I blame @y-annah because of the pastel lance and grunge keith thing

I s2g I wanted to do better with this like the colours but none of the edits got saved lmao technology hates me

Anyway I hope it is not rlly shitty bad, digital ain’t my thing, traditional is more like my thing so this was very lazy colouring n stuff but bleh. I still hope you like my attempt of not fucking up Lance :’v

btw the background isn’t mine, I just found it lol


comfort object

Sheriarty is unhealthy, but not abusive is going to be my new screen saver, it’ll be my email signature, it’s going on my wedding invitations, I’ll tell it to my kids for bedtime stories, it’s going to be engraved on my headstone, I’ll come back from the other side to spell it out on ouija boards; SHERIARTY IS UNHEALTHY BUT NOT ABUSIVE

Sam is optimistic.  He’s incredibly energetic.  Smart, in the strangest ways, as well as smart in the regular ways.  Prone to step in it from time to time.  It isn’t that so much as things happen to him…  He’s a fantastic lawyer and a wonderful writer.“
"Sam also has the ability to be the enforcer, which is nice…  I love the juxtaposition of loyalist attack dog with the exuberant puppy.
—  Aaron Sorkin and Rob Lowe, The West Wing Official Companion