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How about a game SonAmy plot where she feels (or Sonic gets annoyed) that he doesn't want her around. And although she doesn't avoid him, she stops looking to spend time with him and only shows up to battles and meet ups with general politeness and giving him some space. All of this starts to drive Sonic nuts on the inside realizing now that he misses and wants her hugs and affection

I… this is my guilty pleasure. Because deep inside me, I know how Sonic would react, and it would mean so much for Sonic Games to show this kind of relationship between the two. It doesn’t have to be super intense or anything, but just to show that Sonic really isn’t as annoyed with her as everyone supposes his actions to mean.

I love, love, LOVE these plots. I daydream about them CONSTANTLY. They are my go-to for anything Sonamy when I want to just space-out and smile~ (Some see that as creepy, but if they only knew the wonderful scene before me, they would leave me in peace without judgment. A.K.A My friends make fun of me for this T-T) But it truly does reveal a deeper friendship between the two, and opens up a new dimension to Amy too, showing she has awareness that Sonic gets out-winded by her over-energetic nature sometimes. It also shows how much she wants him to be comfortable and happy, more so than over her own happiness, which is only shown briefly in some games.

Okay, enough ranting about this AMAZING Anon request! I’ve been super pumped to write it for a long time now. And now, I CAN! ://DDDDDc

((x)  Preview Images were used with previous permission by artist, please support her as well!- If you have art or have friends with artistic talents that would be fine with me using their art as preview images with appropriate credit links, please let me know!)

World: Sonic Forces (as far as we know about it. lol)

Writing Style: A mixture of Modern!Sonic with Japanese!Sonic portrayals. So mostly canon writing, dipping slightly into AU standards, respectfully. (Towards the end is the AU icing on the cake. If I didn’t throw it in there, I don’t think you guys would be satisfied xP Everyone likes a happy ending.)

Couple: Sonamy (SonicxAmy)


As the Rookie cheered, Amy happily jumped in the air with her fist skyward, glad that the new recruit had learned something from her.

“That was great-!” She began to approach him before a familiar sound-effect of spinning crossed her ears and she wearily bent her own, looking out to the right, behind them.

She suddenly sunk down, backing away, and seemed uncomfortably timid.

She gave a sorrowful look of shame to the Rookie, before dipping her head and quickly sneaking off away from him.

Sonic’s blue, glowing ball of light bounced happily down the wavy road that resembled tall hilltops from their slanted position.

He would appear and disappear in them, before uncurling quickly to land on his feet and do one last roll till cheerily waving to the new recruit.

“Hey, Partner! Thought I’d find you-…”


His thoughts trailed off as he turned his head to see his friend retreating quickly with hurried steps, clumping along the ground until finally…

Out of sight.

He only watched her a moment, before looking to the recruit, and giving him a shrug. “Guess she didn’t have the time.” He fibbed, showing full well within his guilty slant on his eyebrows that he was hiding something.

The recruit had heard rumors about Amy’s over-exuberance when it came to her open affections for Sonic, but…

This isn’t what he expected.

“Eh-heh.” Sonic motioned his eyes to the corner of his vision, suddenly turning awkward by Amy’s clear avoidance of him. Nervously, hoping to get off the subject, Sonic leaned to one leg and tapped the other, scratching his nose to demonstrate his own avoidance on the subject. “I’ll… have to deal with that later…” he admitted, but nothing more was said as he shook himself out of his previous stance and encouraged the young recruit on.

“Come on! I heard Amy was leading you to some cool factory operation!” he raced ahead after a pat on the back, but the recruit had grown fond of Amy…

He turned to glance back at where she had run off too, and looking back to see the still soldier, Sonic slowed down his pace.

Coming to a full stop, he looked once again worried and guilty, before gazing to his shiny but scrapped up shoe a moment.

“…Hey, don’t sweat it alright?”

He suddenly jolted and turned to Sonic.

With a look of absolute surrender, Sonic closed his eyes and leaned his head up from looking down at his extended and raised foot.

It flopped with a pat to the dusty ground…

“…Even friends have their fallouts… sometimes.” he gently opened his eyes, and a profound tenderness of sorrow appeared in his eyes for a moment. “I would talk to her myself, but she’s been avoiding me lately… don’t tell anyone about this… But if you could look after her until then…” He suddenly looked away, as if asking for help like this was uncomfortably humbling for him.

“…Could you do that for me? At least… be there for her. Until I can get the time to do it myself.”

What exactly was he asking? Look out for Amy till he could talk to her personally?

Either way, the Rookie could tell this was something he couldn’t ask easily, so he nodded, smiling gently in a promise that he would do his best to figure out what he could do for Sonic.

And what was possible for Amy…

Sonic barely looked behind his shoulder, but just nodded with a smile. “Thanks…” He then looked ahead in silence for a moment… it was almost painful to watch.

The fastest man in the world… stopping to hold himself back from running after a clear conundrum that was aching at his heart.

But without another pause to wait upon, Sonic spoke up again, his head only slightly rising.

“Let’s get going… Partner.”

He then turned around with an exquisite smile, “Well, come on! Eggman’s factory isn’t going to explode itself!”


Amy giddily leaped from her computer chair, shaking in a happy dance at hearing of the victory the Rookie had achieved. “Ohh! Way to go, Rookie! Hehe!” she cheered, before blinking her eyes open to see Sonic laughing, walking into her computer’s frame of vision and slinging an arm around the Recuirt.

Her arms… slowly fell down.

The Recuirt politely smiled with the praise, but also seemed embarrassed at his hero giving him so much credit.

“Job well done, Partner!”

Amy… leaned her head down.

Before softly raising it to a smile.

He was happy… wasn’t he?

She bit her lower lip as it started to tremble.

He was smiling.

After hearing Amy’s communicator go silent, the Rookie curiously took his attention away from Sonic and glanced down at the communicator.

He could only see her face, but it was enough to realize there was something off with her smile… even her poise, graceful and cheery, had somewhat been toned down.

“I’m glad to see you’re all safe…”

Her voice made Sonic’s happy-go-lucky expression blink to one of pleasant surprise, before dipping his head down to the communicator.

“Hey.” he stated, “Did you see that? This new recruit is awesome!”

Amy nodded politely, closing her eyes to tilt her head with a bigger, more restrained smile on her face. “He’s wonderful.”

The realization of her ‘over-politeness’ made Sonic dip his head even further, blinking in confusion.

“Huh? Just great?”

He humorously startled the young recruit as he took his arm and held the camera directly up in front of him.

His face suddenly shown a slightly serious look… but his smile never wavered.

“What’s wrong with you, Amy? What happened to all that gloating praise you used to so enthusiastic give to everyone? Why so stone-cold and bland all of a sudden?”

The Rookie flinched, thinking that awfully direct, before slowly turning his glance back to his wrist’s communicator.

“…Just doing my best… Sonic.” her face sank with a now half-broken smile.

Immediately, Sonic clung to the Rookie’s arm a little tighter at seeing it.

It was just a joke,… Amy.

Don’t take it so hard, Amy! I was just playing with ya!

I was just worried about you, that’s all… you seem different lately…

                      “…You don’t have to try so hard… Amy.

Was that what he should say?

His tone nearly broke the poor Rookie’s heart, realizing how difficult it must be for Sonic to see his friend acting so out of the norm. Even the recruit, himself, noticed… she was just fine around him… but she suddenly put on a strange, overly polite act when Sonic came on the scene.

What happened between those two?

“Talk to ya later?” Sensing the change of mood, Amy tried to kindly smile brightly again, but Sonic wasn’t buying it.

He dropped his head.. and then released the Rookie’s arm.

“I want… to talk to you.

There was a pause.

“We have a meeting coming up soon! See you there~”

He tightened his fist, hearing the false shift of a lighter pitch in her voice.

The communicator turned off, and he strode passed the Rookie, who gazed off after him, concerned for both his mentors and role models.

He frantically looked to his communicator on his red furry arm, then Sonic’s retreating frame.

Sonic’s foot stopped hard on the ground.


The recruit turned sheepishly around, pivoting to him with blank blinks as a reply.

“… The meeting should be fun.”

The Rookie seemed to nod, thinking that it could be fun with everyone there to greet them.

“…She’ll be dying to see me!” He struck a confident look, turning back to lower his head down and close his eyes, smirking. “Did you know? She’s kinda got a thing for me. Hard to miss. She’s nuts about me! Guess you’ll see when we get there!”

The recruit’s face grew grave and crinkled up.

He had heard that.. but was failing to see it so far.

“Ahh.. Guess I have no choice.” Sonic placed two arms over the back of his head, sighing as if composed and grinning wildly up to the sky; almost on the verge of laughter. “We’d better hop to it. Amy’s not one to wait long!”

His whole composure and attitude suddenly… may be a slight overstatement… because what the Recruit didn’t see…

Was a desperate longing to not wait any longer… to see Amy Rose… -to Sonic- meant setting things right again.

As they should be…


Sonic arrived a hero, greeting all his friends who were happy to see the two made it back okay.

Nothing seemed off with Sonic, but the recruit happily hung back from the crowd, calmly scanning every now and then for Amy Rose.

His eyes caught a glimpse of her from a distance and he let a small gasp escape his lips.

She looked as though she was composing herself. One hand hung to her heart, the other clung to a tree as her leg lightly, like a girl’s fairytale, lifted up at trying to look over the crowd and finally seeing her Sonic within it.

The recruit smiled.

Perhaps she still did love him.

Then.. he saw her fix her hair, adjust her dress, and take a deep breath.

She held her hands elegantly in front of herself and walked towards the crowd.

He lowered his eyelids.

Oh yeah… she still was head over heels for him. The rumors must be true, maybe she was crazy for his attention.

Then… why so distant?

She approached as calmly as she could muster, but the Recruit saw her hands trembling, and knew that she must be awfully excited to see him.

Amy’s mouth curved and sank, up and down, swiveling as if to conceal wanting to launch herself through the crowd and embrace him.

When Sonic did notice her, he smiled and singled her out.

Their eyes locked… and the recruit hoped the two would silently make-up for whatever may have gone down between them.

But Amy broke her conflictions, and simply nodded to him, an overly-polite bow that would be more suitable for someone other than a life-long friend, and greeted Sonic’s return with her hands moving excitedly up to her face.

“Welcome back! I hope you’re not too worn-torn and tuckered out from all the fighting, Sonic!”

Sonic’s face, so full of hopeful joy, suddenly relaxed to a look of disappointment.

He faked his expression, and scratched the back of his head, chuckling lightly… he looked at the ground-

Then the Rookie.

With determination at helping his tragically torn-apart idols, the Recruits eyes lit up with a plan of rejoining these kindred spirits in a flame of unified friendship once more!

His fist flew up to the side of his face.

He wouldn’t let them down!

Walking into the control room, the team all shared small talk, then serious tones about how the war was going and how the resistance was holding up before Sonic singled out Amy again.

“Sounds like we’re short on men. Why not stretch your legs out, Amy? It’s been a while since we’ve been in action, right?” He cleverly called her out, punching a hand into his open palm upon the other, and waited as his pleading gaze of a challenge settled upon her face.

She froze a moment, before contemplating and looking at the ground.

“Battling again.. huh?” she placed a finger at the corner of her mouth.

She nodded, before looking to Tails. “I could help out Little Sonic with the next raid!”

The recruit swore he heard the pieces of Sonic’s countenance shatter and break the floor all at once.

He was now purely immobile.

“O-oh? But I don’t think we need any-..” Tails began, before Knuckles worriedly looked to Amy, stepping in.

“Amy… we’ve all been wondering but.. you’ve been sticking to yourself lately. Don’t you want to impress Sonic with your powerful new moves you’ve been working on?! Or win his heart through sheer epic takedown!?” Knuckles punched the air, getting pumped up and then looking to her for confirmation of his assumptions; but Tails just shook his head, looking awkwardly embarrassed on behalf of his friend.

“I don’t think that’s how it works…” Tails lightly spoke out, smiling oddly before Amy stepped out, seeming happy as her eyes closed to shut the windows of her clear -see through- soul out from peering eyes…

“Nope! I wouldn’t want to try and be a distraction for him. Besides! He’s really busy these days. He’d probably be happier alongside the recruit or you guys! I’ll just do my own fighting in the meantime, hehe!”

Another blow to the face.

This time, the recruit slowly creaked his head in sympathy towards his hero, his own face a sheer white cloth; a motionless entity.

He was RIGHT there…

In comradery, the Rookie slightly reached out to Sonic, to somehow lessen the blow of an obvious side-swipe.

Completely shut down,… Sonic finally moved and repositioned himself, looking away.

The pure level of self-restraint was apparent on both Amy and Sonic’s false appearances of everything being alright, and tension grew in the air…

“Why… are you lying?”

The two suddenly turned to see Silver at the base of the door, looking unamused.

“I can feel the pulse of your hearts. You two are making fools of yourselves!” He approached them, looking rather serious, but also seeming full of care in his tone.

“Amy.. you’re never this cruel.”

She looked down, “I.. I’m not being..”

“I wasn’t talking about Sonic,” he admitted, his eyes bending up in added emphasis of his true concern about this situation. “I meant to yourself. To your own heart.”

He gestured out to her, and she suddenly began to break.

She stepped back, examining the floor back and forth…. before gripping her face with her hands, hiding her apparent tears.

I was just trying to do what YOU wanted!

Sonic’s shoulders bounced, but he never looked back.

Amy swished her head, unable to say more it seemed before taking off.

Everyone stared… before Silver turned to Sonic.

“You’re only making things worse by trying to make believe this is all normal. You have to act now, Sonic. …Not only for yourself… but for all of us! This foolishness has kept everyone on pins and needles, afraid to ask and too blind to step in-between. Finish this and make it right, we already have Eggman and Infinite to worry about. Shadow’s still rampant, Zavok’s been spotted terrorizing survivors, Chaos is loose, and Metal Sonic keeps taking down our forces near the capitol! It’s up to you now, Sonic… We need you both focused on the stakes at hand..”

Sonic’s fists were tightened, but other than that, he was motionless, staring at the ground.

Tails, seeing the poor state of his friend, suddenly intervened, “Silver… We can’t place all the blame on Sonic..”

“No. He’s right.” Sonic shook his head free of whatever was clouding his mind and prohibiting his reactions from before.

“I have to own up to it, Tails… Amy’s my responsibility. Our getting along affects everyone. I need to start prioritizing better…”

The group all seemed to silently agree with him, but the recruit’s heart still lingered on wanting to help him… not leave him to do this alone.

he turned his attention to the stairs that led up to the roof, and taking one last double look back to Sonic, he dashed off after her.

Upon the roof, Amy looked over the forsaken, war-torn world around her… mimicking the dry, and ruined state of the realm of her own heart, she covered her face from it’s horrific and gloomy sight, leaning over the edge.

She repeated, “I shouldn’t have said that… I shouldn’t have said that… I shouldn’t have… I…”

The Recruit’s eyes shifted back and forth over the heartbreaking sight.

When she heard his footsteps, she gasped and turned around.

“You scared me!” she exclaimed, before sighing in relief and touching her racing heart. “I thought for a second you were-”

She cut herself off, turning away and trying to be stronger than that.

She looked up at the blackened skies, “You know… he told me once that I try too hard. That I should step away for a minute, give him a break. I thought he meant that it was over, but he laughed and said I took things way too seriously.”

The recruit pressed his lips together, knowing it would be a mortal sin to anthro-kind to interrupt her now.

“…I.. I told myself not to cry. He wasn’t saying forever. He just wanted time. So I thought I was giving him that… but it got harder, you know? Pretending to be so normal… when everything inside me kept begging to not be ignored.”

There was a sudden rush of wind coming from the stairs, and the recruit’s eyes widened as he turned around- Don’t stop her now!

Amy’s voice suddenly broke into a sweet moment of tenderness.

“I will put my whole life on hold… my dreams… my very desire to be with him… if it meant…”

The recruit panicked, seeing Sonic race up the stairs suddenly, he quickly spread himself out and completely blocked him from advancing.

Not yet!

Let her speak!

                                      “-That Sonic could be happy.”

                                             “You think I’m happy…!?”

The recruit couldn’t hold him back now. Sonic moved by him, gesturing out towards Amy in what was apparent annoyance and frustration.

“This whole time, I’ve just been wondered where my friend has gone!” Sonic swiped out his hand across himself, as she seemed a bit fearful and stood up, afraid to approach him.

“But you… you told me too.” Amy’s face was full of confusion, innocent to the very roots of her confession.

Sonic suddenly shook his head, absolutely losing all will to stay mad at her any longer. It wasn’t really her, it was the situation.

There was an apparent misunderstanding.

“No… Amy, what I said was-… forget what I said! It doesn’t matter! If hugging and doting on me makes you happy and feel like yourself, then don’t stop doing it because of me..! Ohh… I was an idiot to say anything, and I’m an even bigger idiot for letting myself get away with it.”

The recruit put his hands daintily up to his mouth, shifting views from looking to Amy, then Sonic, as if he knew he was to remain absolutely still and unexisting for this one, crucial moment.

“Amy… I… I can’t..” He withdrew his hands to his chest, looking them over, tightening and releasing them, before dropping it all and swinging himself to the side, hopelessly gripping for words.

“Ohh… I can’t always express it so freely as you do. But I do…worry… about you. And especially how you feel.. and if you’re safe.. and happy too, Amy…” he seemed to have difficulty even admitted he cared about her, was he purposefully being choosy with his words?

Amy started to giggle.

The recruit smiled, dropping his hands a little from his face. Was this his natural charm?

“But.. you’ve looked happier without me…” Amy admitted, darting her eyes to the ground and then back up at him… but her feet played with the ground, and her body swayed…

The Rookie curiously examined her further, and suddenly noticed her playful eyes, the way her heart was being soothed by his more affectionate mannerisms, and immediately began to see what everyone was so gung-ho about with these two.

“Amy… I missed you.” he seemed to fully give in to his better nature now, and the Rookie was glad to see this side of him.

Amy seemed to have already, mid-apology, forgiven him.

She cutely twiddled her fingers in front of her, then rocked on her heels and moved them behind her.

“…Desperately?” Oh, how she teased.

Sonic suddenly rose from slouching forward. He shyly and nervously smiled in a slight panic. “Eh..heh…heh..”

“…Helplessly?” She turned her body a bit to angle herself a little away from him. “Madly? Truly? Deeply?” she continued to swish with every adjective.

“Honestly, you haven’t told me exactly what kind of ‘missing’ you were feeling, Sonic. How do I know it was sincere?”

He scratched behind his head, before gesturing a surrendering hand of friendship to her.

“Can we settle on painfully agonizing, horrible, and stressful?”

That seemed to win her instantly.

“OH SONIC!” Sonic braced for impact with a nervous but pleased grin as Amy ran and embraced him in what the Rookie could only assume was a signature Amy hug. “I felt so too!”

He held his heart at the touching scene, and was determined to support them henceforth!

After that, they would occasionally hold hands. Sonic initiated more ‘kinda’ hugs, but mostly they were opening his arms subtly in hope she would notice his silent plea for some attention.

Oddly enough, with him slowly expressing more, Amy did settle down quite a bit; and although still very energetic, her friends could tell she looked more secure and well-put-together.

I should be writing a paper but (OTP PROMPTS)

- “Okay so I was dared to go into this haunted house, and not only is it not haunted, a nice old lady and her really pretty granddaughter live here and they invited me over for dinner next week”

-”So I dated your friend and we broke up because she assumed that I had a crush on you after meeting you. She wasn’t wrong.”

-”So I was driving to my parents house in the middle of a blizzard when my car broke down. You noticed I was here and offered me a ride, do you maybe want to get some cocoa later?”

- “So you came over to my house mad that I dumped your friend, so you keyed my car and kicked me in the balls. The next day you came over to apologize after finding out that I dumped her cause she cheated on me, oddly I still think your cute.”

-”You transferred to my school this year and I have been showing you around for the past few weeks. You get along really well with my friends and they think you and I are dating. I am not against the idea.”

- “Someone was grabbing my butt and you decked them so hard he lost a tooth. Do you want to get coffee sometime?”

- “We both got really drunk at a party and ended up getting matching tattoos. Laser surgery is expensive and going out on a date would be cheaper.”

“ You have been my best friend for years, how dare you get really hot and… Omg is that a six pack?”

Sonamy Week Day One- Pokémon

Ok, before we get started, i want to say that i know nothing about Pokémon, so i just used the things i did know about it. Also, this is the first time I’m participating in a major event like this, sooooo… ^^’


Hope you enjoy this little story! ^^


Everything seems at peace in the world of Sonic The Hedgehog and his friends. It’s a cloudless sky with flickies flapping their wings to the flow of the nice, calm, and gentle wind. Under a tree, our favorite hedgehog is taking a nap, arms behind his head as a cushion, and with a smile on his face, just taking in all the fresh air.

Everything has been very relaxing, since Eggman hasn’t attempted another plan for world domination, and such things. Sonic has taken this free time to his liking with running, naps, chili dogs, more running and even more naps. When he isn’t doing any of those things, he usually takes the time to visit his friends, seeing Tail’s newest inventions or tweaks to the tornado, bothering Knuckles on angel island, giving Vanilla and Cream a visit, and even sometimes stopping by the house of Amy Rose just to see how things are doing.

Lately, their relationship has gotten a little stronger. Sonic seems to enjoy Amy’s company more than he showed in the past, and she’s been absolutely enjoying it. She’s able to convince Sonic to hang out and do things with her, although sometimes they include the others. She’s ok with it though, as usually more than two people can provide a full day’s length of entertainment, usually at one of the occupants’ expense.

This got Sonic thinking about a time when Amy convinced him, Tails, and more surprisingly, Knuckles, to join her at a amusement park. The Chaotix was in desperate need of money to pay off a loan, so Amy convinced a reluctant Knuckles to let the Chaotix guard the master emerald until they got back. His face on the Horror attraction was so priceless.

Sonic smirked as he thought about this, until a high pitched scream was heard. He snapped his eyes open, and jumped to his feet, looking around and trying to listen for the scream. He began to worry. He’s used to people’s screams while defeating Eggman from his plans, but theres only one high pitched scream he recognizes more than anything else.

He then charged towards the direction in which he heard her scream, and arrived there in seconds. He didn’t even knock on the door, and instead flew right through an open window into her living room.


He looked towards her, but then got a confused look on his face.

Right in front of him was Amy, sitting on her couch wearing Pokémon merchandise, and giving him an embarrassed smile. Behind her was a TV showcasing a green overworld with a girl walking with an Eevee on her head. He knew now what was going on.


“I’m sorry! I just cant help myself!” She said excitedly.

“Every time they announce a new game, its sounds like someone’s about to hurt you with the way you scream.” He joked.

She joined in the laughter, and got up to get closer to him. Sonic saw this, and his laughter started to diminish. She had a sly look on her face, with one hand behind her back as she placed her other hand on his shoulder.

“Uh, Ames…”

She got a little closer. This made Sonic super nervous, as a sweat drop formed on his head like the anime shows.

“What are you…?”

Amy then smiled wickedly, as she jumped back and threw a Pokéball plushie at him, screaming, “I CHOOSE YOU!!”

Sonic sidestepped, and dodged it, making it hit the wall right next to him.

“Aww, dang it!” Amy pouted playfully.

Sonic then looked at her, then smirked, making Amy nervous now.

“Well, well, well…”

He started moving towards the plushie as Amy slowly moved behind her couch.

“Seems like a wild Rose has appeared.”

Hey eyes widened, as she began searching for an escape as Sonic picked up the plushie.

“I should probably…”

He gripped the plushie in his hand as Amy kept shifting gazes from the ball to his face then back to the ball.



He threw the Pokéball towards her, and she dodges it, and begins to run up the stairs.

“Now now, Amy. You’ve brought this upon yourself!” He said as he ran towards the stairs, picking up the plushie and begins chasing after her.

For about an hour, Sonic kept throwing the plushie at Amy, as she dodged and laughed, really enjoying this game. They keep yelling out references, making them laugh even harder.

“Rose uses the sneak hug!”

“Oop, not very effective!”


They kept going at it until they got too tired. Well, Amy got too tired, Sonic really doesn’t get tired. The sun started to set, and Sonic decided to head out.

“You know Ames, hunting wild Pokémon is actually pretty fun.” He teased, as Amy rolled her eyes at him, laughing a little.

“I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to find some more with me, one day.” He winked, and zipped out the door. Amy sunk lower into her couch, blushing and giggling like crazy.

entredormidaydespierta  asked:

MAYRA I JUST HAD A HEADCANON have you seen this Spider-Man movie where Gwen was played by Emma Stone? I don't want to spoil you if you haven't but it would be so great for a sonamy moment

The one where she dies? (Watch Scene Clip) Ahh… well, I hope you don’t mind, I have an alternative idea that will still touch on this, but maybe more of a happy and dramatic ending ^^


Sonic Forces concept writing


Shadow held the spent Amy by her throat, doing as he was told by Infinite. Over a large, carved like an earthquakes crevice drop that would surely be the end of it.

“NOO!!” Sonic powered up, his super form sparking to life as he sped forward, leaving the sides of both Gadget (Custom Chara) and Classic Sonic.

Infinitely lightly chuckled a mock, looking down as he saw the yellow stream blazing through the dark reds emanating from the crevices where his cubes power were already in effect upon the dimensions of the world.

Not only were the dark, murky colors of the dirt and steely, collapsing buildings around them proof enough of Eggman’s horrible rein, but only more so reflecting the world Infinite would create… If not stopped…

Eggman was nothing more than a puppet show! A fraud for Infinite’s real purposes.

A fake napoleon.

Eggman, on his knees, hands out to support him, lowered his head at seeing the scene.

Sure, he wanted to kill Sonic… but not… not like this.

He quickly got up, gripping and struggling to get a Chaos Emerald out of Chaos’s hands.

“You stupid, waterballoon!” He kept struggling, getting tossed back and forth as he did so, before Chaos whacked him away, and he fell back; turning to land on his belly and arms.

He heaved in heavy breaths, before getting up, his face swarmed with guilt. “I didn’t want any of this… I wanted an Eggman empire… not the deaths of my only… GRAH!” he smashed his fist against the ground and got up again. “Sonic may not be able to keep his super form for long without that emerald. And I’ll be DARNED if I let some other fool take over my dream!” he strode back to Chaos, before stopping… and slamming a fist into the side of his face.

“I’ll take down a God… if that means I can take over the world another day. I won’t be erased from all time and space! Dimensions mean nothing to me if I’m dead!”

While that was happening, Infinite shook his head, “You could have been the greatest puppet of all, Sonic… this dimension… their dimensions… All could have been one under my perfect order…” He opened out his arms, looking up to the clouds that pierced a red sunlight.

The cubes… formed around him, before starting to glow as he narrowed his one eye, not shifting off of Sonic’s approaching figure.

                                                 “…Drop her…”

“SHADOW!!!” Sonic’s eyes widened, making it up there before a wall of cubes spiraled towards him, forming a wall and then shifting into a monster, smashing him against itself and then swiping him away with an unearthly cry.

“AH!” Sonic was flung back, already weakened without the other Emeralds.

“Sha…Shadow…” Sonic’s head fidgeted as he raised it, one eye closed and the other half open. He cringed at the pain, his friends already useless in being able to help him… everyone doing what they could… but this was his fight…

Classic stepped forward, realizing…

He may not save the girl.

In a split-moment of panic, Classic raced forward, breaking sound barriers as he curved his step and ran along the side of the crevices.

He wouldn’t let that happen.

No friend was being lost.

Or left behind.

Shadow’s red stripes glowed, the same color as the cubes.

He loosened his grip.

Infinite lowered his head.

Amy started to twitch, waking up…. just barely…

“SHADOW!” Sonic gripped the ground, before yanking his head forward.

                                           “SHE’S MY MARIA!!!

Shadow’s eyes widened as his hand was fully released from Amy’s throat..

She started to fall, as his eyes shook at that name.

He gripped his head, suddenly in great pain, as he wobbled side to side, gritting his teeth in the intesnity of the pain… the memory…

“What… what is this..?!!?!!? AHHHH!!!” He threw back his arms and cried out in pain, as a cube… slowly was being tugged and pushed out of his chest…

Infinite, realizing his control was loosening, turned back in a sharp movement, his eye scanning for understanding…


How was he freeing himself!?

The painful cry was met with a relief of breath, as Shadow’s shoulders fell forward along with his head, swaying as the cube was taken out of him through sheer will power… and then he turned to the edge.

He jumped to try and catch her, but her hand just barely slipped from his grasp.

Sonic’s power overwhelmed the area, as his yellow glow burst forth as he charged infinite.

Classic arched himself and jumped back, having moved too far passed Amy and grabbed her, trying to race up while having both arms on just one of hers.

Her head fell before she flinched in pain, and looked up, wearily.

Struggling to run backwards on a rocky terrain that kept crumbling under him, and the steepness of the edge’s wall to boot… he was slipping…

In that moment, he lost his grip, and Amy started to fall.

Classic jumped for her, straining to reach her…

There was a crash, a whiplash… as suddenly a flash of light caught the recoiled bounce.

Shadow had watched Sonic fighting Infinite and his many creations with the cubes that were once controlling him, and looked to see Eggman struggling with Chaos, having a cube in him as well, glowing red…

He glared, and bite down as he skated over at light speeds, and literally dashed through chaos, pulling the emerald and cube out of him before flashing away, grabbing Classic under his arm.

Gadget, seeing Chaos grow weak, gripped the shard of the Master Emerald in his hand and raced up, sliding to then jam the shard into Chaos.

Chaos let out a piercing ring, before being absorbed back into it, and Gadget pushing his two hands against the shard, holding him in with force until he could fully be sealed into the reformed Master Emerald.

Shadow held up the Chaos Emerald, using Chaos Control to bring them both to safety, before realizing something…

Super Sonic let out a huge blast, “I’ll never let you take over this dimension… or any other one… this world… is meant to be free! And I’ll keep it that way… forever!” he spread his arms out after charging up, and with Gadget placing the last piece into Knuckles’s Master Emerald… him having held his arms up to complete the transformation…

The true power of Chaos swarmed into Sonic without measure, as the blast was engulfed the area, denigrating the cubes completely, like an atomic bomb, only destroying that which was close by, leaving a crater.

“GAAAHHH!!!” Infinite’s eye was the last to go… (I’m skipping the epic boss battle, as you can see. lol)

Sonic, coming back with his arms resting down at his sides, suddenly bolted up to stop the rift in dimensions, pulling it back together with Classic’s help, who had turned super but… his face…

Sonic hadn’t noticed.

The teams cheered when they saw the giant, glowing rift in the sky suddenly pulled back together, and Sonic gave a weary fist to Classic, waiting for a victory fist bump.

“A well deserved victory, little buddy. Thanks for taking care of Amy for me.”

Classic turned his head.

“…Buddy..?” Sonic tilted his head, trying to see Classic’s face.

Seeing the profound frown,… then his head and eyes dipping down…

He panicked, leaning back and looking down where Shadow and some of his friends were starting to gather…

up against a building, seeming to have been crashed into previously… Amy lay motionless..

Shadow went to check the pulse, as Tails quickly ran ahead of everyone, and looked down by her side.

Super Sonic dipped down, before pulling back, “No…” His hand shook, as his eyes widened in horror.

Shadow removed his hand… looking to Tails, he shook his head and lowered it in respects.

Tails stepped back… before looking to Amy, and then dropping to his knees.

Eggman and Knuckles, holding the newly made Master Emerald, made their way over with Gadget, who’s face scanned the scene, and then frowned while his shoulders bounced in grief.

Sonic slowly drifted down, before moving over to replace Shadow, and touching her face.

His head moved down to her and then back to her face, as if still in denial. “Amy… Amy you gotta hold on.”

Tails turned his head away, not going to say anything against the words.

The team all began to mourn, as Rouge held a hand over her mouth, realizing…

Blaze turned away, her fists shaking, as Silver held a hand over his face and lowered it.

Shadow… turned around….

“Come on, Ames… we won! We won, dang it!” He shouted out, his head fully ducked, as Classic flew down on the opposite side, looking over Amy again, before lowering his ear to her chest.

“Amy… you said… you said you wanted to tell me something…”

Classic looked up, his eyes glossy…

Sonic’s eyes were covered in darkness, but his mouth trembled.

“I… had something to tell you too.”

Eggman lowered one side of the Master Emerald.

“Don’t you even start, Eggman…” Knuckles warned with vicious reality… “Not now.. not ever again.”

“You don’t understand.” Eggman knelt down and then put a hand to the Master Emerald.

“If Chaos can return..”

Shadow shifted himself, “What nonsense are you trying again!?”

“Listen to me! I don’t want her to die as much as you! Summon Chaos!”

“He can only destroy, what good could-”

But Tails, in his tears and anguish, was cut off from scolding Eggman when Chaos did emerged from the Master Emerald, walking out, and heading towards the scene.

In an absolute, regal manner… he made his way over to Amy, and lightly touched Sonic’s shoulder.

Still not speaking, Sonic moved for him, and Classic watched as Chaos knelt down, and slowly began to place his clawed hand to her forehead.

He slowly gestured it down…

A glow of green light started to fly around in little balls..

The balls started to make their way out, and everywhere the bubbles touched, life began, and the city was made new, like ripples in water.

“I.. I don’t understand…” stumbling as he turned around, Silver watched in amazement as the entire war-torn landscape was replaced with a beautiful nature panorama.

“If Chaos can destroy…” Blaze suddenly spoke up, also in awe, as she then gently lowered her eyes to the Sonics and the laying Amy…

“Maybe… he can even destroy destruction itself.”

Eggman sighed in tension, his voice wavering on the breath as he rubbed and squeezed his hands together.

Sonic leaned forward, looking squarely at Amy before closing his eyes and touching his forehead to hers…

The lights continued, as Tikal’s voice suddenly rose the Master Emerald, as it glowed in a beautiful light.

“Even Chaos.. the God of Destruction himself.. can destroy it’s very self and creations… all of them… including death.”

The bubbles suddenly rushed into Amy, all at once, as Chaos stood up, and moved back.

The world was beautiful, fixed, giving new life…

And that’s when Sonic waited the longest he’d ever held still in his life…

Under his forehead… he felt a shift and a rush of a air, as Amy sucked in a fresh breath of life.


Roll credits!

Lol nah, I’m playing~

The shift sent everyone’s eyes to Amy, smiles returning, as anxious bodies gathered and started to excitedly move and jitter around her.

She slowly moved her head, before blinking her beautiful, weakened eyes open.


Classic smiled, before she shifted her gaze to Sonic, still glowing…

Her vision was blurry, as she squinted, and then started to cry.

“You were right.” she admitted, pulling an arm over her eyes as she leaned her head back against the side of the building’s wall.

“I couldn’t save everyone.”

She started to softly cry before Sonic moved her arm.

“No, Amy… I was wrong.”

She blinked, seeming to maybe be aware she had died, but no one was sure…

“We couldn’t have stopped him… not fully… if I didn’t lose you.” His voice cracked in a lost moment of pain, his eyes glossed before he pulled himself down and tightly embraced her.

“I will never let you suffer for my mistakes again… I promise.”

He looked up then, “All of you!” He scanned his friends, as Gadget breathed a heavy breath.

“I won’t let his happen again, not now-” He picked Amy up, holding her close as he seriously spoke with intensity and sincerity in his eyes. 

Not ever.”

Tails was the first to break out in joy.

Then the rest starting cheering.

Classic sighed in relief, before getting up and floating over to Amy, looking down at her happily and then hugging her forehead before ‘thumbs up’ing Sonic, and then taking off into the small piece of light that was still rifted through the skies.

He waved to his friends, and then happily curled up to spin into it; having it close behind him, once he was fully within.

Sonic looked up, before back down in all the cheering to Amy, and happily held her close to his face, smiling.

She put her cheek up to the side of his face and smiled too, before looking over his shoulder.

He thought that odd and followed the action, looking to her… and then Shadow.

Shadow… was departing.

He looked down at a burnt cube… somehow having survived… and glared.

He crushed it under his foot, before walking on as the ash took it’s place.

Amy and Sonic watched in silence through the cheering, before Amy turned to Sonic, still watching.

“Would you have become like him..?”

He relaxed his eyes, giving it some thought.

“Yes.” he lightly spoke, and turned back to her. “If I really did lose you.. I would have done everything in my power… just like he did…”

She stared into his eyes, seeing no joking or mocking of any kind.

“Sonic..” her voice almost broke through the love emoted in speaking his name, shaking her head but never losing sight of him.

They touched foreheads again, before Eggman cleared his throat, and Sonic’s eyes flashed open, before slowly rolling them to Eggman, glaring so intensely he actually stepped back a moment.

He rubbed his hands together, smiling sheepishly.

“So… hehe, now that the world’s all good again and what not from Chaos’s magical ‘cancellation’ powers,… ehem. Think we could put our differences behind us?” He held out his hand, a truce?

Sonic stared at the hand, then back up to him.

He nervously started sweating, “Eh-heh… Oh, come on, Sonic! You and your little friends saved the universe! Dimensions are praising your name right now and what? You’re too cool to let me admit I’m being man enough to let bygones be bygones? A-Amy.. You tell him. You’re with me right? Forgiven and all that jazz?” The second he motioned his case to Amy, Sonic’s glare intensified and her head ducked down to hide a bit as he suddenly rose up in the air, and dropped kicked him.

Freaking out, Eggman shrieked a moment and ran off, zig-zagging like a idiot before shaking his fist.

“I’ll win next time, Sonic! You’ll see! and this time, the only casualty will be your death! Hehe!… instead of my pri-i-i-ideeee!!!” he whined, racing off.

Sonic huffed through his nose, “And good riddance. We’ll see about that, Egghead!”

Amy giggled, before Sonic turned back with a pleasant smile, closing his eyes for a moment before walking back to the gang.

*As camera is moving away*

“Um…Sonic? Not that I mind or anything but… y-you can let me go now.”

“Not a chance.”

“O-Oh?” Amy, in statement, blushed at how he said it.

“I’m never letting you slip out of my arms again. Sorry, Amy. But you’ll just have to kick back here for a while.”

Amy smiled, lowering her eyelids, completely swooning, but also perhaps, understanding why he was saying this.

“I don’t mind in the slightest… Sonic… My hero~” she lowered her head to his shoulder, as he looked down a moment in fondness before speaking to everyone, some wanting to really check on Amy and make sure she was actually still alive and alright.

The world… was never the same again.

(it’s a concept in some of the ideas for story. I highly doubt it will happen, but I manipulated the idea to one of the many concepts I’ve had for the game :) hope you enjoy! Stole some of Eggman’s actions from Hades too at the end there, lol! From Disney’s Hercules xP)

Valentine's Day

(Yet another Sonamy one-shot I thought of. Specifically for Valentine’s Day.

I want to point out that in this story Sonic and Amy have been dating for two months now. Secondly, like in a headcanon I’ve seen posted before: Sonic and Amy keep their relationship hidden from the public.

Anyway, I don’t wanna spoil the story for you all - so on with the story!)

Today was a big deal for Amy, and everything had to be perfect for tonight. The dinner, her outfit, and the gift for a certain blue hedgehog. Sure, it might’ve not been her ideal setting for a date on Valentine’s Day but… Sonic being here with her was all she wanted.

Since she had plenty of time to fix the meal, she went out into town to buy a new cute outfit. As expected, the stores were packed and all of the shoppers seem to be in a rush; at times shoving her out of the way to get to their destination. It was rude, but Amy wouldn’t allow this to ruin her day. Leaving the shop with three bag fulls of items she had purchased, Amy made her way back home. When she put aside the items that were brought home, she hung up her new dress. For a moment she admired it and thought of how Sonic’s response would be. Heck, would he even notice that she was wearing a new outfit? Amy shook her head, she needed to focus on the positive things. Sonic would be coming at 6pm and after dinner they could cuddle on the couch to watch a movie. Amy had already planned this out in her head, making her quite anxious for Sonic to stop by.

Restless now, Amy started to clean the living room. Fixing the cushions on the couch, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning off the coffee table.

Wiping her brow, she stopped to admire her work and smiled, quite pleased how organized the living room and kitchen looked.

For the next three hours, Amy sorted out the ingredients for the meal. The seasoning for the chicken she was preparing over the stove, while the chicken was cooking, she chopped up some veggies, fruit and munched on an apple and some broccoli to soothe the faint ache of hunger she was feeling. After checking on the chicken, Amy glanced at the clock to see it was now 5:30pm. Panic settled in immediately. She wasn’t done cooking yet! In haste, Amy flipped over the chicken breasts in the frying pan, to see that they were cooked thoroughly. A couple of the fillets looked a tad bit burnt, so she tossed them in the trash bin. Leaving just enough for them to have a second serving if they wanted to. In the pantry, she retrieved two plates to rest the chicken fillets, veggies and fruit on. The sight of the food made her stomach growl. It wouldn’t be much later… she noted when looking at the clock once more.

Amy ran out of the kitchen and switched out her clothes into her new outfit. It fit nicely over her curves. Returning to the living room… still no sign of Sonic, she frowned at the clock that now read 6:10. Just ten minutes late, don’t panic. She told herself. The poor girl had every right to panic due to past planned dates with Sonic. Although they weren’t dating officially then, it still hurt that he blew her off like that. Would he do it now? She shook her head, feeling disappointed in herself for doubting her own boyfriend to show for their date.

30 minutes had went by… Amy stomped over to her front door, peeking out to see if she could catch a glimpse of Sonic approaching. No one was there. Her heart sunk. “This couldn’t be happening again. No… he couldn’t have forgotten…! Maybe something happened to him?” Amy bit her bottom lip, now worried that could be true.

For the next hour Amy paced nervously, and peeked out of the window, until finally locating her communicator to contact Sonic. She hesitated on pressing the button. Amy remembered that she had vowed to Sonic awhile back that she would only contact him in emergencies. This wasn’t the case… no matter how important the date was. With a sigh, she set aside the device and settled back on the couch. By 11pm, Amy had given up and figured Sonic would never show, now. She would want an explanation the next time she saw him. The kitchen table was soon cleared. There was no point in keeping the food out, any longer. It was too cold and tasteless by now.

Once the kitchen was cleared, Amy changed into her nightgown. As she was lifting her dress over her head there was a strange noise coming from the living room.

At first, Amy was startled until a familiar voice called her name. “Ames…?” The pink hedgehog rushed out of her room, to witness her rugged looking boyfriend standing at her doorway. He gave her a weak smile, and rubbed the back of his head. For awhile, the two just stared at each other. Amy wasn’t sure what to say. Should she be mad? He was five hours late for their date! She had every right to be mad! On the other hand… Sonic’s quills looked unkempt, there was cuts all over his body, and his gloves were torn. Amy crossed her arms, and approached him. “Sonic -” He was quick to interrupt her, fearing that she would yell at him. “Don’t look at me like that, Ames. I know I’m really, really late… but…” Sonic kicked at the floor, “Egghead decided it was a good time to show off his new creation, ya’ see. I was just about to -” Amy’s finger pressed against his lips, causing him to go quiet immediately.

“It’s fine.” She sighed, glancing down. “I was just looking forward to being alone with you today…”

It wasn’t easy being in a relationship with the hero of the world. They vaguely had time to be alone, because of their foes. The fact that they weren’t dating out in public where rumors could quickly spread like a fire on a scorching hot summer day but worst of all their enemies would target Amy like a lioness hunts her prey.

They all knew that water was not his only weakness; but so was Amy. If she had been harmed in any way, Sonic would push to his limits to rescue her - whether it lead to his death or not.

They both strived to grow closer in their relationship; even though they had such a big burden to carry along. Yet, it didn’t bring them down. Amy continued to hope that one day, they wouldn’t have to hide their relationship and be able to hug, kiss, and hold hands wherever they pleased. Their strong feelings for each other was what even kept them together.

Sonic looked at Amy in the eyes before wrapping one arm around her waist, pulling her closer. “Well, we’re alone now.” He brushed away her bangs, before stroking her pink quills. “Did you wanna order a pizza and watch a movie?”

Amy blinked at him, touched by his concern. “Actually… I had fixed some dinner.” She glanced at the kitchen, before looking into his charming gaze again. “Sadly, it’s cold now.”

Sonic’s face brightened up at the mention of Amy cooking up a meal. “Oh! Really? Heat it up in the microwave and then we could dig in!” Quite frankly, her cooking sounded far more appealing than pizza. He was soon embraced tightly by Amy, before she ran into the kitchen to heat up the chicken in the microwave like Sonic suggested.

Two arms wrapped around her waist the moment she started to set up the table. His touch sent shivers down her spine, “Sonic?” she looked at him. “I’m really sorry about today… I really suck at this dating stuff, eh?” He nuzzled against her, kissed her shoulder, and played with the strap of her nightgown. Amy’s cheeks burned a bright shade of red as he did this. God… he sure knew how to apologize.

“I-I..said i-it w-was fine, Sonic.” Amy finally managed to speak. He smiled against her cheek, then planted a kiss. Amy squirmed as he turned her around to face him. They said nothing for awhile, just staring into each other eyes. Sonic rubbed her arms before leaning in for a kiss to her lips. Amy wrapped her arms around him, pressing her chest against his and closing the gap between them. The kiss lingered for what seemed like forever - until Sonic pulled away, gasping for air.

Dinner went over great, as Amy had hoped and they soon moved over to the couch after they cleaned their plates. Sonic allowed Amy to pick whatever movie she wanted to see under the condition that it wasn’t a corny romantic film. While Amy was going through the movies she owned, Sonic suddenly remembered something. “Oh shoot! I almost forgot!” Amy was startled when Sonic spoke out of the blue, and looked at him in surprise. He held up his finger and then picked up his worn out backpack he had carried along. Curious, Amy walked over to join him on the couch. “Err… Ames could I see your headband?” He asked, awkwardly.

“Sure?” Amy looked at him, skeptical. She wasn’t sure what he was up to when he slicked her quills back into a ponytail and replaced her headband with a new one. She brushed a finger along the material then got up from the couch to have a look in the mirror. Sonic walked up to stand behind her. “That flower here reminded me of you, for some reason.” He touched the cute pink flower that was attached to the side of the headband and then looked at the reflection to watch Amy’s reaction.

“Oh… Sonic… I love it.” Before Sonic could get a single word out, Amy smothered him with kisses to his cheek, jawline, neck and finally on his lips. “Thank you…” She whispered against his lips.

Sonic smiled and kissed her back, while stroking her back. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Ames.” He mumbled against her lips.


(Okay I think the end could have been better… ^^; but I still hope you guys enjoyed reading this!

This prompt was sadly a pain to finish because tumblr decided it wanted to make it unorganized and it was a lot that needed to be fixed - so if you see any errors, I probably overlooked them since I was in a rush to finish. lol

Thanks for reading!)

xsherryblossomx  asked:

OK so I need you to find some prompt memes that I can pick from for you to write shadamy and sonamy to cuz I got a craving now thanks to you 😃

(I confess, I don’t know what a prompt meme is XD But~)

Here is a list of SonAmyShad prompt ideas I like :)


1. Sonic is about to sacrifice the remaining chaos power he holds to stop a meteor from crashing to the planet. Amy cries desperately from below, speaking words of love and begging for this not to happen. Shadow, standing by, hears her cries, and in some way, is filled with compassion. Realizing no one would ever cry so fiercely on his behalf, he flies up and pushes Sonic out of the way, taking severe damaging, but living through it. He wakes up to find himself being nurtured by Amy, who gives a beautiful speech of gratitude, and Sonic, although slightly upset he ‘stole his thunder’, though being sarcastic mostly about it, thanks him as well. “I didn’t do it for you.” Shadow turns away, though he did it so Amy would be happy… and he knew that smile would only stay if Sonic were still yet alive.

2. Sonic holds back every ounce of desperate, torturous misery as he hears of Metal going around and trying to kill his friends. Shadow and him are currently locked away and sealed in what seems to be a trapped room, impossible to escape. Seeing Sonic so helpless, Shadow reveals a chaos emerald. The two rush to save his friends, though find out Amy was already attacked, and destroyed Metal. However, she’s losing blood fast, and Sonic desperately looks for a way to save her. Shadow, suggesting a ‘forbidden chaos stream’ from the ancient Echidnas, uses Chaos to heal Amy… However, they are forever connected now. Sonic grows envious and jealous of this bond, because Shadow and Amy now suffer and feel what the other endures, and also emotionally as well. They grow close because of this connection, and finally, Sonic admits his frustrations, stating, “I should have never let you do it, Shadow… You should have given the emerald to me.” “You didn’t know how to perform it. She would have been dead by the time you learned how too.” “Tsk!” It’s a drama and angsty flick, but Amy can’t help but feel something powerful for Shadow after that… wanting to get closer to him… following the promptings of the forbidden chaos stream that pulls her to his side. He… is also suffering from similar effects.

3. Shadow finds an old letter from Maria in a house they used to live in when they dwelled on earth. It’s a journal dating back to before he had fully formed and developed into a living creature, and stated all her hopes and dreams for him. “I truly do hope Shadow… above all things… that you find someone to love. Who will love you back. Just the way you are. I never want you to feel that you’re not normal, and don’t deserve love or joy in this world. But please know, you were made as a hope for humanity. I trust in your light, Shadow. I hope you never suffer anything in life alone. This… is my sincerest wish.” Shadow then is on a mission to stop Eggman from G.U.N, where he runs into an imprisoned Amy. Expecting him to release her, he doesn’t, giving her the cold shoulder. They have some banter as he tries to avoid detection and plan out his next step, before Amy convinces him with the lines, “Don’t leave me all alone here, Shadow! I know it’s not apart of your mission, but… please, Shadow! I won’t be a burden! Can’t you just… try and find the light inside your heart and show mercy? I trust it’s in there, Shadow!” Her words triggered the letter’s memory. He ends up risking the whole mission to free her, succeeding and having a small moment with her, where she recognizes the good in him. “I love the way you are, Shadow!” Amy teases, “Grumpy and all!” Another trigger, and suddenly, he can’t stand to be annoyed or frustrated with her anymore. Sonic comes to take her away, but it leaves Shadow wondering… Could anyone ever love him?

There, that’s all for now xD What’s your favorite?

OTP prompts

Prompt: “everyone keeps telling me your the bad guy

Prompt: I ran away from home and you were nice enough to pick up a 17 year old hitch hiker and when I said I didn’t know what to do you suggested road trip and I said yes because your hot

Prompt: I’m friends with your roommate and whenever I come over your pet cat tries to attack me and you end up bandaging my scratches because your cat is a monster

Prompt: Were sitting together at a scary movie and you grabbed my hand when you got scared I didn’t let go

Prompt: we sat across from each other at a picnic thing and I totally saw you steal one of my cookies

Prompt: we ordered both ordered pizza and took the wrong one home and now I’m sitting here grimacing because "ew, anchovies”

Prompt: we both found the same parking spot and “no you can’t have it, I saw it first

Prompt: were both roller skating and you crashed into me but I caught you and it looks really romantic

Prompt: masquerade ball. That’s it.

Prompt: we were at a pool party and you pushed me into the pool then I pulled you in too and you’ve got a great smile

So my ex roommate sent this to me, and I can’t help but picture Sonamy as I’m listening to it. Sonic is the type of person who, even though he’s the fastest thing alive, either never shows up to anything or he shows up incredibly late. This habit of his has always driven Amy nuts. But I think it would be really cute that after they’ve started dating/living together, she stops minding it so much as long as they’re together.

I just picture this cutesy scenario where they’re trying to get ready to meet up with everyone but instead they just keep dancing in the room and innocently kissing and making out and stuff.

*throws romantic fluff at you*

tailtwitcher  asked:

Okay, a prompt I've always been meaning to write but would LOVE to see YOU write is Sonic's reaction to getting his ears pet XD (particularly by Amy)

Hehe~ I gotchu babe!

  Amy Rose appeared from her kitchen carrying a bowl of soup, a warm, motherly smile was plastered on her face. “Hey sweetie, I’ve got something for you~” she cooed, grinning at a sad looking lump of fabric on her couch. As she set down the bowl on a coffee table, a soft mutter came from right in front of her.

 “..Mmmm..” groaned the person hidden in the blankets. Amy shook her head with an embarrassed smile, and walked over to the bundle. She gently nudged it until it finally began to roll over and reveal a tired hedgehog’s face. It opened it’s eyes, and frowned.

“…What?” the hedgehog croaked. Amy reached over and placed her tiny hand on his red cheeks, sweeping her thumb back and forth to comfort him. “Wake up, sleepy head!” she giggled. Sonic groaned and sunk back into his makeshift cocoon, leaving an empty face hole. “Not now, Amy..I’m tired..” he curled up into a ball, not wanting to be bothered by anybody.

 “…Oh, come on, Sonic! Cheer up!” Amy sighed, leaning closer and peering inside of the opening. Sonic huffed, and bitterly tried to fall back asleep. “Please go away..” he muttered.

   He had a very long and exhausting day. First, he woke up with a cold, then, he had to run halfway across a frozen tundra to save a village from Eggman’s robots, attend Cream’s annual tea party as the guest of honor, help Tails push the broken Tornado back to his workshop, and walk around in boredom for hours as Amy dragged him along through the mall. 

  Just as he thought he was going to pass out, Amy noticed his cold, and took him to her home to finally rest. Yet, she took her duty a little too seriously, and started to treat Sonic like a child by checking up on him every ten minutes instead of letting him sleep. Even though he knew she meant well, Sonic still couldn’t help but be incredibly annoyed with her, or, everyone, for that matter.

   Amy frowned, feeling a bit hurt by Sonic’s stubbornness. She stood up, took the still steaming bowl of soup, and gave Sonic an offended look.

 “Fine then, if you’re going to act like that, I’ll just take this and have it all to myself.” she pouted, marching away to her room. Sonic irritably rolled his eyes, relieved that she was finally leaving him alone, until he felt his stomach begin to growl. The blue hedgehog scrunched his nose as the delicious aroma of what could have been his dinner filled his nostrils. He blushed, regretting his rejection of Amy’s care. He remembered that he never got the chance to eat anything other than cheap finger sandwiches. 

  Groaning in annoyance, he sluggishly forced himself to get up, and grumpily trudged over to Amy’s bedroom.

  Sitting in her bed, Amy leaned over to take another bite of noodles when she heard a faint tapping on her door. Knowing exactly who it was, she tsked and set down her food, crossing her arms and opening the door. 

 She was greeted with a quiet yawn, followed by an awkward smile. “Er…hi…” said Sonic, his eyelids lowered. Amy pursed her lips, trying not to make a comment on how cute Sonic looked with his quills and fur all shaggy and puffed up. “So…do you have something you want to say to me?” she replied sourly. 

 “…Can I have some food?” said Sonic, not realizing what she meant. Amy gave him an angry look. 

“..What? Oh! Right..uh…I’m sorry for being kinda mean to you..I’m just not feeling good today and I get cranky when I’m tired..” Sonic explained, scratching the back of his head. Amy surveyed him, thinking for a moment. 

Finally, she smiled and walked past him towards the kitchen. “Well, lucky for you, I made extra~” she giggled. Sonic weakly smiled, and with a tiny sneeze, followed her.

  After a tasty dinner, the two hedgehogs decided to relax on Amy’s couch and turned on a movie. Amy, who was feeling a bit sleepy herself, decided to lie down on her back and close her eyes as Sonic left to put his dish away. 

 The blue blur came back to see his “space” taken up by the pink hedgehog. He halted, perplexedly gazing down at Amy. “Um…Amy? You’re my spot..” he pointed out. Amy smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

 “In your spot? This is my couch! But, you know, I’m willing to share it..” she giggled. Sonic frowned, knowing what she was up to. Normally, he would just lie down somewhere else and fall asleep on his own, but this particular night he was so exhausted that he didn’t really care. Also, her couch was really comfortable. 

 Sighing, he grabbed the blanket that was bundled up by her feet and threw it over his shoulders. Then, he climbed on top of Amy and wrapped his arms around her, resting his head on her chest. Amy’s eyes shot open and her face flushed. Her stomach was bombarded with butterflies and her heart began to race. “H-huh?” she gasped, shocked that her little plan worked.

  Sonic smirked, slightly blushing as well. He felt a lot better about the situation knowing that he made Amy flustered, which he always thought was a funny thing to see. “What? Are you surprised?” he asked with a chuckle. Amy gulped, and nervously returned his embrace.

“N-no..” she lied, looking away. “I”

“Just relax, Amy. It’s just me!” Sonic explained, nuzzling his head into the crook of her shoulder and gently smiling, trying to hold back his laughter. Amy looked down at him and frowned in embarrassment. “That’s the problem, you doof..” she said under her breath. 

   A few awkward minutes passed as the movie continued to be the only noise in room. Amy eventually got comfortable and began to affectionately scratch Sonic behind the ear. The blue blur’s ear twitched, and he immediately straightened out, glaring at her with a red face. “Oh no, none of that!” he said quickly. Amy gave Sonic a nervous look.

 “What? What did I do?” she asked, scared that he may not want to cuddle with her anymore.

 “No petting, or..whatever..” Sonic replied, looking quite embarrassed. Amy frowned, tilting her head in confusion. “Huh? But I thought guys liked that..” Sonic opened his mouth to say something, but quickly shut it. He bit his lip, and awkwardly looked away.

“Well,’s embarrassing, okay?” he said bluntly, lying back down without a word. Amy made a strange face out of confusion, and awkwardly grabbed her remote and turned off the television. She figured Sonic was just being stubborn again. 

  It wasn’t long until Sonic finally fell asleep in her arms, quietly dozing off to the gentle beating of her heart. The pink hedgehog grinned as he began to silently snore, his strange behavior made her wonder exactly why he was so against a simple gesture. Carefully, Amy reached over and gently played with the fur behind his ear, holding her breath in hopes that he wouldn’t wake up.

  Amy suddenly heard a strange thumping noise, and when she looked around to investigate, she realized that it was her hero. “Huh?” she pulled up the blanket covering up the both of them, exposing their feet. That’s when she realized Sonic’s leg was making a kicking motion.

  “…Wait a minute..” Amy stopped scratching behind Sonic’s ear, and his leg stopped moving. Then, she started again, and saw his leg going back to kicking. She repeated this process until it became quite obvious as to why he gave her a very vague answer, it was to protect one of his greatest weaknesses, his scratch reflex.

 Amy gasped. “Aww!” she whispered. Giggling, Amy nuzzled Sonic with her chin, feeling triumphant about her new discovery.

“Oh Sonic, you’re so adorable!” she blushed, planning on using her new power on him in the future. 

 ((Pfft, I hope you liked this, heh…I feel like there were a lot of things wrong with this, I just rolled with it as I wrote T_T It may be a bit ooc, but when you said that I immediately thought of this gif: 

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the ending also feels a bit rushed, but I’m kinda tired today..heh..^^”))

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#5 sonamy (whether it's classic, Boom or modern you decide) Please. Your stories are amazing 😄

Oh sweet chaos.. 0-0;

Whatever you say…

Prompt (Boom Universe)

“And what if I’m torn!?”

“Oh please! It’s piece of meat!”

Sonic gasps, “IT’S A CHILIDOG! You bag of bones!”

“Ah! You blue jerk!”

“How am I being the jerk? I~ didn’t insult the chilidog.” he gestured to the luxurious food in his hand.

She swiped it away.

He freezes, before diving for it, and then rolling to reveal it. “Nice save!” he complimented himself, before Amy growled and started storming off.

“You’re so immature! First I ask if you’re doing anything tonight, and the next thing I hear, you’re standing me up for a AMERICAN.” she gestures back to the food in his hands. “A freakin’ hotdog.”

“CHILIdog. Geez, you’re as bad as Eggman with identifying different species.” he scratched behind his head.

“Augh.” she rolled her eyes, and started to walk away again.

“Hold on!”

Sonic gripped her arm.


“I wasn’t done defending my friend yet!”

“Well, that friend certainly must mean more to you than your REAL friends!” she put her hands on her hips, leaning forward as she finally had it, stomping her foot one last time to the ground.

“OOHH! I’m so done with your attitude! Why are you so stubborn!? Do you want to go on a date or not!?”

“…D-Date? I thought you said we were hanging out?”

Amy widened her eyes, realizing her folly as she clammed her hands over her mouth.

“D-da-da-whaaat? PFft, boi please.” she leaned against the door frame, looking away. “That’s what the hip and happenings are saying now adays…” she bit her lip and sweated profusesly.

“…Ames?” Sonic raised an eyebrow, holding the chilidog in both hands now.

He waved it in front of her face, as she avoided looking at it too.

“…You can’t lie to the chili…”

“Gr…erk…” she twitched.

“Alright! FINE!” Amy flung it out of her face, screaming as she threw her hands down in front of her. “I WANTED TO SPEND TIME WITH YOU! Is that too much to ask!?”


Sonic watched the chilidog fly into the air, as the two both watched as it soared through the air, letting little chunks of the chili-meat fly off every now and then.

Sonic rushed to save it again. “Nooooo..!” he slid for it.

Dropping to his knees, he caught it, and held it up high. “YES! Two for two!”

“You mean one.”


Amy stood outside the door, and slammed it.

He flinched at the wood against wood, before getting up. “..Wait.. Amy?”

Amy stormed down the dark street, and headed quickly home. “I can’t believe he almost found out! And he STILL cared more about that stupid… dumb chilidog! I mean, I made it for him, but he could have at least been thankful enough and-”

She stopped.

“I… I made it for him.” she looked up, realizing maybe the chilidog was more than just some hunk of meat with sauce on it.

She turned around, before shaking her head and rolling her eyes. “Grahh.. I won’t be the first to look back this time!”

“Good! That means I won’t need to go back!”


Amy was scooped of her feet.


Bolting into her home through her window, the two crashed down as Sonic rolled along the floor, landing face-first on the couch, and getting up.

“Phew. Definitely not my roughest landing.” he leaned up, happy for the soft terrain.

Unnnntil Amy swung a hammer in his face.

“You think you can waltz in here and make up for treating me second to a literal food product!?” she gestured to represent the chilidog.

“Actually, it’s more like…” he hesitated, but then took her arm and gestured it around his stomach. “Here now.” he sweat dropped as he smiled sheepishly up to her.

She looked annoyed.

“You didn’t give me a lot of time to enjoy it!”

“I wanted to hang out with you! Not have you drooling over the chilidog and say goodbye right after I graciously hand-delivered it to you!”

“You wanted to see me?” he looked up, smiling like a kid.

“Well, I… I mean, like anyone else would.” she looked away, growing self-conscious again.

“I~ remember when you first said you wanted a trip in my hammock, thinking it cool. You did the same thing when I said you could, but you refused to get on it with me sitting beside you.”

She turned away, a faint blush on her cheeks. “I hate how all of a sudden, you think you can read me.” she closed her eyes and continued to keep her head away from his peering eyes.

He smirked, “Come on, Ames. What do you mean by all this?” he drooped his eyes slightly.

“…Nothing. Now… get out of my house!” she sounded lazy as she swished her hand to the door.

“…Alright.” Sonic hit his knees with the palm of his hands and got up, dusting himself off and then looking Amy over.

“…You sure are cute though… when you’re mad.” He then started to walk out.

Instantly, Amy reflexed and threw him back towards her face.

“What… what did you just say?” she blinked, shock taking over her.

“I said please don’t hurt me and I swear I’ll never say it again.” Sonic looked terrified, she was holding him by his bandanna.

“No.. what? Augh.” she shook her head, “I mean the other thing…” she looked away and then back, losing her tough-girl attitude, and Sonic could suddenly see she wasn’t as scary as she usually is.

“… em… stop staring and just repeat what you said already!” she yelled out, as he suddenly knew what he needed to do.


He leaned down and lightly held a kiss.

Minutes felt like seconds as he pulled away.

“…I said… I don’t remember.” he looked away, his eyes looking frozen as he realized what he had just done.

“…I’m… I’m thinking there was something in that chilidog.” Sonic tried to excuse his behavior.

“I’ll have to find the recipe again.” Amy pulled him back in for another one.

He flailed a moment, before completely surrendering to the sensation of it.

She pulled back, and he was literally starting to melt down to his knees, leaning completely and letting her lift him by the scruff of his bandanna now. “Woah. Comedy Chimp lied. That freakin’ rocked.” he had drooped eyes, before shaking his head and looking amazed.

“Wait.. did I just..” Amy looked up, and dropped him like a hot potato.

“Whoah!” he fell flat to the ground, before leaning up. “Yeah. I would be freakin’ out too if I kissed me.”

What she didn’t see was his lips trembling.

“I… I .. I have to go!” she ran out the door, slamming it as she heard him getting up.

“H-hey, wait!”

He banged on the door. “Amy! Where will you go!? This is your house!”

She was spread up against the door, her mouth a deep, open frown with her teeth showing, spazzing.

She then realized the logic of his truth and swung open the door. “Oh yeah.” she kicked him out. “You should go!” she then tried to slam the door again.

“Wait-OOOOOWWW!” his foot got jammed by her.

“Oh my gosh! I am SO SORRY!” she opened the door, covering her mouth and looking around, “Uh.. Um… j-just come in.”

He hobbled in one leg, as she set him back on the couch, letting him lift his leg up.

“Ugh! I just- I’m so confused right now!”

“W-why..” he was rubbing his poor foot.

“Because!” she flung ice at his face.

“OOOWWW!” he held it to his eye, letting it slowly drag his face down as he pulled it away. “Geez, are you here to kill me or-?”

“I just hate how you’re making me feel right now!” she threw an apple at him, making him lean back to dodge it and catch it, ‘phewing’ as he did, before looking back at Amy.

She was gone.

“H-huh?” He looked around, “Amy?”

He slowly got up, watching his foot and hopping a few times, over to the kitchen.

Amy was huddled down, gripping her legs, head down.

He examined her for a moment before sitting down next to her, up against the island counter. “…Do you really hate me that much?” he side glanced over to her, lifting his good leg up and leaning forward, against it.

“Cause I sure as heck didn’t mean anything I said.”

She peeked up a little, and when he saw the small opening, smiled and continued, pretending he didn’t see her shift.

“I mean,” he gestured up. “I may get mad at you sometimes, but I would never say I hate you.”

Amy felt bad just then, and lowered her head again.

“Ah!” he freaked out, realizing that was probably bad. “L-look, that… thing …we just did? D-don’t worry about it.” he slowly moved to his knees, trying to comfort her. “I’ll just go now and we’ll pretend the whole thing didn’t happen, alright?”

Right before he was about to leave, she pulled his bandanna towards her again.

“If you leave now… I really will hate you forever.”

He gulped, blinking in his surprise.

“Oooo… k? Now I’m really confused.” He furrowed his eyebrows, leaning closer. “Don’t you want me to leave..?”



She pulled him back into a hug, and kissed him quicker this time, before pushing him away and covering her face, sending him half way across the room.

“WHHHAA!!” he hit his head. “Ughh… if every time that happens, I might need to start wearing a helmet…” his eyes rolled around, before he shook his head to keep them straight again.

She looked away, “Like you even want it to happen again…”

He leaned up, “Woah… what has made you so hateful today!? And… surprisingly… open too..” he touched his lips, still unsure of why he wasn’t, himself, overreacting.

For some reason… he wanted to make her more mad.

He got up, still twitching from the pain in his foot.

“If love’s a battlefield, you certainly give it a new meaning.”

She threw a hammer at him, and he just narrowly dodged it, spinning around before landing on his bad foot.

“AHHHH-ph.” he shut his mouth, closing his jaw and pushing his head down to do so. “Em.” he squinted his eyes a moment, enduring the pain as he looked back at Amy.

She glared at him, then looked away.

“…You.. You can be so violent!”

She threw another hammer, and he happily leaned back, almost all the way down to his lower leg, matrix style, and leaned up again. “Heh, but you’re no match for the fastest thing a-OFFPH!” he struck a pose and waved his finger around, signature grin, before she threw another hammer directly at his face.

“Owkawy. I swee whawt’s gwoinwg won.” he muffled through the hammer, as he tilted his head with it, as if it was permanently stuck there.

He gripped it and tried to rip it off, succeeding and then holding it just in case she threw more. “Ha… You’re fighting how you feel, right?”

She threw another hammer, but he deflected it. Smiling.

“You’re worried I don’t mean it. That I’m gonna somehow play ya and this whole thing will end in our friendship being ruined forever, is that it?”

She narrowed her eyes more, but this time, her frown was a sorrowful one.

“Well. I think you doubt me too much!”

“What are you saying!?” she finally blurted out, getting up and staring at him.

“I don’t want to be deceived!”

“Deceived?! Oh, is that who you think I am?!” Sonic looked angry, walking towards her and pointing a hammer accusingly at her.

“Well, maybe I don’t want to face defeat! Be rejected in front of the only girl I’ve actually cared about on this level.”

“Level!? So what, I’m a game to you!?” Amy stepped forward.

“With all the hammer’s you’ve thrown at my face, and my injured big toe, I would say YES. You’re probably the hardest boss I’ve ever had to face. Because I can’t face you. You’re unfaceable!”

“How so!?”




“Waiting to be fed!? Ugh, you’re so-!” she leaned forward.

“Yeah?” he stepped forward.




“REALLY!? Cause I really want to eat your face right now!”

“Then do it!”



They suddenly were so close that the two just launched at each other, completely dropping the act and the hammer, and were completely absorbed in one another.

A little while later, they pulled away, panting.

“…I… I don’t know what just happened.” Amy admitted.

“I do… thankfully.”

Sonic and Amy didn’t take their eyes off each other, or remove their hands from around the other.

“..What does this mean?” Amy gasped out.

“…It means…” Sonic stepped more foreward, putting his head to her forehead.

“I’m gonna need you to deliver some more chilidogs.”


“A.S.A.P…” he leaned in for another one.

“…You can be that hungry?” Amy leaned back, wanting to pull a fast one before he did, smiling.

He smirked, “Starving.” he shook his head with the motion, and the two were quite different after that.

A Request!

Hey there,

I really do enjoy reading your sonamy fanfics, there are lovely…!

I do wish, if it doesn’t burden you, that you could write on Sonic reactions against puberty (growth spurt, voice change, etc.)especially around Amy. I’d like to know your story on this. like I said, no pressure…! ^^

Thanks, have a nice day…!

I think this is an absolutely hilarious idea, and so cute! However, I have no idea what teenage boy puberty is like, so I’ll do my best to represent!

Sonic woke up… different.

Keep reading