son of wands

A check-in with my cards after a long absence. 


Wow, so it has been a while. As always, excuses, excuses, school, school, conferences, new job, school, seminar papers, thesis proposals, conference papers, finals, the usual. Anyway, it is summer now. Which means little considering now all I have to do now is more conference papers, thesis research, narrow down a list of PhD programs, study for and retake the GRE, take more shifts at work and begin consolidating materials for applications. Sigh. Anyway, a little more unscheduled time never hurt anyone. Back together with my cards. Today I pulled three just to check in with them.

The Nine of Swords (Inverted)

The Nine of Swords inverted is my past. Anxiety, over-worry and stress that is at the most unproductive of levels. That is certainly true of most finals periods. I worry myself into a fever and then make myself almost paralyzed with my own fears. As I told a friend recently (and perhaps I should take my own advice) there is a certain level of fear that is a challenge, a mountain to overcome and exciting in the fact that it presents itself as a surmountable test to our own power. That is what we should always look for, not for things we cannot fix, or problems we cannot solve. Little steps take us over the mountain. The Nine of Swords Inverted reminds us that sometimes our biggest producer of stress and worry is ourselves. Keep sight of what is causing worry, and try not to let it control you. Sometimes the smallest of cares can get out of hand if we allow them.

Son of Wands 

The energy and fierce fire of the Son of Wands is my present. I am on the path to something that will make me happy, and need all the excitement and foolhardiness of the Son of Wands to engage me in the completion of the tasks ahead. I am gaining back my confidence after the self-doubt of finals. The Son of Wands may not be a planner, but that can be good advice for me. So often I get mired down in the making of elaborate plans that I forget (or decide not) to get started and moving. Now isn’t the moment for hesitation, but for action. Rely on the confidence of good (well, at least not bad) grades and feedback and ride that wave of vigorous positivity as long as possible. Things are changing for the better, time to take advantage of the moment and strike hard.

The World (Inverted)

The World Inverted in the future position doesn’t mean that goals cannot be completed. Instead it reminds us that the quickest way to success is often not the sustainable one. Sometimes slow and steady really does win the race. We must keep in mind that achievements don’t come easy, and that we must use all our powers, our energy and meticulousness to make sure that the proper threads are tied up. Patience, perseverance and struggle are necessary to finding your goals met and shouldn’t be shied away from. Each moment is an opportunity to do something better, to do what needs to be done the right way rather than the easy way. This is the path to growth and fulfillment. And it happens one moment of focus at a time.

Sunday, September 1rst, 2013

 Son of Wands, from the Wild Unknown Tarot

I am actually very surprised by all the Wands court cards I have been getting. I don’t know if I should interpret them as facets of my own personality or as other people, but I seems like there are some bold energies around me. Am I starting to get my boldness back that has been missing for so many months? I used to be more sure of myself and maybe my self confidence is coming back. I need to remind myself it is okay to be a little fiery, and I shouldn’t worry too much what others think of me.