son of nergal

My favorite dragon kids… The best dragon kids… I love them….

Also hey intsys when will Nils be in heroes 👀👀👀


i love this show to a T but its really Grinding My Gears® that nergal junior didnt just like. take the form of a nergaling or something Because fit in with humans yadda yadda. like i dont expect him to walk into a school True Form Tentacles and All but imagine. i love my dog minion son.


From the 1st tablet:
The words of the lord #Enki, firstborn son of Anu, who reigns on Nibiru.With heavy spirit I utter laments; laments that are bitter fill my heart.How smitten is the land, its people delivered to the Evil Wind, its stables abandoned, its sheepfolds emptied.How smitten are the cities, their people piled up as dead corpses, afflicted by the Evil Wind(fallout).
How smitten are the fields, their vegetation withered, touched by the Evil Wind.How smitten are the rivers, nothing swims anymore, pure sparkling waters turned into poison.Of its #BLACK people, Shumer is emptied, gone is all life;Of its cattle and sheep Shumer is emptied, silent is the hum of churning milk.In its glorious cities, only the wind howls; death is the only smell. The temples whose heads to heaven arose by their gods have been abandoned.Of lordship and kingship command there is none; scepter and tiara are gone.On the banks of the two great rivers, once lush and life-giving, only weeds grow.No one treads the highways, no one seeks out the roads; flourishing Shumer is like an abandoned desert.How smitten is the land, home of gods and men!On that land a calamity fell, one unknown to man. A calamity that Mankind had never before seen, one that could not be withstood.On all the lands, from west to east, a disruptive hand of terror was placed. The gods, in their cities, were helpless as men! An Evil Wind, a storm born in a distant plain, a Great Calamity wrought in its path.A death-dealing wind born in the west its way to the east has made, its course set by fate.A storm devouring as the deluge, by wind and not by water a destroyer; by poisoned air, not tidal waves, overwhelming.By fate, not destiny, was it engendered; the great gods, in their council, the Great Calamity had caused.Day and night to accept what #Enlil the heavens decree I argued, to no avail!Ninurta, Enlil’s warrior son, and Nergal, my very own son, poisoned weapons in the great plain then unleashed.That an Evil Wind shall follow the brilliance we knew not! they now cry in agony.The Evil Wind against Nippur was onrushing. In his celestial boat(UFO), Enlil and his spouse hurriedly took off. #4biddenknowledge

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