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Darth Revan and Darth Bane speak with The Son of Mortis - Deleted scene from Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 3 Episode 17 Ghosts of Mortis 

¿Se han dado cuenta de que Sam ya no puede (ni quiere) hacer nada sin Willy?
Es decir, hace mucho tiempo que es asi pero últimamente todos los videos de Sam son con Willy y si Willy no sale siempre dice o hace algo que a mi en lo personal me recuerda a Willy lo cual me hace creer que Sam quiere mas a Willy de lo que Willy quiere a Sam y NO estoy diciendo que Willy no quiera a Sam, solo que Sam esta un poco más enamorado. No sé ¿Estan de acuerdo conmigo o estoy loca?
¿Estoy bien o me cayo?

Considering that my life has been taken over by this stupid game, it was inevitable that I would draw something for it.

So, I married Sam in the game and there’s some dialogue that happens with his family, which would be normal if I wasn’t married to him, that just makes me either giggle or face-palm. This particular one just wouldn’t leave me alone until I drew it. There’s a couple more that I could do, but we’ll see if I get around to sketching them out or not. I also have another piece that I really need to finish….

Sorry the file is so small. I didn’t realize that it may be hard to read until I was basically finished….I’ll try to make the file bigger next time if I do something like this again.

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How would Danny and Sam look like when they around their 40's.

I didn’t want to copy off of Dan for Danny’s older design, and I thought keeping in his signature 14 year old hair would be kinda boring & lame… sooo I thought it’d be more fun to base him more off of his dad Jack with the half-grayed hair and beard (from BH’s future design video). Like father like son, amiright? :P 

As for Sam, I based her look a bit more from her VA, Grey Griffin, with the long straight hair and slightly longer facial features. She’d be more in touch with her feminine side at this point in time, wearing more pronounced dark makeup and fancy jewelry. Oh, and she’d also be sporting some eyeglasses now, due to her side-career as an author making her stay up long nights typing and/or reading on her computer while the rest of her family’s asleep. 

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Headcanons of Bucky and Sam's blossoming friendship and mutual confusion over Ant Man and Spider Man!!!


  • “Can you move your seat up?”
  • “No”
  • At first, Bucky and Sam will glare at each other occasionally behind Steve’s back, but after a while, it ends up being an inside joke
  • Mutual confusion when it comes to the Bug Besties (A.K.A. Scott and Peter)
  • “What the hell is that?”
  • “Everyone has a gimmick these days”
  • Peter being a little shit and discussing the mechanisms used to properly animate Bucky’s metal arm (”Like, the rotating cuff is up here, and obviously this has been connected to your nerves, which allow for the nervous system to send the signals and-”)
  • Watching Peter gush over Captain America during dinner and Bucky is all “I know, right? Like, this one time-”
  • Sam helping Peter with his heightened senses because his Spidey-Sense is still uncontrollable and Sam has a license in therapy
  • Scott being able to shrink to catch a ride on Sam’s wing-pack when they’re out on missions (sometimes he’ll chill inside Bucky’s arm, fix any wires that are out of place)
  • “You couldn’t have done that earlier?”
  • “I hate you”
  • Bucky and Sam slowly coming to respect one another as Steve’s friends
  • Bucky shielding Sam with his metal arm when his wing-pack gets destroyed in battle
  • Sam making sure Bucky gets enough sleep (nightmares for war veterans are no laughing matter)
  • Sam and Bucky watching as Steve gets cornered by Peter and Scot with a boat-load of questions, like seriously, they’re worse than Coulson and Peter is just a kid, so that’s expected, but Scott? Come on, man!
  • Asking “Who are you again?” every time they see Scott just to annoy him
  • Bucky sitting up and watching Star Wars with Peter because ever since he mentioned it during the battle at the airport, he’s been curious as to what exactly Star Wars is (being an assassin in cryo doesn’t give you much time for movies)
  • Sam painting a little bird over the red star on Bucky’s arm while he’s asleep
  • Bucky retaliating by replacing all of Sam’s cereal with birdseed
  • Bucky recognizing when Peter is having problems due to his powers and the sensory overload it provides and singing lullabies in Russian to calm him down
  • “What’s up Tic-Tac?”
  • Bucky helping Peter with his history papers because “You’re writing a paper about World War Two? Let me just say that Hitler was an ass. And I kicked his.”
  • Bucky and Sam showing up at Peter’s school because he came to Avengers Tower with bruises from being shoved into lockers and let me just say people never looked at Peter the same way again when they found out he’s friends with the fucking Winter Soldier and The Falcon like holy shit
  • Sam showing up at Scott’s house to help celebrate Cassie’s birthday and give her rides with his wing-pack because Cassie is adorable and she loves birds
  • Bucky and Sam watching as Scott demonstrates his suits powers during a fight and Scott’s like “If I tear myself in half, don’t come back for me” to which Bucky deadpans, “We weren’t planning on it.” and Sam just cracks up and almost hist a building because it’s so funny he doesn’t pay attention to where he’s flying
  • Bucky and Sam still not really understanding why Scott is even here but it’s funny to watch Steve get nervous around such a big fan so they keep him around. That and his daughter is absolutely adorable
  • “NO”
  • Trying to figure out how exactly the webbing Peter uses works because Sam finds out that yes, that stuff does come out of him when there’s an unfortunate incident involving Bucky, a car, and we’ll leave it at that
  • Both men wondering how a seventeen year old brat could even lift a car that big and throw it at them
  • “I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a fight, kid, but there’s usually not this much talking involved.”
  • Sam and Bucky making bug jokes around Peter and Scott
  • Sam helping Peter train for the mile run in gym class because we all know how much it sucks and Peter isn’t exactly the strongest-looking kid on the planet
  • Bucky and Sam making faces behind Steve’s back whenever he kisses Sharon, only to fake innocence when he turns around and trying not to laugh
  • Sam and Bucky wondering where Tony even found out about Peter, making fun of his homemade costume when they see the videos of him on YouTube
  • Sam and Bucky getting overprotective of their Spidey-Son when they see the videos of him getting bullied on YouTube (”Sam, what’s a swirly?” *watches video of Peter getting his head shoved into the toilet by a kid obviously bigger than him* “That is a swirly.”)
  • Bucky answering any question he can Peter and Scott have about Captain America, Sam putting in little things as well (”Is it true that he can lift a thousand pounds?” “No, but it is true that he cries at night while watching reruns of The Bachelor”)
  • Bucky will stay by Sam when going for a run with Steve because damn it, Bucky’s too old for this and Sam has had enough of Steve’s shit for one day
  • Sam helping Bucky with physical therapy when his metal arm gets broken and he needs to sit out for a while from saving the world
  • “NO”

it is done

i’m defo gonna be making more, yo

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Hi, y’all! 

Happy 500! Thank you so much for every like, reblog, follow, and message that I have gotten since January. You are absolutely wonderful people, and I wanted to do something special for this landmark of ours. 

Now, film director I am not, but I really like how this one came out. Let me know. 

I love y’all much & always.