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Request: Imagine having a child(ren) with captain boomerang and the reader is a member of the squad. There is a mission that you & digger went on leaving the squad to watch your child(ren). When you come back it’s complete chaos b/c your child(ren) turn out to be meta like you(super speed/flying) but you and digger get everything under control in no time. Maybe surprise guest joker? I dunno😂

Warning: Just some good ol’ fluff and the Squad.

A/N: I just went with the flow hehe

[Y/S/1] = Your first son, [Y/S/2] = Your second son, [Y/D] = Your daughter

It was the first time you and Digger had left your three children with the squad alone. It wasn’t that you didn’t trust them. No, Floyd was a perfect dad and Chato had had children of his own. It was just this strange feeling, which had told you to stay home with your kids. But of course, you hadn’t had another choice. 

Luckily the mission was easy enough to finish it in no time.

“Damn, I hope they put them to bed.” You said to Digger, leaning against him for a moment before pulling out the key, opening the front door.  

“We’re hom-” You called out with a tired smile but stopped when you saw the mess. The house was upside down and Harley Quinn stood in the middle of it. “Harley, what happened!” 

“Oh, your Muffin’s are fine, [Y/N]! Don’t worry.” She smiled brightly at you. Too brigthly. 

“That was not the question.” Digger said, frowning.

Then, you heard a loud roar. “Was that Waylon?” 


You stomped to the stairs and looked up, your heart poundind. “Floyd! Get your ass down here!” Your friend emerged from [Y/S/1]’s bedroom. “What the hell happened?”

“Man, you didn’t tell us your kids could do the crazy shit you can do.” Floyd said and crossed his arms before his chest. 

“They can’t.” Digger, who came into Floyd’s view, answered for you. 

“Now they can.” 

You looked at Digger, who looked at you, both of your eyebrows up. 

You took a few steps backwards. “[Y/S/1], [Y/S/2], [Y/D]! Im’ma count to 5 and if you’re not gonna be here, Daddy is gonna whoop ya asses!” You yelled and didn’t have to wait for the youngest son to come out from his hiding place, flying wobbily into your arms and almost knocking you over in the process. 

“Mom no! Please!” He whinned and hugged you tightly, burrying his face into your neck.

Not a second later, your oldest son appeared, hugging Digger’s leg and looking up with doe eyes.“Dad!” Your oldest son begged. “Please, we were good! We just had a little bit fun.” 

Digger sighed and scooped him up. “No ass whooping.” 

You turned around, searching for your only daughter. “Where is [Y/D]?”

The kids shrugged their shoulders. “She was running around the house.”

“Tell me that you know where [Y/D] is.” Digger said, looking at Chato, who stood behind Floyd, and Floyd. 

“Yeah…” Harley smiled. “She’s hiding. We’re playing hide and seek.”

Chato cleared his throat. “We lost her half an hour ago. She was running too fast to catch her… Rick and Katana are driving around the city to find her.”

“Snitch!” Waylon growled, baring his sharp teeth.

The door bell ringed and Digger sighed in relief. There were only two persons who would ring at your door bell at this time.

“Thank god!” You opened the door, a lecture on your lips, and saw not Rick or Katana, but the Joker, holding your daughter loosely by her jp’s collar. “I found this one on the streets.” He gave you a smile, a shiver ran down your spine. You never really had warmed up to him, even though he was pretty decent around the squad. 


“Mommy, he’s so cool.” Your daughter grabbed your pants, jumped up and down, showing you her gap of her missing tooth. “He drove so fast! Not as fast as I can ran, but woah… it was so awesome! Can I get my hair green too? Please? Pretty pleeease?”

“You’re all grounded.” You murmured in disbelief, then the anger took over. “Ya’ll are grounded!” You pointed at everyone.
Briana Jungwirth's stepfather threatens lawsuit to fan site owner
The stepfather of Louis Tomlinson's ex girlfriend Briana Jungwirth has threatened the owner of several One Direction fan sites with a lawsuit.

The stepfather of Louis Tomlinson’s ex girlfriend Briana Jungwirth has threatened the owner of several One Direction fan sites with a lawsuit.

TMZ reports Brett Clark sent a letter to a woman who runs several websites for the band, alleging she has posted ‘lies’ about Briana, Louis and their baby son Freddie.  

Clark apparently alleges the woman has called Briana a 'gold digger’ as well as 'insulted her hair’ and made untrue suggestions as to Freddie’s parentage.

However, the woman has countered that Clark is the 'harasser’ in the case and she has a right to express her opinion.

Briana has suffered prior Internet harassment from a section of One Direction fans following the birth of Freddie Reign in January this year.

Last month, she hit back at trolls who made vindictive comments following the end of her relationship with Jayk Purdy.

Defending herself at those labelling her an 'attention seeker’ and 'delusional’ she wrote: 'Some of u are so mean. u don’t know my story u just think u do. if u don’t truly know someone, give them a chance. surely u’ll be surprised.

'People assume so much of my life. its crazy how much u don’t know. I have so much respect for all of u cause I don’t know what u go through,’ she added.

Briana went public with the singer at the beginning of last month, posting multiple Instagrams of the pair together.

However, the relationship swiftly turned sour, with the star revealing the end of the romance in a brief tweet last week: 'Wow to think you were someone special. my bad! you’re beyond f***ed up!’ she wrote.

The 24-year-old regularly posts selfies and snaps of Freddie on her social media accounts - on Thursday she shared a photo of herself dressed in a sexy ensemble.

In another image, baby Freddie slept sweetly with his hand raised in the air, drawing plenty of adoration from Briana’s followers.

The beauty’s latest snap showed she and Freddie’s personalised Christmas stockings hanging from the fireplace.

Earlier this month Briana paid tribute to Louis’s mother, Johannah Deakin, who sadly passed away aged 43 following a secret battle with leukaemia.

She wrote on Instagram: 'My heart aches. Every time I look at Freddie, I see you in him Jay. I will always remember the times we shared and the talks we had.’

'I looked up to you and sadly only knowing you for a short time, I aspired to be just like you in a mother to Freddie.

Adding: 'I promise to share with him all of what I know of you including your beautiful attributes. We both loved you very much. You’ll always stay close forever in our hearts.’

  • Me: *looking at pictures of El Diablo on my phone and crying*
  • Mom: *glancing over my shoulder* Who's that? Is he from that movie?
  • Mom: But look at all those tattoos. No, that one- *points at Captain Boomerang in the background* That one looks like a nice boy.
  • Me: *visibly cringing*

„Your favorite superhero is who?!“ You hear Digger yelling and look through the door where he’s sitting together with your son.

„The Flash.“

„Are ya kiddin’? What about me, I’m ten times better than that…-“

You clear your throat from the door and give him an angry look while you raise your eyebrow, „No cussing.“

„Yeah, yeah…right women.“

„Daaad you’re no superhero, you’re one of the bad guys.“ Your son says in a whiny tone and you start to laugh. Digger made an expression like he couldn’t believe what he had just heard. He looks over to you for support but you just shrug.

„He’s not wrong you know.“ You say with a smirk and he rolls his eyes, annoyed at you.

„I am not! I helped catch some bad guys as well.“

„Yeah after getting into prison because you got caught robbing banks.“

„Aren’t ya supposed to be on my side?“

„Maybe I would be…“ You walks closer to him, whispering into his hear, „…if I hadn’t seen you check out that bank today.“

„I didn’t.“

„Oh, yeah?“ You sit down on the bed while you tug your son into his blankets, „Honey what do you think we’ll let daddy do what he always does, maybe you’ll get a chance to meet the Flash when he catches him…again.“ Your tone gets darker at the end as you look over to Digger.

„Alright I get the hint…no robberies.“

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Requested by two Anons (or the same?) 

Requests: Imagine having a child with captain boomerang and he tells digger that the flash is his favorite superhero thank you!😁 AND  Imagine having a son with captain boomerang and your child tells digger that the flash is his favorite super hero

A/N: This is sooo cute. Seriously, I never thought about Digger’s kid loving The Flash but yeeeeeeeeeees! I love it! Sorry it’s short tho.

“Daddy! Mommy!” Your son bounced up and down, pointing to the TV in his cute PJ’s. “Look, The Flash is on TV! He’s sooo awesome and so fast!” You laughed as he started to run around the couch and making ‘whooosh’ sounds.  

You grinned and looked over to Digger, his jaw clenched tight in anger and embarassement. “Yes, Digger. The Flash is super awesome… Don’t you agree, hon?” 

“Oh shut up, [Y/N].” He murmured too quiety to let your son hear it.

“I want to be like him when I’m big! I’d be so fast and would beat all the bad guys up!” 

Digger shook his head and sighed. “You don’t want to be so fast, [Y/S/N]. I bet that guy comes fas-”

You slammed your hand onto Digger’s mouth. “Digger! He’s a kid!” 

“Just look at him! He’s wearing The Flash PJ’s! He can’t be my boy!” Your husband complained. 

“Don’t be such a baby and let the kid be whatever he wants to be.” 


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When it was found out that Digger had a son in this universe, He seeked out advice from Floyd and Chato on what to do about being a dad. They weren’t entirely helpful since Floyd was more familiar with raising a daughter and Chato didn’t want to give advice . Katana did pointed out that his son could be a teenager and the most helpful was Harley who helped Digger calm his nerves. The first thing Digger said to Owen was a Dad joke only because Harley said humor would help him.

Arranged marriage // chefdanielkarofsky

Liam’s parents had been rich, filthy rich, and they’d been concerned about gold diggers and their shy, sensitive son and heir. So in their will, they’d stipulated their son had to marry Daniel, before he could access the funds he needed to. This was the first meeting of the intendeds since the will had been revealed, and Liam paced the library anxiously, waiting for his fiancée.