son of a digger


they’re only children. only four kids trying to live. art credit.

lunar. the first child.
1. flare homestuck 2. far away cocorise 3. ball jointed doll nicole dollanganger 4. water and sleep mirah 5. bloodflood alt j 6. thanatos soap&skin 7. i wanna be a witchteen suicide 8. lost it to trying son lux 9. malmo strfkr 10. symphony no. 8 and the canary’s last take emily wells 11. brother matt corby 12. on an unknown beach amanda palmer 13. paper forest (birds) emmy the great

solar. the second child.
1. wildcat ratat 2. like o, like h tegan and sara 3. second child, restless child the oh hello’s 4. diplomat’s son vampire weekend 5. beets untitled laura stevenson and the cans 6. eat that up, it’s good for you two door cinema club 7. the prayer bloc party 8. cassius foals 9. want it back amanda palmer 10. eat up foot ox 11. vesuvius sufjan stevens 12. iris emmy the great 13. saint veronika billy talent

terra. the third child.
1. floor pvndv 2. you are a runner and i am my father’s son wolf parade 3. if winter ends bright eyes 4. tough guy cyberbully mom club 5. two good things modern baseball 6. strawberries why? 7. putting the dog to sleep the antlers 8. sold dan mangan 9. cheerleader st. vincent 10. a better son/daughter rilo kiley 11. i’m not a good person pat ‘the bunny’ schneeweis 12. the trash the trash the trash jeff rosenstock 13. runs in the family amanda palmer

stellar. the fifth child.
1. taruka cirque du soleil 2. poor atlas dessa 3. dancing on our graves the grave diggers 4. flickers son lux 5. the sea is calling the temper trap 6. corpse roads keaton henson 7. to the lighthouse patrick wolf 8. human hands bowerbirds 9. peach the front bottoms 10. agape bear’s den 11. miss you foster the people 12. to see you alive flatsound 13. hollow talk choir of young believers

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Requested by Anon.

Request: Imagine having a child(ren) with captain boomerang and the reader is a member of the squad. There is a mission that you & digger went on leaving the squad to watch your child(ren). When you come back it’s complete chaos b/c your child(ren) turn out to be meta like you(super speed/flying) but you and digger get everything under control in no time. Maybe surprise guest joker? I dunno😂

Warning: Just some good ol’ fluff and the Squad.

A/N: I just went with the flow hehe

[Y/S/1] = Your first son, [Y/S/2] = Your second son, [Y/D] = Your daughter

It was the first time you and Digger had left your three children with the squad alone. It wasn’t that you didn’t trust them. No, Floyd was a perfect dad and Chato had had children of his own. It was just this strange feeling, which had told you to stay home with your kids. But of course, you hadn’t had another choice. 

Luckily the mission was easy enough to finish it in no time.

“Damn, I hope they put them to bed.” You said to Digger, leaning against him for a moment before pulling out the key, opening the front door.  

“We’re hom-” You called out with a tired smile but stopped when you saw the mess. The house was upside down and Harley Quinn stood in the middle of it. “Harley, what happened!” 

“Oh, your Muffin’s are fine, [Y/N]! Don’t worry.” She smiled brightly at you. Too brigthly. 

“That was not the question.” Digger said, frowning.

Then, you heard a loud roar. “Was that Waylon?” 


You stomped to the stairs and looked up, your heart poundind. “Floyd! Get your ass down here!” Your friend emerged from [Y/S/1]’s bedroom. “What the hell happened?”

“Man, you didn’t tell us your kids could do the crazy shit you can do.” Floyd said and crossed his arms before his chest. 

“They can’t.” Digger, who came into Floyd’s view, answered for you. 

“Now they can.” 

You looked at Digger, who looked at you, both of your eyebrows up. 

You took a few steps backwards. “[Y/S/1], [Y/S/2], [Y/D]! Im’ma count to 5 and if you’re not gonna be here, Daddy is gonna whoop ya asses!” You yelled and didn’t have to wait for the youngest son to come out from his hiding place, flying wobbily into your arms and almost knocking you over in the process. 

“Mom no! Please!” He whinned and hugged you tightly, burrying his face into your neck.

Not a second later, your oldest son appeared, hugging Digger’s leg and looking up with doe eyes.“Dad!” Your oldest son begged. “Please, we were good! We just had a little bit fun.” 

Digger sighed and scooped him up. “No ass whooping.” 

You turned around, searching for your only daughter. “Where is [Y/D]?”

The kids shrugged their shoulders. “She was running around the house.”

“Tell me that you know where [Y/D] is.” Digger said, looking at Chato, who stood behind Floyd, and Floyd. 

“Yeah…” Harley smiled. “She’s hiding. We’re playing hide and seek.”

Chato cleared his throat. “We lost her half an hour ago. She was running too fast to catch her… Rick and Katana are driving around the city to find her.”

“Snitch!” Waylon growled, baring his sharp teeth.

The door bell ringed and Digger sighed in relief. There were only two persons who would ring at your door bell at this time.

“Thank god!” You opened the door, a lecture on your lips, and saw not Rick or Katana, but the Joker, holding your daughter loosely by her jp’s collar. “I found this one on the streets.” He gave you a smile, a shiver ran down your spine. You never really had warmed up to him, even though he was pretty decent around the squad. 


“Mommy, he’s so cool.” Your daughter grabbed your pants, jumped up and down, showing you her gap of her missing tooth. “He drove so fast! Not as fast as I can ran, but woah… it was so awesome! Can I get my hair green too? Please? Pretty pleeease?”

“You’re all grounded.” You murmured in disbelief, then the anger took over. “Ya’ll are grounded!” You pointed at everyone.

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That Jumin angst was so heartbreaking yet so amazing. Damn Chairman Han. He keeps going out with gold diggers and his son never complians, yet when he finds someone he loves, the chairman loses his mind? Can I please request a happy ending to it?

Sorry it took so long, but here’s the happy end! If you haven’t read the first part, you can click here. Also, if you want maximum feels while reading it, click here for some background music. ;) 

Jumin should’ve seen it coming from his father’s vague comments throughout the evening. But even if he knew, it wouldn’t have prepared him to see MC walk into the conference room along with her new boss. Now more than ever, he wished he did more research on this client and, more importantly, their assistant.

In a rush of confidence, he had asked MC afterwards if they could speak, and that’s how they ended up here in the small, secluded courtyard at the back of the building. The night sky hung above them, the cityscape sparkled in front of them, and a barrier of silence stood between them.

“I’ve missed you.”

The words came out of Jumin’s mouth involuntarily.  Perhaps they had been festering inside of him for months, and were torn out of him magically by her presence.

MC shut her eyes and exhaled shakily. “Jumin,” she began. But no other words followed. It was as if they were trapped in her throat, and she was unwilling to release them.

“I don’t have any expectations of you,” he said. He turned his gaze to the buildings in the distance. “I never had. I just…want you to know, in case you decide to leave once more.”

He was surprised by the sniffling he heard. He started slightly before turning to look at her. MC had her hand over her mouth, tears streaming down her face. Jumin reached out a tentative hand to touch her shoulder. “MC? Are you…are you okay?”

She swallowed, waiting a moment to speak. “I didn’t want to leave you, you know” she rasped. A few more silent tears escaped. “I just thought it might be for the better.”

“Are you unhappy with life?” he asked. He held out a handkerchief to her. She gave a watery chuckle at the pawprint embroidered in the corner before taking it. “It seems you have a good job at a good company.”

MC chewed on her bottom lip. “Yeah,” she choked. “But, I’m not nearly good enough for you.”

For him? He dared to hope that she always intended to return to him. Even if he wished she had never left in the first place. He gingerly reached, his fingers grazing her shoulder. She tensed under his touch but slowly turned to face him. “You don’t need to prove yourself, MC. You never have. You know that, if it came down to it, I’d choose you over this life, right?”

Her lip trembled, and his own chest constricted. It was a strange sensation really. It was as if his heart had been dead all these months, and now it was starting to beat once more. It was simultaneously painful and liberating.

“I would never make you choose, Jumin,” MC said. “I would never ask you to choose between your family or your home and me.”

“Then why do you think I would ever make you choose?” he returned evenly. “I never once asked you to change yourself to fit in better. All I ever wanted was for us to start something new together. Neither one of us should feel the need to fit. I just thought…I just thought you wanted to leave, so I went along with what I thought might make you happy.”

“I know. You are always too thoughtful,” she replied. There was only a ghost of a smile on her lips, but the sight made Jumin lighter. “But what about your father? I don’t want to come between you–”

Jumin interrupted with a chuckle. “I have a feeling it’s not a coincidence my father targeted this particular client…for whom you happened to work. He may have his…frustrating moments, but he is a good father in the end.”

Realization flashed across her features before she too let out a laugh.She looked up at him, her eyes sparkling, and the gaping hole inside Jumin’s chest slowly shrunk until it was nothing more than a painful memory. “So,” he began, his fingers intertwining with her own. It all felt so familiar…and right. “Can we start again?”

MC’s mouth twitched upwards before she pushed herself to her toes. She pressed a kiss to his lips. It was so quick and light that it sent shudders through Jumin. All at once, his complicated world became simple again. His heart could breathe, finally free from its suffocating ropes.

As MC wrapped her arms around him, her warmth enveloped him and he smiled for the first time in what felt like ages. Perhaps fate wasn’t cruel after all.

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Stefano father headcanons

• He would be delighted to know you/(s/o) would want to have a child with him one day.

• Making a baby is as pleasurable to him as making art…if that makes sense.(he enjoys the sex that makes the baby)

• He’s an artist who plans out his pictures so he also happens to plan out the times that it would be best to try for a child.

• A personal protégé he can take on when the child gets older.

• When you finally tell him you’re pregnant you do it when he was having a bad day

• The critics who were criticizing his art don’t matter to him anymore after you told him that you were with child all he was thinking about was you and his baby.

• Even when you get rounder, and don’t give him much sex as you get closer to the due date he doesn’t care you’re beautiful and he would never think of being with another while you both made a special creation.

• You make him promise that he will only show his child how his pictures are created when they are an adult.

• Or not at all depending on if the child likes art…

• Stefano’s more creative so you let him come up with names for your child as long as you can both agree on them.

• For girls Viola or Lilith

• For boys Dante or Lorenzo

• Once the baby is born though Stefano and you choose y/c/n.

• Stefano tears up as he holds his child speaking softly to them in Italian and say how he will protect them.

• Calls them “my little bambino”.

• His daughter is his princess and son is his prince.

• He’s protective of his children be they boy or girl.

• He loves to take pictures of them playing.

• He sadly wouldn’t be home as much as he wants to because of his career taking him to many places but he tries.

• His son will be the one to carry on the Valentini name while his daughter will carry on the bloodline?

• Proud of his children showing to be more advanced than other kids their age.

• Horrified when his kids don’t take any interest in the arts but more of sports and athletics.

• He still loves his children though

• Might try and set his son up with Lily Castellanos just to spite Sebastian.

• All the girls in his child’s class have a crush on him as well as the female teachers.

• Takes his family to as many of his art exhibits as he can.

• Still tries to get his children to appreciate the art even if they’re not interested in it

• Proud papa who has everyone doing a family portrait for all occasions and likes to show off pictures of his kids.

• His daughter will not have a boyfriend and his son will not have a gold digger girlfriend.

• His son’s girlfriend tried to hit on him once and he was going to make her into art if she kept it up.

• His daughter had a boyfriend who hit on his wife and broke his daughters heart… he moved the next day it all happened.

• He would be a great father if he wasn’t a killer.

• Stefano Valentini really loves his children and accepts them even if they don’t like art.

A/n: i tried my best to picture Daddy Stefano but when I thought of Daddy my mind went somewhere else…

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Hi! How are you? Could I have some headcanons on how Dorephan and Sidon's s/o interact over the course of the relationship? Thank you for your time!

[A/N: Absolutely!]

King Dorephan and Sidon’s s/o interactions

  • In the beginning of yours and Sidon’s relationship, it’s very important to Sidon that you and his father meet. King Dorephan and you are actually nervous about meeting each other

  • He greets you with open arms, but you walk around on eggshells for a few months not completely comfortable in the presence of Nobility. (Sidon is easier to deal with)

  • Dorephan tries to engage conversations about yourself if Sidon is busy. He wants to know what you do for a living, but he won’t judge what it is. He trusts his son enough to find himself a good partner despite what they do.

  • He will, however, play word games and questions so cleverly disguise he’ll be able to know if you’re a good person or not (he loves his son and trusts him, but is very cautious of gold diggers)

  • You will try to become more friendly and opting to ask Dorephan out for lunch and the likes to get to know him better.

  • This brings him immense joy because he wants to be part of his son’s life and feels accepted completely if you choose to hang out with him.

  • The more he learns about you the more he’ll began to spoil you as if you were his own child with weapons, gifts, food and shelter. Papa Dorephan makes sure his love ones are taken care of

  • You will feel comfortable enough to explain your insecurities of your relationship with Sidon to Dorephan. He knows not every relationship is perfect and knows his son isn’t also, so he’ll be more than willing to be the shoulder you need and also the support to put Sidon in his place.

  • Which isn’t often but when Sidon starts getting forgetful, you can bet Dorephan will make sure Sidon is giving you the attention you deserve, but also this is vice verse. Dorephan will make sure to point out faults on your end, but he won’t belittle either of you. Just a friendly father’s kick in the ass to you both

  • He likes to tease Sidon a lot, and will more often than not jest “My boy, I say that [Name] is quite fetching. I may be falling for them.” or “If you do not treat them well, I will take them.” All which you are there for and completely embarrassed, but it’s hilarious to see Sidon get worked up over his Dad’s teasing. (it makes Sidon loves you ten times more even know his father is joking but part of him isn’t willing to risk it)

  • He likes to shower you in compliments and let you know that you’re doing a fine job being Sidon’s partner. Lots and lots of teasing tho, this big guy has a funny bone. 

  • He will drop hints here and there that he can’t wait to be your in-law to embarrass the crap out of you though.

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Requested by two Anons (or the same?) 

Requests: Imagine having a child with captain boomerang and he tells digger that the flash is his favorite superhero thank you!😁 AND  Imagine having a son with captain boomerang and your child tells digger that the flash is his favorite super hero

A/N: This is sooo cute. Seriously, I never thought about Digger’s kid loving The Flash but yeeeeeeeeeees! I love it! Sorry it’s short tho.

“Daddy! Mommy!” Your son bounced up and down, pointing to the TV in his cute PJ’s. “Look, The Flash is on TV! He’s sooo awesome and so fast!” You laughed as he started to run around the couch and making ‘whooosh’ sounds.  

You grinned and looked over to Digger, his jaw clenched tight in anger and embarassement. “Yes, Digger. The Flash is super awesome… Don’t you agree, hon?” 

“Oh shut up, [Y/N].” He murmured too quiety to let your son hear it.

“I want to be like him when I’m big! I’d be so fast and would beat all the bad guys up!” 

Digger shook his head and sighed. “You don’t want to be so fast, [Y/S/N]. I bet that guy comes fas-”

You slammed your hand onto Digger’s mouth. “Digger! He’s a kid!” 

“Just look at him! He’s wearing The Flash PJ’s! He can’t be my boy!” Your husband complained. 

“Don’t be such a baby and let the kid be whatever he wants to be.” 


(Requests for Imagines and Headcanons are open!)

The Lucky Boomerang -Part 2

Summary: It was widely known that Captain Boomerang didn’t work well with others; a true statement, until one particular accomplice caught his attention. His decision to spare her caused the pair to become deadly. They were nearly as famous as the Clown couple themselves. Renowned for her easy escapes and incredible stealth, Lady Luck was an appropriate partner for the Aussie bank robber. Their luck changes when a certain metahuman brings them both to Belle Reve Penitentiary and they are forced into joining Task Force X. (Side note: In this imagine, Boomerang is at Belle Reve)

Part 1

(Captain Boomerang x Reader)

Warnings: Mild sexual references, swearing, mild violence

Word Count: 1,178

A/N: I don’t know how many parts of this I’ll do, but I’m really enjoying writing it! If you have any ideas for where it could go, send me a message. The first part was in the Suicide Squad Week series, but the rest will just be posted as frequently as I write them, which is quite a lot recently!

Belle Reve Penitentiary:

They both heard the squealing of the heavy, metal door heaving open. They had a visitor. (Y/N) hugged her knees close to her chest, while Digger clenched his fists, ready for whatever was coming. It wasn’t meal time and no one, other than guards, came down. 

The small, barred window in (Y/N)’s cell door slid, revealing the face of a man she had never seen before. “So this is ‘Lady Luck’?” the man turned his head, addressing whoever was on his right. “Yeah, she’s real chatty,” the voice scoffed. Great, (Y/N) thought, the voice was Griggs. The stranger turned his face back to (Y/N) and she hissed. Boomerang must have been listening closely, as she heard him roar with laughter at her response to the stranger.

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"i prefer blondes honestly" royai? i feel like it calls for it very obviously, yet your writing always takes an unexpected turn that leaves me pleasantly surprised

Did you say a Gentlemen Prefer Blondes AU?  No?  Ooops, here is that unexpected turn.  


Roy Mustang had been a private detective long enough to never be surprised by what rich people would spend their money on.   He could have gone to college, maybe joined the military, but growing up in his Mother’s bar had shown him there was a much more lucrative and mentally engaging career out there for him and it was in private investigations.   He had a way of thinking that allowed him to see connections that most people would miss and he could fit in in any situation which made him a perfect candidate for the job.   This particular job, however, was going to be a waste of his intelligence but certainly paid enough to be worth his time.    He took a moment to finally sit down in the chair opposite of Mr. Armstrong’s desk and accept the offer.  “I’ll take the case.”

Thaddeus Armstrong breathed a sigh of relief.   “Thank you Mr. Mustang, I know you are discreet and careful about your work.  I hope my reservations about Miss Catalina are wrong, but you do understand how I can not risk my son or the Armstrong family being ruined by a gold-digger.”

Roy gave an understanding nod that did not betray his real thoughts.  He always found amusement in the ridiculous lines people came up with when they explained their reasoning for hiring him.   The truth here was that the Armstrong family wanted Alex Armstrong’s fiance gone, and if that meant breaking Alex’s heart by showing him pictures of her deception or forcing him to tears listening to recordings of her confessing that she was interested in money not love….well they would be here to comfort him and only occasionally say ‘I told you so’.  That was none of his concern though.   “Please tell me as much background as you can.”

“Rebecca Catalina is a showgirl.” Thaddeus said with a heavy sigh.  “Sings, dances….lets rich men buy her things.   My son fell head over heels in love with her.   Proposed.   They are planning to wed in Aquroya and I have managed to detain him for business here in Central for a few days.  His fiance will go ahead and ensure plans are in place for the wedding.   He has given her a blank check and I…am ashamed I have raised such a blind fool.”

Roy nodded.   “She will be traveling alone?”

“No, she will travel with her best friend and maid of honor.  The girl who sings and dances with her in the show.   Her name is  Riza.”  Armstrong said.  “They leave on the train tomorrow using my Pullman car as their own.  Mr. Mustang I need you to watch Rebecca and report to me her loyalty to my son and her intentions if she will divulge them.  Please sir, the wedding is this weekend, so I need quick results.”

Roy watched the man pull an envelope from his desk drawer.  “Yes, sir.”


Roy was not disappointed in the least by the amount of activity on the train.   Rebecca was in full celebration mode, buying rounds and keeping the dining car lively from the minute the train left the station.   He was worried this would be a difficult job, that she would have enough sense to keep herself hidden away in the private car, but he was rather fortunate that she was not inclined to be quiet about her upcoming nuptials. He was glad he got a seat early as the train car was packed to capacity within a hour of her ‘open bar’ announcement.  

He sat in earshot of the bar for hours.  Rebecca showed off her ring, talked about her dress and finally flirted a little bit too much with a very married man by the name of Yoki who owned a diamond mine out East.   It was bad enough the man’s wife pulled him away and out of the car, but he could see the glint in Yoki’s eye and the not so subtle wave that said he was far from done with their conversation about the rock on her finger.  

He had yet to determine if Rebecca was simply a flirt or was the loose woman the Armstrong family feared she was.    It was, however, quite the show as the girl was loud and the life of the party.   He was also apparently going to get a free show as someone brought in a record of a song the showgirl happened to be a fan of.  She called her friend Riza over, shouting above the hum of the crowd for her friend to join her on the bar for a show.

Roy leaned back and wondered how this was going to go as these two ladies danced on a bar on a moving train.   The crowd however was thrilled and took their seats, cleared the way for these girls to put on some impromptu number in the crowded car and they were not disappointed.   Rebecca entered from the head of the train and her friend Riza from the back.  They sang a song that had been wildly popular this year called “Again” as they walked down the aisle towards each other.  Roy found himself entranced, they were exceptionally good at what they did.   They sang in harmony, advanced towards each other with perfect strides and met in the middle during a key part of the song…then separated to dance while they sang towards either end of the bar.   With practiced precision and elegance he couldn’t quite comprehend from two ladies wearing high heels steeping up chairs and bar stools, they finally reached the bar-top and the real show began.

Roy found himself not paying attention to Rebecca anymore, but to her friend.   He always did prefer blonds, honestly, but that was not what he found so incredibly attractive about her.   Despite being in a  profession that required him to scrutinize emotions and motives, he couldn’t think beyond the fact that she was beautiful and athletic and made him shift uncomfortably in his seat when she took her hair out of that hair clip and threw it into the audience.   At least he could think clearly enough to go over and pick it up out of the aisle so he could give it back to her. Or not think clearly at all because the worst thing he could do was be noticed by these two when he was working a case.

The song ended and the car erupted in applause and whistling.  Roy held the hair clip and realized it was too late to turn back now.  Perhaps he could use this as a way to get closer to the girls which would help him get recordings if needed. Photo opportunities on the train car would be difficult.   He waited for a little while, another round of shots for the crowd courtesy of Rebecca, and he saw the other girl trying to find her way back to a table.  He stood up and got her attention.  “Miss, I believe this is yours.”

Riza smiled at him, he was handsome and looked like he wasn’t even trying hard to look that good: Messy hair that almost covered those intoxicating dark eyes, and pinchable cheeks.  She hoped he would be the one to pick the clip up.   “Thank you.”

“I’m Roy.”  He said and waved to the empty seat opposite him.   “Would you join me for something to eat? I’d offer to buy you a drink but it looks like your friend has that covered.”

“I’d love to.”  Riza smiled and put her hair up before taking a seat.   He had ordered appetizers and she was starving.  Rebecca was like a whirlwind normally, it only got worse when she was excited about an upcoming event.   There was no time for necessities.  

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  • Me: *looking at pictures of El Diablo on my phone and crying*
  • Mom: *glancing over my shoulder* Who's that? Is he from that movie?
  • Mom: But look at all those tattoos. No, that one- *points at Captain Boomerang in the background* That one looks like a nice boy.
  • Me: *visibly cringing*
In Sickness And In Health

Prompt: Dick & the reader are dating for a while & he takes her to a family dinner at the manor but Batmom doesn’t like the reader or their relationship (maybe she thinks Dick would be better with Barbara & thinks the reader is a gold digger) & doesn’t approve of their relationship until one day when Dick gets sick & she goes over to check up on him & sees the reader taking care of him (+ them being generally fluffy) & Batmom takes the reader aside & apologizes & approves of their relationship with Dick by anon

Y/N looked up at the manor and tried to steady her shaking hands. Today was the day she was meeting Dick’s parents. Well, his mother. She had already met Bruce and the boys.

“Hey, are you okay?” Dick asked as he leaned over and took her hand.

Y/N let out an unsteady breath. “Yeah, I am just a little nervous. I really want her to like me.”

Dick smiled and kissed the back of her hand. “She will. Jason and Tim already like you and Damian is starting to warm up. Plus there is the fact that I am hopelessly in love with you.” Dick teased slightly.

Y/N laughed. “You’re right. Let’s head in before we are late.”

“So, Y/N. How did you and Dick meet?” Mrs. Wayne asked. They were all sitting around the dinner table.

“We met through work. The cafe I work at was robbed and he was one of the officers who was taking stories. We sort of just hit it off and here we are now.” Y/N said with a smile.

Though the older woman didn’t outright say anything, Y/N could tell that wasn’t quite the story she wanted to here. The rest of the meal passed with no obvious bumps or mishaps.

“Thank you so much for having us for dinner.” Y/N said as she and Dick were getting ready to leave.

“Of course. This will always be Dick’s home.” Mrs. Wayne said warmly. Y/N couldn’t help but feel the small bite in those words. Dick’s home. Meaning she wasn’t welcome and she wouldn’t be enough. She shook off those thoughts. That couldn’t possibly be what the woman meant.

“I cannot believe you.” Y/N muttered as she pushed Dick back down onto the bed. “You fell into the river at night in November in Gotham City and decided to continue with patrol?”

“In my defense, it didn’t feel that cold. I thought the thermal lining of my suit would be enough.” Dick finished with a sneeze.

“Well, it wasn’t.” Y/N huffed. She stood there looking down at her boyfriend. His face was a feverish pink color and his eyes were dull. The irritation deflated from her.

“You stay there. I am going to make some soup.” she said as she moved towards the door.

She paused in the doorway and turned around. “If you so much as think about leaving that bed, I will kick your ass.” She heard Dick curse softly under his breath as she moved to the kitchen.

She quickly put on some soup and let it cook. She pulled out her phone and took a deep breath before calling Dick’s mom. “Hey, Mrs. Wayne. This is Y/N. I was wondering if you could please tell Bruce that Dick isn’t going to be coming over anytime soon as he is sick right now.”

“Oh. Well, would you mind if I came over and brought some things for him?” Mrs. Wayne asked “He is usually very difficult when he is sick.”

“Sure. Come over whenever you want. I’m going to go give him some soup and make sure he hasn’t jumped out the window yet.” Y/N said as she ended the call.

She served up some soup and came back to find Dick still in bed, but on his phone.

“What are you doing?” Y/N said as she set the soup on the bedside table and crawled into bed next to him.

“I was calling in sick to work.” Dick answered as he set his phone down and reached for the mug of soup.

“Great. I called your mom to tell her to tell Bruce you aren’t going on patrol until you are better. She is coming over soon.” She said as she picked up her own mug of soup.

Dick paused for a minute. “Are you okay with that? I noticed how she made you feel last time we were at the manor.”

“Dick, she is your mother. I wanted her to like me, but that is just not what happened, but she loves you and wants to make sure you are okay.”

At that moment, the doorbell rang.

“Well, that was quick.” Y/N said as she got up and went to answer the door.

“I was already in Bludhaven on business when I got your call. Is he okay?” Mrs. Wayne said as she entered the apartment. She quickly scrutinized the room and then turned to look at Y/N.

“Yes, ma’am. He is in bed right now, but you can come see him.” Y/N said as she led the way.

“Hey, Mom! How are you?” Dick asked from the bed. “Y/N’s been taking really good care of me. She made me soup and everything.”

Y/N walked over to him and put a hand to his forehead. “You need more tylenol.” She turned to the other woman. “You come keep him company while I go get some. We ran out this morning.” She grabbed her purse and put on some shoes and was out the door before Mrs. Wayne could form a response.

“Come sit with me, Mom.” Dick said. He scooted over to make room on his side of the bed. His mother came over and sat next to him. “So. You want to tell me why you don’t like my girlfriend?”

Mrs. Wayne sighed. “I just. I don’t want to see you end up with someone you have to support for the rest of your life. Barista’s don’t get very big paychecks and you are Bruce Wayne’s son.”

“She isn’t a gold digger if that is what you are worried about. I actually had to work for weeks just to get her to agree to go out with me. Plus, I tend to be pretty hard to take care of if you couldn’t tell.” Dick chuckled as he took a bite of soup. “If she was in this for the money, she would have left the first time I crawled through the window all bruised and bloody.”

“She knows about Nightwing?” Mrs. Wayne asked, very surprised.

“She lives with me, Mom. I trust her and I love her more than I love anyone else in the world.” Dick said.

“Okay, so I got some tylenol and a couple other things that should also help.” Y/N said as she came into the room. “Am I interrupting something? I can go back out if you need me to.”

“That won’t be necessary, sweetheart.” Mrs. Wayne said as she got up. “I was just on my way out.” She paused in the doorway and looked Y/N in the eyes. “You take very good care of him okay?” and then she left.

“What was that about?” Y/N asked, turning to face Dick.

Dick just shrugged and continued eating his soup, trying very hard not to let Y/N see the huge smile on his face.

A belated birthday present for @mrspetermaximoff

Originally posted by ericscissorhands

       You knew that Digger would be home soon. His plane ride back from his latest heist was twelve hours long, and he would undoubtedly be exhausted. So, being the wonderful wife that you are, you cleaned the house, baked him his favorite cookies, put your son to sleep, donned your pajamas, and waited. You sat on the living room couch, and reflected on your life.
       The entire house was decorated exactly how you had always dreamed for your home to be. Your wardrobe contained every possible thing you could ever want, as did your jewelry box (well, boxes). Anything you or your son wanted was yours – not even in just the material sense. If you asked Digger to stay home so you could all spend family time together, he would without a second thought. He would even offer to cook dinner (although you would always politely decline, remembering the time he nearly burnt the kitchen down when you two first got married). He was a damn near perfect husband. The only downside was his… profession.
       You were far from angelic. The two of you had actually met while trying to steal the same thing. But you had stopped all thievery the second you discovered that you were pregnant. Digger had been ecstatic, and he went on a paternity leave from robbing during the final months of your pregnancy, and during the first six months of your son’s life. However, you desperately wanted Digger to go on a much more permanent leave of absence from larceny before your family grew any further. The thought of something happening to him was unbearable.
       The front door opened softly, and you saw a very tired, battered Digger entering. His shoulders slumped with fatigue, and his heavy boots drug across the wood floor. You stood, and when the second he noticed you, his entire demeanor changed. A wide smile spread across Digger’s face, and he dropped the duffle bag in his hands before striding over to you. He immediately pulled you into a long, slow kiss, then pulled away and pressed one to your forehead.
       “How’s our little man?” Digger asked, nodding in the direction of your son’s room.
       “He’s good. I’ll wake him in a few minutes to let him know you’re home.”
       “And how our other little man?” he asked, leaning down and pressing a kiss to your swollen abdomen. The unborn child began moving around, occasionally kicking – as if they knew their father was here.
       “Little girl,” you corrected, smiling. Digger leaned up with a look of awe on his face.
       “Really?” he asked, grinning.
       “Really,” you answered, and you couldn’t prevent the hint of bitterness that began to seep into your next words. “I went to the doctor today, remember? You said you’d be home by then.”
       Digger’s smile faded, and sadness filled his eyes.
       “I know, sweetheart. I’m so sorry. The blueprint of the building I was given was a lot older than I thought it was, so I had to –”
       He stopped talking when you held your hand up, frowning.
       “This…. George, this is why I want you to stop.”
       “Stop?” he asked slowly, as if the notion was entirely foreign to him.
       “Yes, stop,” you said, crossing your arms. “Stop running off all the time. Stop leaving me here, at home with our children, worried sick and wondering when – and if – you’re coming home. Stop making our son ask me when his dad is coming home. Stop missing sonogram appointments. Stop missing our son’s football games. Just… stop.”
       Digger was about to give a response, when he felt a pair of small arms wrap around his leg. He looked down to see his very sleepy-looking son. Digger scooped the boy up in his arms, and he nuzzled his face into his father’s shoulder.
       “Are you staying now, Dad?”
       You saw the look on your husband’s face at his son’s words, and you knew that he was defeated. He sighed heavily.
       “Yeah,” Digger answered, looking at you. “Yeah, I’m staying. But there is one more trip I’ve gotta go on; I made the plans for it weeks ago, and everything’s in order for it. After that, I’ll never leave again.”
       You eyed him suspiciously, worried that this was similar to an addict saying “I’ll quit tomorrow.” Digger noticed, and added a firm “I swear.” You nodded, then pressed a ‘thank you’ kiss to his lips.
       The two of you put your son back to sleep, then climbed into bed together. His strong arms wrapped around you, his palm resting on your belly, eager to feel the baby move. Digger’s breathing eventually slowed, and he pressed a kiss to your temple before falling into a deep sleep. You weren’t far behind him, at ease for once at the thought of finally having a calm, peaceful life.
       A week later, Digger headed off to complete his final heist. He gave you a loving kiss, pressed a quick kiss to your belly, then hugged your son, and left. He promised to be home as soon as possible, and that he’d take you both on a fun little family outing. You anxiously awaited his return, feeling a strange sense of unease developing within you.

       The next day, you received a call from the Belle Reve Penitentiary.

Ranking of The Winter’s Tale Characters

Paulina: the smartest person alive, deceptive and cunning in the best possible way, good thing she’s a nice person because if not she’d be on par with Iago

Hermione: had to deal with a lot of shit from her husband and did it masterfully if I do say so myself

Florizell: so sweet what an angel, boyfriend material (Perdita thought so anyways)

Polixenes: actually a nice guy, 100% would want a friend like that

The Bear: you know why, points for sheer awesomeness

Perdita: lovely lady, kind of bland in my humble opinion

The Shepherd and his Son: don’t tell me they weren’t gold diggers, points for taking in a little orphan baby

Antigonus: I don’t think he survived long enough for me to form an opinion of him, will live on in infamy as the guy with the best shakespearean death

Camillo: swell guy, no problems with this one in my book

Autolycus: what a nuisance

Leontes: actually the worst and somehow manages to exemplify at least 70% of men, why is shakespeare so good at writing bad fathers and husbands (and friends) because props to him if he was going for husband of the year in hell

I’m Sorry(Jin)


Word Count:920

Summary: “What is this?”

A/N:I really hope you enjoy reading this!~J

Part One//Part Two//

Sitting inside a crowded coffee shop, you awaited for Jin’s mother to meet up with you. Taking another sip of your coffee, you patiently waited for her to arrive. Once she arrived she sat down, right across from you, smiling she took her purse and set it to the side, taking her coat off. You smile, handing her the extra cup you had, it was steaming.

“I got you your favourite coffee” You smile brightly at her.

“Oh thank you dear, it’s quite chilly now” She comments on the weather.

“Yes, I’m glad you could come and meet with me, so what did you need to tell me about?” You ask her, taking a sip of your coffee, as she grabs her purse, pulling a envelope out.

You took the envelope, opening it you found cash in it, you gave her a confused look, seeing her smile turn into a scowl.

“W-what is this?” You ask her, putting the money back into the envelope.

“It’s money for you to get out of this town and start a new life, I’ll send you more money on the way, enough that you don’t even have to work and still be able to afford whatever you want” She explains, her sweet tone turned into a bitter tone.

“Why are you making me leave town?” You ask her.

“Are you that idiotic that you can’t tell what i’m trying to say?” She asks.

“Why all of a sudden, I can’t leave town how would Jin react to this sudden news?” You asked, hands shaking as you tossed it back to her.

“You’ll break up with him, I don’t care how hurt he may be as long as I know my son isn’t dating trash like you.” She glares, her words are like venom.

“How am I trash? What did I do to you?” You asked, trying not to yell, clenching your fist.

“I see the way you look at Jin, eyes lusting for money” She says coldly.

“You think I’m just some gold digger looking for your sons money?” You asked, astonished with her accusation.

“I mean it wouldn’t be the first time someone had tried to steal my sons money and heart” She says, sipping her coffee.

“I would never hurt Jin, I love him” You say.

“Then if you love him, you’ll leave him” She says.

“You can’t expect me to leave him, I couldn’t live without him” You tell her, hoping to get some sympathy from her.

“Well you’ve done it before you can do it again” She says harshly, throwing the envelope at you “If you love him that much you’ll leave him” She says before leaving.

You sat at the table, glancing at the money on the table, eyes now filling up with tears.

You decided that if you truly wanted Jin to be happy like his mother said, you would have to leave. As much as you didn’t want to it was for the best, walking to his apartment you softly knocked on the door. Jin opened the door, smiling immediately, grabbing you towards him to embrace you into a hug.

“You came to visit me” He says sweetly.

“Something like that” You grumble, trying your best to keep a straight face.

“What’s wrong Jagi?” Jin asks, seeing your tears form.

“I have to leave Jin” You say simply, keeping your voice steady, even though your heart was beating rapidly and you could barely breathe.

“Where are you going?” Jin asks.

“I’m going to some place far away from here” You say to him.

“When will we see each other again? We’ll still keep in contact right? I promise to go on skype everynight” He says going on about what he would do.

“Jin, I won’t be coming back and you won’t have to contact me because we’re breaking up” You tell him, voice breaking.

“W-what? W-why? Y-you know how much I love you” Jin says, you could feel himself breaking down.

“I’m sorry” That was all you could say without spilling why you were actually leaving.

“It’s because I was never better right? I could never be as good as Jungkook, or I couldn’t dance as good as Hoseok? Isn’t that why?” Jin asks, his voice full of insecurities.

“Jin that’s not why, you know you’re just as good as them” You remind him.

“Then why are you leaving me!?” Jin asks loudly.

“Because I have to leave, and I don’t do long distance.” You tell him.

“You don’t have to lie, it’s because I’m not as good as the others isn’t it?” Jin asks, tears now escaping his eyes, his hand shaking.

“Jin I promise you that it’s not that, you are so talented don’t ever say you aren’t as good as the others” You tell him, you can barely keep a steady breath let alone your tears controlled.

“I wish that you would just tell me why you’re leaving, don’t you care a little about me?” He asks.

“I do!” You tell him.

“Then why are you leaving me?” he questions.

“I’m sorry” That’s all you can say.

“I want a actual answer” He screams, upset with this current situation.

“I’m sorry” You say once again.

“We were so happy, what happened?” He asks, crying.

“I’m sorry” You say, trying to leave.

“Don’t leave me! If you exit that door I’ll never love you again” Jin says.

“I’m so sorry” You whisper before leaving his apartment, hearing his loud cries telling you to come back.

Take Your Place - A Son fanmix

You’re gonna come undone!

[Listen Here]

1.Lone Digger - Caravan Palace // 2.Death Grips - Hacker // 3. Fight Dirty  (Seraphim System Remix) - Angelspit // 4.Carve - Dance Gavin Dance // 5.Toes - Glass Animals // 6.Pss Pss - Death Grips // 7.Act Up - Cities Aviv // 8.You Guessed It - OG Maco // 9.Pirahna - The Prodigy // 10.Pan y Cafe - Xenia Rubinos // 11. Take Your Place - The Underachievers //


„Your favorite superhero is who?!“ You hear Digger yelling and look through the door where he’s sitting together with your son.

„The Flash.“

„Are ya kiddin’? What about me, I’m ten times better than that…-“

You clear your throat from the door and give him an angry look while you raise your eyebrow, „No cussing.“

„Yeah, yeah…right women.“

„Daaad you’re no superhero, you’re one of the bad guys.“ Your son says in a whiny tone and you start to laugh. Digger made an expression like he couldn’t believe what he had just heard. He looks over to you for support but you just shrug.

„He’s not wrong you know.“ You say with a smirk and he rolls his eyes, annoyed at you.

„I am not! I helped catch some bad guys as well.“

„Yeah after getting into prison because you got caught robbing banks.“

„Aren’t ya supposed to be on my side?“

„Maybe I would be…“ You walks closer to him, whispering into his hear, „…if I hadn’t seen you check out that bank today.“

„I didn’t.“

„Oh, yeah?“ You sit down on the bed while you tug your son into his blankets, „Honey what do you think we’ll let daddy do what he always does, maybe you’ll get a chance to meet the Flash when he catches him…again.“ Your tone gets darker at the end as you look over to Digger.

„Alright I get the hint…no robberies.“