tried to smile back but it came out tired and awkward.

“Stripping for me already?” Y/N asked in amusement, walking over to him as his face turned a bright red. “Why don’t we change?” she asked softly, smiling. He nodded awkwardly going up the steps of Johnny’s house.

Sicheng took the initative of stepping into Johnny’s room first to make sure no impure acts were going on inside, and then entered when none were. He pulled an old shirt of his from the drawer to hand to Y/N, and then stold some of Johnny’s. 

Y/N decided to tease Sicheng for his act, but both changed quickly.

Cleaned up, they looked over the unsightly house, and decided to clean the mess instead of catching some sleep. Sicheng tried to say it was like a date, but dragging drunken adults around didn’t seem like much of a date.

Picking up solo cups that littered the floor and furniture, Sichend turned it into a game. For every thirty he picked up, he would do something unsuspecting. At first it was just a kiss, but then it begun to pick up into soft kisses. Y/N laughed at his abrupt acts (nothing like him), and by the last cup he ended up kissing her harshly. He grinned against her lips, and pulled her close. 

“You look good in my shirt,” he smiled, pulling away from the kiss.

“I know,” she agreed, pecking his lips again and moving into the kitchen.

Sicheng followed after, hugging her from behind. They swayed back and forth, the dishes she had been left behind.

“You know, there’s still music we could dance to together,” he whispered into her ear. She smiled from ear to ear and turned to him.

“Alright, darling!”

Sicheng walked with his date into the living room where the couches were spread out to create a makeshift dance floor. Sicheng plugged his phone into the speakers while Y/N waited in the middle. Moonlight Sonata played, and Sicheng quickly jumped over to Y/N. He took her by the hand, and pulled her close, his hand on her hip while he held her close. She rested her head on his chest, and they moved slowly together, nothing like a dance rather a soft rocking.

The song began to dwindle to an end, Sicheng leaning down and pecking her lips softly. She returned the peck and pulled him over to the couch with her.

“Lay with me,” she whispered, picking up the tv remote and flicking it on.

“Alright,” he laughed as she turned it to her favorite show while Sicheng twisted her hair into pre-existing curls, soothing her until they were both asleep on the couch.

“Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey!” a voice called, the smell of breakfast coming from the kitchen. Sicheng was confused because he could still feel Y/N in his arms. He blinked his eyes open to see Ten standing above the couch with a soft smile on his face. “Hello!” he cheered, startling Sicheng from his spot, waking Y/N.

“What are you doing here?!” Sicheng shouted.

“Well, Johnny told me about how nice it was of you to watch his house and clean it and get rid of everyone so he thought we’d all have breakfast together,” Ten explained, a small frown on his face.

“Oh,” Sicheng muttered, rubbing his head while standing. He moved into the kitchen where Johnny was waiting.

“Nice shirt,” he winked, flipping a pancake. Sicheng chuckled mockingly while going into the dining room where Jaehyun, Taeyong’s ex, and Johnny’s girlfriend were waiting.

“Now, aren’t we all in nice, steady relationships,” Ten cheered, sitting at the head.

Sicheng looked to Ten, “What about you?”

“I’m in a relationship!” he shouted.

“Yes, didn’t you know?” Johnny asked, standing behind Ten and kissing his cheek making everyone at the table laugh. Wendy was the worst, snorting a bit and making everyone laugh more.

Piano Sonata In A Major, Op. 120, D 664 - II. Andante
Alfred Brendel
Piano Sonata In A Major, Op. 120, D 664 - II. Andante

Piano Sonata In A Major, Op.120, D.664 - II. Andante

Year/Date of Composition : 1819 or 1825 Summer (June ?)
First Publication : 1829 – J. Czerny
Composer Time Period : Romantic
Piece Style : Romantic
Instrumentation : Piano

By Composer Franz Peter Schubert

Alfred Brendel, Pianist