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i only did one of pidge cause im not quite sure how to edit her as a boy? i mean, shes already done that herself so i was kinda thinking if she was a boy who had to disguise himself as a girl maybe??idk 


best surprise ever: a happy Mark popping on the screen throwing confetti 🎉🎁

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Lance flirts around a lot but won't actually date anyone because he refuses to subject anyone to his... self. His whole self. (Meanwhile the others assume he can't get anyone to date him and Keith breathes a silent sigh of relief every time Lance returns to the ship dateless.)

Lance just kinda already have accepted that nobody will actually want to date him, why would anyone wanna date him anyways? he’s a joke, he’s pathetic, he’s annoying and unimpressive and nobody takes him seriously anyways so what’s the point of actually allowing himself into a relationship when he knows that nobody actually wants him for who he is……besides, it’s not like he really has the time to settle down with anyone when he’s in the middle of an intergalactic war. 

at least he can bounce from person to person and flirt and have fun with it…


every westallen scene ever (122/?)

So I know that “Sportacus” seems to be more of a title than a real name BUT just take a moment to imagine papa elf Íþró, master of terrible puns, holding up his newborn baby and going “His name is Sportacus!!! :-}D” and the rest of the elf village is just like “are you fucking kidding me dude”

GOCHI WEEK 2017 – March 12-18

In light of recent discussion, some of the fans of the GoChi pairing have gathered together to hold a special week event celebrating Goku and Chi-Chi as a couple. We’ve noticed other pairings will have their own special weeks of celebration and positivity for their favorite couple, so we decided why not emulate the idea ourselves? Yes, we already have a Son Family week (encompassing GoChi Day 5/7 through 5/10) but this one time we want to do something to focus on the GoChi couple alone.

Please feel free to participate any day you can with whatever art form you can offer. Fanfiction, art, graphics, videos, etc ~ All of the prompts are up for interpretation so go ahead and create whatever you think suits the theme. I’ve included two options for each day. You can go with the first, or the second, or use both. Whatever you feel best doing. They’re pretty general so have fun with it!


1. Fairytales / Triumph

2. Secrets / Longing

3. Butterflies / Anticipation

4. Art / Inspiration

5. Game / Energetic

6. Patience / Stress

7. Future / Satisfied


1 - Pairing must be Goku/Chi-Chi and preferably new work

2 - Not opposed to NSFW content, just make sure it is tagged or placed under a read more

3 - You can interpret the prompt in any way you want

4 - Please no ship hate on any ship

5 - Please tag your additions #gochiweek or submit to @kairi-yajuu (you can also make a post linking to something off tumblr and still tag it)

6 - Try to have your addition posted the day of the specific prompt; it’s okay to be a day late because of life obligations but do make an effort is all I ask :)

7 - Be positive and have fun! ;)

You can flood the #gochi tag and/or use #gochiweek to tag your work so that they show up. I will be tracking the #gochiweek tag and reblogging what I find. (Remember – make sure the tag is one of the first five of your tags, else it may not show up)

Spread this around to gather more people that may be interested. And above all – stay positive and have fun!

-Thanks to @cozymochi and @blauvixen for the collab on the banner - you guys rock!-

Shepard Headcanon incoming

Shepard gets a lot of shit in ME1 for her alien squadmates. I can see her walking up to Garrus before her Spectre induction and just telling him “I may do something stupid, just follow my lead.” and that’s it. And he stares at her blankly and inevitably gives in once she flashes an evil grin because he knows it’s going to be a total clusterfuck of chaos and entertainment and he’s down to stir the pot.

Shepard gets sworn in and steps out into the Presidium, greeted with swarms of cameras and obnoxious reporters. Kaidan is fending off waves of them like husks as Garrus does the same on the opposite side. They are halfway down the steps, headed towards the skycar when she’s bombarded with questions about her crew of misfits. “How does it feel to be forced to work with so many aliens?” one calls out above the rest, making Shepards neck flash hot with anger.“Forced?” she says cooly, mustering all her media etiquette into one word as she grabs her Turian squadmate by the cowl and drags him in for a long, languid kiss. The crowd gasps, a wave of silence as Shepard can barely keep herself from smiling through it.

“I would never say forced.”