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Screwball Ninja’s Mini-Review: 6x16 Mother’s Little Helper

Oh, what a tangled web we weave/ When characterization takes its leave. Let’s dig in!

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You can tell she’s evil because she farts glitter– that stuff gets everywhere!

  1. Things That Had More Screentime Than Belle This Episode: Blackbeard’s wig. Her Handsome Hero. Rumple’s dagger. Jaime Murray’s cleavage. CGI spider butt. Perhaps we could scare up some more scenes for Belle in an episode about her son where the theme is MOTHERHOOD? Look, she’s already wearing pants in a plea for attention– somebody give her a scene with Gideon before she’s parading around in leggings and a ‘Welcome to Storybrooke’ sweatshirt.
  2. I’m here for Small Business Owner S&M Jaime Murray in a sparkly black tutu. What is this show? And it’s interesting that fairy dust can be used for evil (e.g., creating the Dark Curse) and needs to be a Category 1 Controlled Substance. No wonder the Blue Fairy smacked down Nova for loaning it willy-nilly in S1. I guess the price for fairy dust is slave labor (children, dwarves)? That’s dark, show. “Excuse me, Mr. Gold? Is this fairy dust conflict-free? Because I only use– *is snailed*
  3. Dark Swan is back, folks. Emma force-choked and beat an unarmed, unresisting man who was talking to her about his history of abuse because she was angry about losing her boyfriend for a day. “YOU TOOK HOOK FROM ME,” says Emma in her exact Dark Swan throaty tone. Force-choking is *never* shown as something good or justifiable– and it’s always shown as the sole provenance of villains. (They call it ‘Vader-ing’ in the script.) She’s law enforcement– you can’t beat up suspects because you’re upset! You can’t threaten to “force” people to do things! S1!Emma would have asked Gideon WHY he wanted to kill her before any fisticuffs, and she certainly wouldn’t have made him bleed while he was talking to her. This scene also makes it sound like Emma is more pissed off that Gideon cockblocked her than about his murder attempt. Priorities, woman! (Note: This was done on purpose to put our sympathies with Gideon– hence his line that Emma was “so far wrong” and that he wasn’t “the bad guy.” Gideon’s not all bad, Emma’s not all good: message received. But it’s fascinating to see Dark Swan pop up again without the excuse of The Darkness ™ .)
  4. Gideon says that the Black Fairy tortured him and he’s trying to protect “hundreds” of abused children in another realm. Emma’s response? Going to Rumple and … threatening to kill Gideon. “Your son has a death wish, one that I’m happy to provide.” What the everliving fuck? Rumple has to spell out that the Black Fairy is Bad News and may be a direct threat to Emma before she thinks to help Gideon. “Not my family? Not my problem!” is a legitimate philosophy … but not if you’re The Savior, and not if you’re the Sheriff. Emma even makes a deal (more Dark Swan-age) with Gideon to get Hook back BEFORE she helps with the Black Fairy business. I realize it makes sense to lift any magical barriers before embarking on a dangerous enterprise but it makes it look like she cares more about Hook than an entire realm full of abused kids. If this is “walls down” Emma someone *poof* her some bricks, mortar, and an enchanted trowel because I’m not here for this.
  5. Speaking of Hook, does OUAT have a writers room? You know, a room for the writers to talk to one another about what’s happening from episode to episode? Because this episode takes place one minute after last week’s episode, where Emma shed two tiny tears because that’s what she “needed to move on.” And now she’s beating up a child she helped deliver a week ago because she can’t be without Hook for literally a day? Which is it, show? 
  6. Hook is an adult who’s survived for hundreds of years and is in a realm he used to call home. He’s not hurt, he’s not cursed, he’s not threatened– he’s just on a bit of a vacation. You know, a break– what Emma wanted him to have until he got his head right about the whole lying business. So where’s the fire? Also, Blackbeard assumed Hook stole the jewels from a “wench”– is this something Hook did before? (Have fun with the inevitable JewelThief!Hook and FBI!Emma fic, CS fans!) P.S. BLACKBEARD SHOUTS TOO. MAYBE IT’S JUST A PIRATE THING? I AM HERE FOR THEIR HARD OF HEARING FRIENDSHIP!
  7. And normal Emma returns when the giant spider shows up! Yay! (Any scene that has Emma quipping about Charlotte’s Web while pretending to be in a life-and-death struggle with dollar store Haunted House webbing is a good one in my book.) Gideon apologizes for screwing with her instead of just asking for help. Yay! And then he double-crosses her because he thinks the ends justifies the means. Boo! But he’s heart-controlled! Gasp! Note that Gideon’s contractually obligated to do his premature gloating away from the scene of the crime, giving Emma time to escape with Rumple’s help. Villain rules, folks– if you disobey they take away your black cloak and make you wear pastels for a week. Also, props to the Black Fairy for not spilling her Secret Evil Plan to anyone yet. Next-level evil, for sure.
  8. “I’m sorry, but your son cannot be saved. He’s evil,” says Emma. Excuse me? One fairy coma, giant spider, and piratical banishment and he’s irredeemable? This is a show where mass-murderer and child abuser Cora went to heaven after telling her daughters to play nicely for five minutes after she was DEAD. Split!EQ killed three peasants, cursed Snowing, threatened to poison the town’s water supply, and sped up Belle’s pregnancy leading to Belle’s son being kidnapped– and got a “fresh start” in another realm. Hook killed Merlin and tried to kill Emma’s whole family last month but that’s “in the past.” But Gideon tries to kill one person to save hundreds of abused children and he’s beyond the pale? Ahahaha, no. Also, he’s *spoiler alert* heart-controlled. Boy, won’t Emma feel silly when she learns that. "He needs help!” says Rumple. “LOL nope,” says Emma. And then Rumbelle gave them epic side-eye and held hands (and gave the fandom heart attacks; it’s been a rough year).
  9. Neverland “must have transformed when Pan left!” To … Vancouver. Truly, Dark Magic. In S3 it sounded like without magic the entire realm was going to literally explode but you know what? Gangly teens carrying torches running around Neverland-cum-Vancouver beaches are not the most ridiculous thing in this episode, never mind the show. Carry on, fellas. 
  10. I’m oddly with Isaac the Author when he complained about his imprisonment. He created the AU but he didn’t actually kill anyone– and considering Regina, Snowing, Zelena, Hook, and Emma have cast Dark Curses and are running around free he’s right that being terminally annoying isn’t really grounds for perpetual incarceration. He should join King George and Sidney in their class action lawsuit against the Storybrooke Police. Calling it now: S7 is Law and Order: Storybrooke.
  11. Being The Author causes you to write gibberish and it gets worse the longer it goes on? That explains the show! “What happens at the end of the book?” asks Henry. The Author replies: “The Savior fights the Final Battle– and trust me, no-one wants to be around to see that!” Well, with these ratings no-one will be. #BaDumChh

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(Please forgive, this is too long to fit in one ask ahaha)I love your short thing about Hux being angsty that his dog tags are gone and the double meaning thing and I came up, with this,,,monstrosity,,Au where Kylo goes with Han and returns to the light side. Disappointed, heartbroken, almost angry, Hux throws himself into his work. He tries to ignore thoughts of Ben and those lost dogtags. One day, in a simple update meeting with Snoke, the supreme leader senses it.

(cont.) One day, in a simple update meeting with Snoke, the supreme leader senses it. Perhaps it was masked by Ren’s strong force presence when he was in the chamber alongside the general, or an effect of their bonding, like he summoned it into Armitage through their close proximity—but now…It’s a spark. A spark to ignite, to be his new apprentice, to fight Ben Solo and the resistance. Doesn’t hux want revenge? He’s not quite sure, but eventually, he realizes it will give him a chance to meet kylo on the battlefield, not exactly to fight him, but to ask him why. Ben looks heartbroken watching hux deftly destroy parts of the resistance, calculated, calm, genius as ever. They come to odds one day, finally, months, possibly a year or two after being apart. Can end in angst or kissing or whatever comes to mind. I just want surprise-I-have-the-force!hux and what-do-I-do-now Kylo

 Hux has felt differently ever since Kylo left.

There’s an almost constant tightness in his chest, like an anticipation of something else that’s waiting to attack him whilst he’s vulnerable, biding its time until it devours him.

He’s aware of how Kylo had betrayed him; he’s heard the stormtrooper’s reports, he’s watched the grainy, recorded footage that the officers on the Finalizer had managed to recover after Starkiller’s destruction. Hux bites his lips, recalling the images of Kylo standing on the bridge in the oscillator chamber, dropping his helmet to the floor and handing his lightsaber over to a scruffy-looking man with a Wookie watching their every move.

Han Solo, obviously. Come to rescue his only son from the evil clutches of the First Order, the ones who have kept precious Ben prisoner all these years.

Clearly, Hux thinks sarcastically. The infamous Jedi Killer, the Master of the Knights of Ren, the grandson of Darth Vader himself, lost to the light.

Hux slams his fists against the desk and groans in frustration. The dim lamp on his desk flickers and the stylus of his datapad vibrates, but Hux doesn’t notice, his head hanging between his shoulders as he tries to suppress his sobs.

Kylo Ren is the only being in the entirity of the galaxy who’s ever known and loved Armitage Hux, told him he’s beautiful, promised him eternal love and protection.

“Liar,” Hux whispers aloud, hoping that somehow, Kylo—Ben—hears him. And he hopes it hurts him.

“General Hux, you are late.”

The Supreme Leader’s leering hologram stares disapprovingly at Hux, his gaze following the General’s steps along the walkway to the raised platform at the end.

Hux gives a slight bow.

“My apologies, Supreme Leader. I was indisposed with—er—well, for lack of a better word, panic.”

Snoke frowns. “Panic? Elaborate.”

“The truth about what has come of Kylo Ren has somehow circulated amongst the First Order, and many are believing that, with no Force-sensitive in our allegiance, our cause is already lost,” Hux explains, maintaining eye-contact with Snoke, but can’t help but be alarmed at the creature’s change in expression. “Most officers, of course, remember a time where Vader and the Emperor spread fear across the galaxy in their mighty duo, master and apprentice, one to rule and one to enforce. Many…seem to think that the same hierarchy should be the new leadership of the First Order. Sir.”

Snoke sits back as though processing Hux’s words, one of his bony fingers tracing the shape of his own bottom lip as he thinks. Hux swallows, still feeling vulnerable facing the Supreme Leader without Kylo by his side.

“Tell me, General. How do you feel?”

Hux frowns. “Feel, sir? I’m afraid I don’t follow—”

“You had quite a deep connection with young Kylo, did you not? Not only were you the most intimate of lovers, but you trusted him, didn’t you? Loved him?”

Hux feels the pain in his chest worsen.

“Yes,” he answers with a slightly hesitant tone. “I did. With everything I had. And he ripped it away from me.”

Snoke nods, hums. “Go on.”

Hux suddenly can’t help himself; the tears on his cheeks are burning, falling with such emotion that Hux can almost feel the strength of each individual one.

“I thought I meant something to him,” Hux says, focussing at a spot on the floor, teeth gritted. “He was a mess when he came aboard this ship, a broken boy with a wrecked heart that needed someone to just hold him and tell him that he’s good enough. And I jumped, I drowned for him, gave him everything he needed from me and he took it but he was happy. Stars, I made him happy—but, no, no, no—he’s taken everything away from me, left me behind to rot whilst he pretends to be something he hates. Some false hero with a tainted name, blood on his hands that won’t be cleaned no matter how hard his mother tries. He—

Suddenly being too weak to stand, Hux falls to his knees, catching himself on his hands, shoulders trembling. His tears drop onto the stone floor below him, and Hux feels like he’s the only person left in the galaxy. Just him, and his aching soul.

“I loved him. I loved him. I love him.”

Only when Hux’s ears stop ringing for a moment does he hear Snoke’s voice.

“Congratulations, General,” he says, and Hux looks up, puzzled. “I believe you have just made an excellent case for my next apprentice.”


“Get up, my boy,” Snoke says, curling his fingers inwards to his palm slowly. “Do not allow a weakling like Ben Solo to keep you on your knees for a second longer. He is unworthy of your newfound power.”

Hux stands up slowly, knees trembling, baffled by Snoke’s words and finds himself wondering whether he’s dreaming, but the pain in his chest confirms that he’s still in his miserable reality.

“Can you not feel it, Armitage?” Snoke breathes, and Hux shivers at the sound of his name. “The Force. The Dark Side. It’s calling to you, manifesting around you. Let it consume you. Let it fuel your hatred for the man who stole your lover away from you. ”

Hux lifts his hands up, palms open, suddenly feeling as though there’s electricity at his fingertips, pooling in his palms and spreading through his veins, making his heart beat faster and his mind think quicker.

“This can’t be possible,” Hux mutters. “I’m not—”

“Oh, but you are, Armitage,” Snoke says, eyeing Hux carefully. “Or, should I say, apprentice.

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  • me: so im a hufflepuff i guess
  • newt scamander: [is a hufflepuff]

          T   W   O        G   U   R   E   N   S

“Don’t wake up, not right now, Guren… you will be hurt”


Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam, Cas

Word Count: 1737

Summary: You are in the midst of a battle with some demon and you have to make a dangerous choice, you figure Dean might get pissed but you would rather have him mad than dead. 

Warnings: canon typical violence, naughty language, kissing, PDA, none really just fighting some demons and some cute Dean x reader fluff 

A/N: This is for anon who requested, As for a request can you do one with Dean x reader where the reader almost dies doing something like jumping in front of Dean to save him and she expects him to be mad but he just hugs her or something fluffy like that?

Glancing back over your shoulder you tried to make a mental note of where the rest of team free will was stationed. You knew that Cas was crouched down low next to the back wheel of the run down Ford pickup about 100 yards to your left, Sam was waiting somewhere inside of the semi-collapsed barn structure behind you, and Dean, well you knew where he was. Inside hopefully with the head demon lured into the pre-drawn devil’s trap.  

You lifted your foot slowly, carefully making sure that when you put it back on the ground you limited the pressure underneath it, doing your absolute best to not make any excess noise as you made your way up the half rotted stairs. You strained to pick up on the sound of a demon shrieking behind the door of one of the rooms upstairs but it was deadly silent which was ominous, most of the time demon’s had a lot to complain about once they were trapped. 

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Thoughts on RvB15 Episode: Battlescars

– I don’t who this Illinois is but I love him.
– The Yorklina feels though.
– They’re holding hands I’m gonna cry.
– Goddammit Wash you ruined the moment.
– So I don’t know what Temple did that makes him evil.
– But if he IS evil, can I ship him with Felix?
– Just think: 2 sadistic bois, both evil, and total trash that we still love? (At least I still do)
– If they were to somehow meet, everyone dies. My favorite kind of duo.
– I’m gonna call it “Templix.”
– “And I aim to chop it the fuck off.” “YEAH BOI.” I still ship them.
– I’m sorry Temple is just adorable.
– “I don’t think these are just suits of armor.” Wait…
– You wouldn’t-
– “Guilty~” You son of a-
– It’s always the evil ones I love.

– So…is it safe for me to ship Temple and Felix now?

Skinny Love

Summary: Two unlikely heartbroken members of the La Huerta group end up finding solace in alcohol and each other… Sort of. It’s mostly the alcohol.

Characters/Pairings: Craig/Grace, Zahra, Aleister, Raj

Rating: T for swearing, drinking

Word Count: 1375

Book: Endless Summer

Author’s Note: Woohoo, my first fanfic entry for #ChoicesCreates in a month! It’s been so difficult finding the time to write, but I’m glad I was able to for this one. Inspired by Round 13′s prompt, Betrayal, and also a bit by Bon Iver’s Skinny Love, I’m pretty excited because I love angst, and I love unlikely friendships/interactions. Thanks always to this week’s hosts, @hollyashton and @firefly-hwufanficwriter. Let me know what you guys think ^.^

Skinny Love

“So Craig, you said you had a Charger?”

“Yeah! When we get home I’ll have to take you for a ride. She’s got 700 horsepower, all leather interior…”

He was flirting with her. The nerdette. Zahra couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Grace and Craig were sitting at a table, drinks in hand and deep in conversation about the jock’s muscle car. To anyone else, it sounded like a perfectly platonic conversation. But Zahra knew Craig. He didn’t offer a girl a ride in his precious car unless he was flirting with them.

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witch’s son/lumberjack au

I’m probably gonna end up writing a fic. But for now, here was what I wrote on my twitter

Keith is the witch’s son, hiding away deep in the dark woods practicing magic and hexes

One day he notices a disturbance in the woods and is like “what the hell who is messin’ up my shit?”

So then he goes out into the woods and sees that his sachets and things have been tampered with and the spooky tree spirits tell him someone is in the woods that is causing a mess. Keith searches and he sees beyond some brush a large lumberjack (Hunk) cuttin’ down trees n stuff.

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Đó là trận chiến khốc liệt giữa hai con sói.

Một con là kẻ ác. 

  • Bên trong nó là sự giận giữ, tính đố kỵ, nỗi buồn rầu, tiếc nuối, sự tham lam, vô tâm, kiêu ngạo, tự ca thán, mặc cảm tội lỗi, sự phẫn uất, sự thấp kém, sự dối trá, tính hư danh, sự kiêu kỳ
  • … và cái tôi.

Một con sói tượng trưng cho tính thiện.

  • Bên trong nó là niềm vui, sự bình yên, tình yêu, hy vọng, thanh thản, sự khiêm tốn, lòng tốt, lòng nhân từ, sự thông cảm, tính rộng rãi, niềm tin, lòng trắc ẩn
  • … và niềm tin.

Một cuộc chiến tương tự đang diễn ra bên trong con người con.

Và trong mỗi tất cả chúng ta.

Vậy con sói nào sẽ chiến thắng?

Đó là con sói mà con nuôi dưỡng.


“A fight is going on inside me,“ said an old man to his son. "It is a terrible fight between two wolves. One wolf is evil. He is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. The other wolf is good. he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you.”

The son thought about it for a minute and then asked, “Which wolf will win?”

The old man replied simply, “The one you feed.”
― Wendy Mass, Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life

anonymous asked:

Yeah even if he stops it won't erase what he has done. Some people seem to think that at the end of the trilogy Leia will be happily reunited with her brother and son but come on. If you think there is a happy ending for Leia being winning again, you're a fool. Whatever happens she lost the love of her life, at the hands of their son, and said son has destroyed many more lives. This is maybe why I want Rey to be Leia and Han's because that would be a "light" in the midst of all this darkness.

That’s why I’d like Rey to be a Solo too. So that Leia would have at least a part of Han with her, fighting for what’s right. So that Leia and Han won’t be tarnished as parents because their one son turned evil.