13x02 The Rising Son - Favourite Scene

Ugh this scene! Despite the clunkiness and the white dude sausage-fest, with a side of the threat of sexual violence, which is the Bucklemming trademark, this scene was a masterpiece of subtext, via the medium of Jensen’s ever-talented micro-expressions. 

Sam: “If you and I are going to do this, keep Jack on the right side of things, then we have to be on the same page…”

Dean: “That’s the problem Sam, because we’re not on the same page, like, at all…”

Sam: “Alright, I know what’s going on here…”

Dean: “Oh, you do, well please, tell me, what’s going on here…”

“You, thinking that Mom has gone, and Cas has gone, and Jack can’t be saved.”

(Dean’s face - yeah I lost my beloved, the dork who made my heart skip a beat, the angel I didn’t get to tell that I loved him back).

Sam: “Dean, after everything we’ve gone through. We just lost people we love. People who’ve been in our lives for a long time, everything’s upside-down, I get it.” 

(Dean’s face - I don’t think you do Sammy. I just lost my demon ex-lover, who I still had a place in my heart for, and the angel LOVE OF MY LIFE).

Sam: “But we’ve been down before, I mean rock bottom…

(Dean’s face - You have no idea do you, Sammy. This is about 60,000 feet below rock bottom. This is, I just want to lay down and die, right here and right now.) 

Sam: “And we find a way, and we fix it, because that’s what we do….”

(Dean’s face - there is no fixing this Sammy. Thanks for our usual pep-talk but right now I am floored by the kind of grief that rips out your entire guts and flings you into a black hole).  

(NB: Of course grief for Mary is in there too). 

This scene was a masterpiece of brotherly miscommunication. Sam being a beautiful soul with the best will in the world, but not getting how much his words are hurting his brother. And Dean, unable to express the crushing weight of grief pressing down on him.


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 “The Imitation of Life: Like Father, Like Son…” or “Castiel’s Arc in Fast Forward”

I had meant to post this gifset sometime after last week’s episode already, but never managed to get around to writing the accompanying meta thoughts to it, but maybe it was meant to be that way since now I have two more scenes to add to it.

I think it’s save to say that Jack, by choosing Castiel as his father, is definitely following in his footsteps as well. You could almost say what we have witnessed so far is Jack living through Castiel’s story in “fast forward”. There are a lot of obvious callbacks aligning Cas and Jack like the gifs show.

From being stabbed and coming out unharmed to the scenes with the water bottle and the vending machine that were clear callbacks to Castiel’s struggle and first complete experience to not just live with, but live as a human himself to Castiel growing fond of televsion (like Jack is too) or just generally trying to blend in and imitating others.

That last bit is exactly what we see Jack do in this week’s episode as well. Studying Dean and copying him (it also reminds me again of how in S11 we had something very similar set up with God and Dean - a direct nod towards Dean’s divinity - see meta and post here). It reminds also of Castiel in S9 when he studied how “humans do it”. Plus, Jack is kind of repeating Castiel’s, his father’s, journey with the Winchesters by learning humanity through them. And in that regard it’s also kind of interesting that Jack picks Dean as his role model here (much to Dean’s dislike).

It also further fits to the narrative of how Castiel mostly found his way to humanity through Dean as a person and learnt from him in first instance and then of course through both brothers later. And of course it sets up and further strengthens the direct connection and alignment of Jack with Cas. It’s of course been hammered down in text text text already but it’s in these smaller gestures and moments that narrative is further emphasized and played upon as well.

So given that Jack picked Dean as a role model and the fact that - as I talked about in relation to last episode here too - Jack and Dean share the same fate of not being allowed to be a kid, maybe the narrative will actually tie in Dean just as much as Sam (who shares the unwanted connection ot Lucifer, etc. with Jack) to the myth arc. Here’s to hoping…

Reasons why I already love Jack Kline:
  • Really awkward
  • Thinks his dad is Cas (awwwww)
  • Likes nougat
  • So cute
  • Has a little smirk
  • Fascinated by tiny things
  • Hair is like #goals
  • Little gap between his front teeth (awwwww)
  • Did I mention how cute he is?
  • So devastated when he found out that Cas was dead
  • Copies Dean’s little mannerisms (awwwww)
  • Sam’s already protecting him like he’s his little brother/son/nephew
  • Seriously, he’s so adorable
  • Only looked mildly put off by a knife in his chest
  • Smol sinnamon roll (get it?)
  • Legit a little Cas
  • Sitting crosslegged is his default position
  • Takes everything so literally
  • Everything he does is adorable
  • Looks so smol compared to Sam and Dean (tho that’s not a surprise)
  • Relate to him on a spiritual level
  • Lot more human than anyone expected
  • So cute when he’s sleeping
  • Likes Scooby-Doo (same)
  • Eager to please
  • ‘You’re hurting my friends!’ YOU’RE DOING AMAZING, HONEY
  • Loyal and protective when it comes to Sam/Dean
  • Doesn’t understand much (same)
  • Adorkable as hell
  • He actually makes me cry (that alleyway scene…)
  • ‘Maybe I’m not worth all this.’ NO, YOU ARE WORTH IT, JACK

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Point is, I love him.


“When I was in the States, rather tan composing, it was my hobby to write songs while playing the piano.

How many songs have you written?

I think they’re about 35, like the first verses.“