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Elia Martell Headcanons

Hello, everyone! So, since the Elia fandom has been growing, I’ve always wondered everyone’s headcanons for Elia. Through our rose-tinted glasses of this almost every mysterious woman, she’s a flawed (human) woman who had a tragic death due to circumstances beyond her control. 

It can be anything from childhood all the way to her death. What about Elia that attracts you to her? It can be about anything! What do you think her personality was like towards others like her family and close friends to how she treats her enemies? How did she take Rhaegar’s actions when he was gone? What did she tell her children every night at bedtime? 

Oh, and what’s your headcanon Fancast of your Elia Martell? I know everyone sees her in a different person, so if you have pictures of your Elia then I’d love to see Elia in your eyes! 

Yeah, my headcanons are just a fraction of what I think Elia might be as person. 

My Headcanons:

1. My Elia Martell is Sonam Kapoor

For me, Sonam has the look of elegance and that sunny smile I can see Elia wearing all the time when she was a Princess of Dorne. She also has that inner strength that I picture Elia building up slowly when she was finally married to Rhaegar. She kept strong when she was a child, and hated pity from others because of her illness. She smiled and lived her life the way she wanted until she finally realized that she had a duty to uphold to her family. 

2. She laughed and smiled a ton when she was around her family. Elia was so used to being around her family that it was so natural to her to smile when something went amiss. She was the heart that kept everything and everyone together. Without her, everyone felt a bit lost. 

3. When her little Rhaenys asked her if she was going to become queen of Westeros, Elia smiled and picked her up from the stone floor. She used up the last bit of her strength to stop her arms from shaking underneath her daughter’s weight. 

“You are Queen, my darling. In my heart, you are the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and beyond.” 

Her daughter smiled brightly at that. 

4. She smiled often when she was with Rhaegar. Despite her husband’s constant melancholy, she knew that if she smiled and laughed a bit, a flicker of a smile would slowly show itself to her and only her. 

5. After Aegon was born, Elia would quietly tell her son the stories of her homeland and sung ancient lullabies in her native tongue. The Song of Ice and Fire was just as distant a song as her husband’s presence.  

6. When she heard of her husband’s actions, Elia was angry beyond belief and felt numb to the bones. Her first thought was to their children. Her second thought was how foolish and naive she was to love such a man even after his humiliation towards her. 

7. When she had the strength to, Elia would love to dance and sing in the gardens of her home. She would often ignore the protests of her brothers and laughed at their worries. 

“I am the sun, little brother. Nothing can extinguish the sun.” 

Until her death, her brothers truly believed her. 

8. When Rhaegar first looked at his bride in all of her finery, for the first time ever, he had no words or songs to sing as she looked at him through her wedding veil. 

One look was enough to send his heart soaring to the heavens. 

So, those are a small number of my headcanons for Elia!

I hoped you liked it! Tagging these people because I know they would love to know some of my idealistic headcanons of Elia. 

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“My sister Elia had a little girl as well. Her name was Rhaenys. She was a princess too.”

Sonam Kapoor as Elia
Sara Arjun as Rhaenys