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Ooo, would you also be willing to share the details of the other kids' parents in your ML!PJO AU? :D I'm especially curious about Nino's if you're willing, cause I think it's totally badass that he's a son of Hades and I'm curious if that lyre is from Hades or a different dad :o

Nah I think the Lyre probably fell into Hades’ position at some juncture and became Exceedingly Spooky. 

My rough outline for now is:

  • Zeus-Chloe 
  • Poseidon-Marinette
  • Hades-Nino
  • Ares-Kim
  • Athena-Max
  • Hephaestus-Ivan
  • Demeter-Mylene
  • Apollo-Nathanael
  • Hunters of Artemis-Lila
  • Aphrodite-Rose, Adrien, Alya, Juleka 
  • Hermes-Alix, Sabrina
Actual conversation between Hades and Nico
  • Hades: so you have a... partner now?
  • Nico: right.
  • Hades: and you're... together
  • Nico: I suppose
  • Hades: and he's... a son of apollo?
  • Nico: he is, yes
  • Hades: no green eyes, dark hair coughsonofposeidoncough
  • Nico: *frowning* um no
  • Hades: your... boyfriend... Will Solace
  • Nico: yes, we've gotten over that
  • Hades: not Percy Jackson
  • Nico: is that what this is ab-
  • Hades: not Percy Jackson?
  • Nico: sigh-yes. Not Percy Jackson
  • Hades: are you sure?
  • Nico: yes
  • Hades: ok good I was worried for a bit
Rick Riordan and Diversity

People complain about Rick Riordan “beating a dead horse” but HE CAN BEAT ALL THE DEAD HORSES HE LIKES.

Rick Riordan has actively added diverse characters in all of his books to represent more kids. Characters in his books include:

  • a Arab-American, Muslim Valkyrie (Magnus Chase)
  • a deaf/mute elf who uses sign language (Magnus Chase)
  • a Hispanic son of Hephaestus (Heroes of Olympus)
  • a half-Cherokee daughter of Aphrodite (Heroes of Olympus)
  • a Chinese son of Mars (Heroes of Olympus)
  • a bisexual God/Teen (Trials of Apollo)
  • a happy and loving gay couple, Nico and Will (Trials of Apollo)
  • a black male dwarf that loves fashion and design (Magnus Chase)
  • a black daughter of Hades (Heroes of Olympus)
  • a genderfluid, transgender warrior of Odin (Magnus Chase) 
  • kids with ADHD and dyslexia (All greek/roman demigods in Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus)
  • POC siblings of mixed heritage, Carter and Sadie Kane (The Kane Chronicles)

and that’s just off the top of my head! This is not at all a conclusive list!!

When Rick Riordan first revealed Nico, a son of Hades in his best-selling Heroes of Olympus series, as gay people asked him “why?” and he said because he wanted kids to see themselves in his books and that all kids need to be able to see themselves in literature and find reassurance that they’re fine just the way they are. HE PORTRAYS ALL OF THESE KIDS AS HEROES. This is SO SO IMPORTANT

So unlike some people who beat dead horses and don’t even try to be diverse (*cough*JKROWLING*cough*) at least Riordan is constantly adding more and more young heroes and heroines that are diverse, well-rounded, and important. 


I am… A LITTLE BIT (translate with a LOT) late with this but… Here is the first lineart I colored from the @pjocoloringbookproject I really liked this on a lot, so I had to do it! ^^ The original line art is made by @saberghatz, of course, I love her art <3 

I only did the coloring! 

Don’t ask me why I sent Nico into space, cause I don’t know ^^’’

We’re all stories in the end so let’s make it a good one, eh?