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Why do you do imagines that have incest in it? it's really gross, man.

In real life, yes. In FICTION, it’s a very entertaining topic. Have you seen “Crimson Peak” for example? Would anyone dare call Guillermo del Toro “gross” for writing a STORY about incest?

Keep an open mind or the world will eat ya, kid.


  • Steven: This is bullshit!!! Why didn't I learn anything new about myself or my mom!!!
  • Greg: Son... sometimes things just don't have big mysteries behind them. Sometimes things just are the way they are.
  • Steven: .....Yeah. Okay. I guess you're right. :) *star wipe to black*
  • The fandom: This episode was bullshit!!! Why didn't we learn anything new about Steven or Rose!!!!
Gentle Reminder

Maya is Asexual

Athena is a Lesbian

Janey Springs is a Lesbian and is open about her sexuality

Mr Torgue and Axton are Bisexual

Tiny Tina is a supposed Queer Teen (Unconfirmed but mentioned in one of the DLCs)

Gaige, Willheim, Sir Hammerlock and Rhys are Disabled

Tannis has Asperger Syndrome

Please don’t erase these amazing features that these characters have. Borderlands is one of the many games with such a diverse cast. 

ok like right now? Before I go to bed for the night? just want to make a shout out to my boy ritsu kageyama for being an awesome aro ace individual alright night everybody