sona's kitties

I decided to give Adult Kitty a brand new makeover.  Got rid of her perm and gave her looser curls.  Also changed her lips because trying to draw an upper lip on a cat’s mouth is a pain, lol.

Inspiration came from my good friend, Jess (aka: @devilsroost).  I just love how she draws my Kitty Cat… X3

Bendy and the Ink Machine ©theMeatly
Kitty Cat/Artwork © @jordanthecat11

Shipping real people? I don’t know bout that but you do you long as yall ain’t hurting nobody??? Are you hurting somebody????

Like if someone shipping me with some using my Kitty sonas I’d be cool with it

But if peeps used me like the real me

I’d be wondering why you’d like me to be with said peeps y'all shippin me witf but still wouldn’t be bothered really so I guess I’m cool with that too if it happened

(but I fall for 90% of people just cuz they talk to me so I’d get jealous of myself and fight myself)