son of the white wolf

The two Kings in the North 🌹


blah blah blah. dash is dead, unfollowed a lot of unactive accounts. bored out of my mind so looking to find some new cool blogs and friendssss

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My points of interest:

The 1975********
Bad Suns
The Neigbourhood
Wolf Alice
Swim Deep
The Japanese House
Panic at the Disco
Twenty One Pilots
Catfish and the Bottlemen
Young Rising Sons
Black and white
Dark scenery
clouds/nature photography
band blogs
anything really i don’t have a set theme!!

can’t wait to check out everyones blogs and follow some new people!!

“ Roose Bolton has Lord Eddard’s daughter. To thwart him White Harbor must have Ned’s son … and the direwolf. The wolf will prove the boy is who we say he is, should the Dreadfort attempt to deny him. That is my price, Lord Davos. Smuggle me back my liege lord, and I will take Stannis Baratheon as my king. “ – A Dance with Dragons

Reminder that Rickon and Shaggy are in Skagos and that D and D can kiss my entire ass