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mercilessnaturi  asked:

Could you do skelesona on 4D with that meme?

so… I don’t have skelesona, but i tried to start designing her. Glad this expression has face almost fully covered with shadows. Consider it a preview of my skelesona. I’ll make a proper version as I finish her design. x3
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Challenge completed!! Here’s your precious Okami with pajamas and a plushie of a pink bunny @cata-824 

OHHH this took me forever to finish ;v; yeah I hate pink but I actually used a lot for sleeping lmao and yeah that’s my favorite giant plush bunny, Usa-chan *dies* somebody kill me.

Nevertheless, I did it so HAH! >:’333 in your face

Find Your Place: The Breath After

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She would rather go back and bury Elizabet a hundred more times than have to deal with this.

The cheering, the stares, the crowds. It was like the “Anointed One” debacle all over again. Aloy had been an outcast all her life; she didn’t know how to handle the surplus praise, the ardent worship the town lavished upon her the moment she stepped into Meridian. She would prefer to sink into the shadows, be an invisible observer, just check in with Avad and disappear. She wasn’t these peoples’ savior. She wasn’t some god to be revered. She was a person.

The show of it all made her skin crawl.

And so she shoved her way through the sea of people, not caring if she seemed rude for ignoring their words or brusque for not acknowledging their thanks. All she wanted to do was talk to Avad, make sure the rest of her friends were safe, and leave. Go back to the Nora lands. Help her people rebuild.  She did care about the citizens, she wouldn’t have fought for them otherwise, but she was not made to be on a pedestal. She was made to act.

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