Deer Granger

When James first met his son’s best friend, she had a stag and a doe on her jumper and he sent a wink at his lovely wife, who merely rolled her eyes.

Potters have a thing, after all for bushy haired smart girls and he was sure Harry was going to end up having a thing for the little chatty girl, who was ogling at everything in their house.

Arthur’s boy, Ron, who became Harry’s best friend this year as well, could not make it due to a camping trip in Romania with the entire family, so all they had was Hermione, who was staring wide eyed at Lily’s bubbling cauldrons.

“Holy Cricket! That’s Amortentia! It’s supposed to smell like the things you love. I smell old books, freshly mowed grass and… OH TREACLE!”

The little girl flushed and James suppressed a snicker. He was certain his son smelled like Treacle after slobbering on the stuff at dinner. Lily fell in love Hermione right there and then. She was too cute for her own good.

James didn’t have the time to say I told you so. He was too busy planning a deer themed wedding because it seemed that a new stag and doe was coming around.

Hermione became the daughter they never had (though the three daughters they do have already adore Hermione as much as the three boys they also had, and James was pretty sure the seventh Potter child will love her just as much)

She would floo them more than Harry would and writes constant correspondence letters with Lily about potions and how she met the Borage guy and James would always send her treacle tart, because he says the Potter manor’s house elves make the best (and they do).

She would stay with Lily at the manor when all the seven Potter children (eight including James, her eldest child) traipse off the house to watch Quidditch. Every single one of them played (even the three year old Charlie) and every single one of them is good.

Lily adored Quidditch, but not enough to exchange a rarely quiet house, a cup of tea by the fire and a long girly talk with her daughter from another womb. She saw so much of herself in Hermione, the same dreams, the same need to prove herself, and unfortunately, the same obsession for a certain messy haired, bespectacled Potter boy.

Harry was her best friend, and Harry wasn’t thinking of girls that way just yet. He was still all sports, all school, all I want to be just like my mum who is the head of the Auror Office and my dad, Auror and part-time coach of the Wimbourne Wasps. 

Until Cho Chang of course.

That was when Hermione’s affections veered a bit, to Ron Weasley, the most loyal boy Lily has ever met, who reminds him a lot of Sirius, to be honest. Loyal to a fault and very self deprecating.

And when James and Lily stood in Hermione and Ron’s wedding, James took Lily’s hand and watched their daughter marry the man she loved. 

“Would have been nice if it were Harry, right Lil?”

“Shush, Potter, the children will stone you.”

James laughed and pressed a heated kiss to Lily’s neck. “Just saying, amazing Potter grandbabies Lily, if it were from that girl.”

“Well we would still have amazing grandbabies from that girl.”

James looked over to Hermione as she waved at him and beckoned him to dance with her.

“I think we will.”