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i’m gonna post some emotions i’ve been having about quentin and then i will put my shoes on and go work out.

1. i’ve said this so many times and i’ve been saying it from the beginning – quentin coldwater is NOT a good person. He’s loyal. He cares about the people around him. But he’s not afraid to kill. I’m honestly shocked he hasn’t killed anyone in show canon yet. As much as I’m growing to resent his characterization in the book, I’ve truly always felt that he is THAT MUCH of an asshole.

2. him not being a good person does not make him unable to be soft and loving. for example – eliot waugh makes quentin coldwater soft. he also makes him hard and want to punch things and scream but he is perhaps the only person in quentin’s life to truly understand him and his needs and that’s just very important.

3. it is so fucking rare that quentin will say i love you. even to Eliot. I just…if he says it how does he mean it? he can’t grasp it – love is a very foreign concept to Q. His love language is very physical, and his love word is more about care. Protection. Understanding.

4. Quentin is going to fuck up so much all of the time and if you aren’t able to forgive him or at least understand him you’re never going to last around him. god he’s such a fuck up. he’s just….such a fuck up. has been all of his life. and you know what? he doesn’t care that he fucks up. he owns up to his fuck ups. that he makes mistakes. he gets guilty ( i.e. the threesome ) but he doesn’t feel the need to apologize.

5. his disorders are a part of him, they truly are a huge part of what makes up his personality, but they are not the only thing about him. Q having depression, anxiety, and aspergers all tied to together is a lot. he’s a lot to handle. but at some point his many “issues” are just excuses that even I over emphasis. if we look back at 4 we can recognize that quentin fucks up and he doesn’t care that he fucks up. yeah he’s probably always depressed and a pile of nerves but please don’t even let that stop you from slapping him when he does something shitty. ( aka THANK YOU ALICE QUINN I LOVE YOU YOU GO GIRL S L A Y MY QUEEN SLAY )

….that’s all for now I needed to put this somewhere enjoy your evening xD