sonam kapoor as elia martell


“She didn’t have to die like that,” a whisper came out of the child. 

The man wearily looked at the girl child in front of him, still reeling in horror from the Great Mountain’s brutality. 

“Her children died along with her, did anyone not tell you that?”

“Yes, I heard from Uncle. Some say they could hear the screams of the frail Queen miles away.”

The girl paused as she carefully selected her words,” She was going to be Westeros’s future Queen right?” 

“Yes.” The words went out of the man raw and hard. 

With this, the man raised his eyes to the burning sunset before him. Everything felt so empty now. 

His sister was gone and so was his beloved niece. 

“Shall I bring you their heads, Elia?” Oberyn’s voice became eerily calm as he smiled playfully at his bastard daughter. 

The girl looked at her father with confusion and shock. 

“But papa, bringing people’s heads won’t bring Aunt Elia back.” 

A modern ASOIAF AU. 

Elia Martell is the wife of Rhaegar Targaryen. Despite the press harping on her frailness, Elia has had huge success in the strenuous Bollywood industry where her world famous family, the Martells have made a household name for themselves in the industry since the late 1920s.  

Her skills in acting, singing, and dancing has charmed many the world over. Her husband Rhaegar worries about her near endless schedule, almost as busy as his, but somehow they both make it work just in time for dinner. 

She resides in Dragonstone in King’s Landing with her husband, and their two children Rhaenys and Aegon VI.