Debussy - Violin Sonata

To contrast the earlier work I posted today, this chamber work comes from near the end of the composer’s life. This piece is short, about 13 minutes, but it takes the listener through a dreamy atmosphere. The description in this video mentions that, unlike other typical violin & piano sonatas, this work pits the two instruments against each other, with one pulling forward with the melody or accompaniment before the other takes over the drive, and back and forth and so on. This tug of war gives the work a sense of perpetual momentum, even with separate movements.


1. Allegro vivo

2. Intermède: Fantasque et léger

3. Finale: Très animé


Kodaly - Sonata for Solo Cello


Beethoven - Cello Sonata no. 3 in A major, op.69

In his life, Beethoven only wrote five cello sonatas. But, like his larger sets [the 9 symphonies, the 16 string quartets, and the 32 piano sonatas], they span through his career, and each designated “period” has a corresponding cello sonata. The first two, Op.5, were written while Beethoven was still establishing himself as a composer, and back then, that also meant performer. Cello sonatas weren’t a distinct genre back then, and typically they were works for cello with continuo or they were the other way around; piano with cello obbligato. The first two were vehicles for Beethoven’s pianistic technique, with the cello commenting but surely being out-shined. The audiences at the time probably had their jaws dropping. But years later, now going into his middle period, at op. 69 he publishes this sonata. Instead of one instrument out weighing the other, both are balanced entities. And, despite the fact this was also around the time that Beethoven was depressed and suicidal due to his increasing deafness, this work is full of brightness, sunlight, smiles. All of these qualities are handled with a classical-minded grace, and intentionality. And by keeping the cello and piano at equal levels of importance and development, this work, in a way, shaped how the entire genre of the cello sonata should be.


I. Allegro ma non tanto

II. Scherzo. Allegro molto

III. Adagio cantabile - Allegro vivace

Taco Magic by JoeyWaggoner

Almost forgot to post this one. You can’t have enough of Sonata Dusk.

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