Union Specials @ Son Of A Stag
Going to the dry-cleaners to get your jeans altered is like asking a milkman to herd cows; we’ve all done it however and experienced the varying degrees of disappointment and horror which follows.
Union Special machines have been used for over a hundred years to finish jeans with that unmistakable chain stitch seam.

Now Son Of A Stag - a recent arrival to the Brick Lane area - has three vintage Union Specials on its premises.
For denim lovers in the US and Japan these industry standard machines are relatively commonplace.
In the UK they’re almost unheard of…

…Until now finding a good denim alterer in London has been a Maltese Falcon-esque pursuit; constantly asking around and looking for something everyone kind of suspected didn’t really exist.

Now the hunt is over; Son Of A Stag have come to our rescue.
We’ve finally sorted out the supply of thread we needed from the denim manufactures, explains Rudy, the owner, and we’ve got all three machines working too. But they’re very temperamental things, which is why it makes sense to have three - if one breaks we don’t have to stop fixing jeans while it’s being repaired.

At Son Of A Stag you wont find any chino’s, corduroys, flannel or flimflam just denim - and lots of it; wall to wall, floor to ceiling premium denim -

…Lee Vintage, Levi’s, Studio D'Artisan, Denham, Edwin, Bluebell and Carhatt to name a few.

And sat in amongst it all is the answer to every denim obsessives wish - three of them in fact.

Son Of A Stag91 Brick LaneThe Old Truman Brewery
London E1