son of sam video

Considering that my life has been taken over by this stupid game, it was inevitable that I would draw something for it.

So, I married Sam in the game and there’s some dialogue that happens with his family, which would be normal if I wasn’t married to him, that just makes me either giggle or face-palm. This particular one just wouldn’t leave me alone until I drew it. There’s a couple more that I could do, but we’ll see if I get around to sketching them out or not. I also have another piece that I really need to finish….

Sorry the file is so small. I didn’t realize that it may be hard to read until I was basically finished….I’ll try to make the file bigger next time if I do something like this again.


Hi, y’all! 

Happy 500! Thank you so much for every like, reblog, follow, and message that I have gotten since January. You are absolutely wonderful people, and I wanted to do something special for this landmark of ours. 

Now, film director I am not, but I really like how this one came out. Let me know. 

I love y’all much & always.