A little drawing I am working on called “Dust of Daylight” after one of my favorite Son Volt songs.  This is for the Bad Apple monthly drawing contest.  This month’s theme is “Dia de los muertos”.  All the finished works will be posted on the facebook fan page here:  on August 27th. 

Your likes help decide which artist wins and gets to pick the theme for next month.  You can also bid on your favorite works with a low starting bid of only $20.

Tear Stained Eye
  • Tear Stained Eye
  • Son Volt
  • Trace

Seeing traces of the scars that came before 
Hitting the pavement still asking for more 
When the hours don’t move along, 
Worn-out wood and familiar songs 
To hear your voice is not enough 
It’s more than a shame 

Goddamn if this ain’t one of the best songs.

The influential alt-country group Uncle Tupelo spawned Wilco and Son Volt shortly after it broke up in the mid-‘90s. On today’s episode of World Cafe, hear archival performances from all three bands, and assess the state of their genre as it’s continued to develop.

Photo: Uncle Tupelo at the Sapphire Supper Club in Orlando, Fla. Jeff Tweedy (second from left) went on to form Wilco, while Jay Farrar (second from right) created Son Volt. By Jim Leatherman.

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Son Volt - Hearts and Minds

Taken from new album Honky Tonk, download Hearts and Minds Free Here:

Son Volt formed after the breakup of the band Uncle Tupelo, owing to the simmering creative differences between songwriters Jay Farrar and Jeff Tweedy (Wilco).


Son Volt - “True to Life”
Originally appeared on Uncle Tupelo’s album Still Feel Gone


Basically Jay Farrar used his fuck-you-Tweedy feelings to make two of the greatest damn songs ever for the first SV album.

driving the view

poor jack kerouac. how maddening a thing, to document intense feelings of failure and worthlessness so skillfully as to prove your invaluable genius. i read an article the other day about courtney love. she was down (way down) and when a friend offered “you can’t be down, you’re courtney love” as an antidote to her suffering, she said it was courtney love that was getting her down. amen to that. it’s a hard thing to consider yourself a vessel for anything positive when the I you’re working with seems to have an agenda that moves opposite your content. the best you can do is to pursue alignment: body that moves you, mind that negotiates it, and spirit with the vision… all to move beyond limitations and through frustration onto the path up the mountain.

here’s to that, and to a view that gets better toward the summit.

spotify soundtrack: how about driving the view, son volt?