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Sorry to bother you but may we have a picture of what all the provinces (or the designs you currently have) look like? I've been trying to look for them through your blog but I haven't managed to find very many. I would greatly appreciate it ^^

((Hiya~ ! Don’t worry, you’re not bothering me at all! There is a link to the provinces page right here, but it’s outdated and in dire need of better drawings too haha! I’ve just made a quick chart of all the current provinces for you ♡ ))

1. Daan - South Holland
2. Harm - North Holland
3. Guus - Gelderland
4. Hannes - Noord-Brabant
5. Jan/Jaitze - Friesland/Fryslân
6. Liesje - Zeeland
7. Kees - Drenthe
8. Andrias - Groningen
9. Floris - Limburg
10. Maaike - Utrecht
11. Lotte - Overijssel
12. Leentje - Flevoland

((Groningen actually has a big brother [Ommelanden], but nobody really remembers him. I’ve yet to properly introduce him! Friesland has both a Dutch name and a Frisian name. I hope you like this! Ruben [Holland] isn’t included because he disappeared in 1840, that’s why there’s two Holland twins now  ))


There is a sacred bond between those who watch volleyball together…

there are otp moments that make you

and there are otp MOMENTS that make you

I’m so happy about the “Keith is actually a very happy person inside” thing bc like, it has always been my headcanon that he just doesn’t vary his tone/expression much but he isn’t actually a grump & that if you see him staring off into space he is not brooding he’s just thinking about how the plot of Frozen makes no sense or how weird it is that there are so many different types of sand.


Don’t stop walking…★