Ok so this has been legit bothering me since s2 premiered

Exhibit A: Keith’s Room in Season 1

Exhibit B: Keith’s Room in Season 2

Why…is his bed on the other side of the room? We know there aren’t two beds because he runs right into the other wall.

And in this scene from s2, his room only has one door, which he is facing

So. Did Keith switch rooms at some point???


Here he is in front of Lance’s room. See that doorway behind him, a few scant steps away from Lance’s room? That’s his. Room. THAT HE CLEARLY SWAPPED HIS OLD ROOM FOR 


mama rey loves to bake with her babies! papa kylo….not so much.

this was actually inspired by a comment i got on Bread Flour by Ao3 user Juliakaze. so it’s my twin au…plus my in-verse bakery au. an au within an au. au-ception. shutting up.

sadly, these two babies still don’t have names yet…does anyone have a suggestion? i’m tempted to name the boy oikawa since he looks so much like him (from haikyuu!!) in this.

Mark is Bellamy

OK but actually:

I was legitimately mad at everybody who was mad at Mark, because like…as a parent? If I was stuck somewhere with my gravely wounded kid and someone told me they were going to come save him and then suddenly they couldn’t…and that meant I couldn’t save my kid…who I would die for? I would be so angry?

And that was just for one 45 minute (accounting for commercials) episode. Bellamy’s been struggling with the need to save Octavia for 4 seasons now. He’s been Mark for FOUR Seasons and that doesn’t include the 16 years prior to them arriving on the ground. Bellamy had to listen to a father’s desperate struggle to save his son, and he wasn’t just emotionally affected because he was letting down Mark and Paul. Bellamy was devastated and angry because his inability to save them, means he can’t save Octavia.  

Personally, as a Bellamy fan, I’ve been wishing for the moment when he would finally realize that he has to let Octavia go if she is ever going to be a whole person, independent of him or anyone else. We’ve seen him attempt to do this several times over the Seasons, in 1*13 when he asks Lincoln to take Octavia, in 2*05 when he gives Octavia the backpack with the “You done?”, in 3*04 when he says “You’ll always fit in with me.” But in every single one of these instances, the moment danger presents itself, Bellamy snatches back those words, that small bit of “letting go” he’s trying to reach and tries to shelter Octavia in the only way he knows how, putting her back in, what for Octavia, would certainly be a cage. 

 This episode we are getting what I’ve wanted for so long. Bellamy has finally reached a point where Octavia is lost to him, it’s no longer within his power to save Octavia. To determine whether she lives or dies.  He has no choice but to let her go. But how does he do that? How does he stop protecting his child, because that’s what Octavia is to him, and that’s why Bellamy feels so hopeless to me at the end of the episode.

He’s realized what he needs to do, but he doesn’t know how to do it and it’s killing him inside. Who is he if his not Octavia’s big brother? Who is he if he isn’t living to protect her?

I expect we will get that final release moment in 4*09 (The Big Battle) where Bellamy realizes that Octavia is going to go marching off to fight and he will finally find the strength to let her go without conditions. 

Or at least that’s what I’m hoping for. 

It will open up brand new possibilities for Bellamy and hopefully encourage the start of a new, less dependent Octavia as well.