sona do you love me again


Finished commission! Telegram Sticker pack for @legendary-dragon! This was a bit of a rough start, but This was a good sona to draw. very cute, i loved the head plates.
(I’m never doing sticker packs again hHHHHHh(unless you can REALLY convince me lmao (good luck)))
ANYWAY im going to redo my price/examples sheet so i can take some comms over the 6 week break!! im so excited! And you should be too!

OK FIRST OFF im so sorry this is so messy im still not at the top of my game health/art wise so. forgive me but i rly wanted to draw something for @kyleehenke since she told everyone in the stream to draw ourselves w our fave and i. cannot pick a fave so i thought this would be cooler.

TODAYS STREAM WAS THE FIRST TIME I EVER POPPED INTO ONE OF HER STREAMS BUT. I’d be kickin myself if I didn’t watch it ok cos I’ll be real, the very first year I was on the net was the year I discovered Kylee’s work I remember being 12 or 13 and making a sheezyart account JUST to watch her art and stuff i literally didn’t use SA for anything else. I was a super huge fankid ok.

And like. I rediscovered Kylee like a year or two ago when Sbarg was a thing cos she liked some of my work and I was so amazed that I’d found her work again that I followed her ever since! And it’s always super lovely to see her on my dash and it inspires me every day w my art, yknow? When I was a kid I was too scared to do the self insert thing but thanks to Kylee I’m starting to own it, esp with my shitty skeleton sona .THIS IS. SO LONG. IM SORRY THIS IS EMBARRASSING. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT HAHA.

sun-baeks  asked:

Do you know any books about interracial couples? :)


Sure, we know some :) Here’s a list of them:

Young Adult

New Adult


* Two interracial couples: book 2 and 4 feature them the most
** First book is a bit more upper YA, the other books borderline Adult and New Adult
*** Can be read as a standalone
**** Yet to be released

We hope this helps and thank you so much for stopping by! Happy reading! *hugs*

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