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Hi! I was hoping to write a story with wolves in a royal type of hierarchy, with witches (wolves who can see the future/talk to the dead/etc.) and different kingdoms of sorts, and the focus of the story was vaguely two bastard sons of a pack king but I was hoping you could help me flesh this idea out? I'm drawing a blank. The king was supposed to have a mistress and breakup with her to save his own political standing; I was thinking that his mate kills him to save herself and her pups. Ideas?

Hola amigo! The whole witch werewolf thing is really cool. Here’s some ideas:

• The king has the sons and his mate sent away because he wants his heir to be from his wife. Years later, the sons come back to reclaim the throne.

• The mate makes the king’s death seem like an accident. Being the only descendants, the pups become princes until they’re old enough to rule. Then, it gets out that their mother killed the king, and they’re exiled.

• The king divorces his queen and allows the youngest son to claim heritage with him and become a prince. The older son must leave because the king doesn’t want anyone to know that his affair with the mistress stretched that far back. When the older son grows up, he comes back to the kingdom with a grudge agaisnt his brother and demands the throne because he is the rightful heir.

• The king’s wife finds out about the mistress (who’s the bastard daughter of another king’s kingdom) and kills her, claiming the sons as her own. The sons find out when a messenger from their biolgocal mother’s kingdom demands one of them becomes the next king because all pure blood relatives have died.

• The king attempts to kill the mistress and her sons to save his own skin because cheating in this society is considered a grave crime that could oust him from being king. The sons escape, but they’re so young that they forget this ever happens. A witch adopts then, and when they’re old enough and become suspicous of a dark past, she summons the memories back to their minds.

• The mistress was a witch, and she sees that the king will try to kill her sons. She sends them away and tells the king they died. She stays with him in order to see his future actions. One day, she finds out that the king has discovered his sons are alive.

• The king’s mistress is deeply in love with the king, but she’s also a complete lunatic. She attempts to kill her own sons to be with him as a queen and not just a mistress. She succeeds in murdering one, but the horrified king sends the other away to protect him. The king cannot break up with the mistress because she is a very poweful witch. The surviving son, also a witch, is unaware of his turbulent past until he experiments with talking to the dead and talks to his brother.

I hope that could help you!

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but with Goten I see they mostly go out with the Briefs family or Satan family….

It’s actually pretty cute