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I never understood why Goku needed to leave for a few years to train Uub at the end of Z he can instant transmission there to train Uub for the time then teleport back home. Then again Neko Majin Z another of Toriyama's work (Not sure if it's canon) not only shows he has another student and he seems to visit his family so maybe he did change his mind.

I don’t 100% get why he needed to leave to train Uub but according to Goku he wants to train Uub so he can “protect the earth” when he kicks the bucket and also because Goku was itching for a good fight before he dies. I guess Goku is going through mid life crises? And since Majin Buu was the last strongest opponent he fought, he’s over thinking “oh man! If I train him to use his powers he’s gonna be even more stronger!! This is so exciting!” 

Poor Goku just wants to fight the strongest lol. He truly is a saiyan…..

And you’re right. Goku can just get up in the morning or afternoon (what ever time he trains Uub) and IT to UUb’s village. Then when he’s done with his training session he can IT back home and sleep at his own house….Goku can actually cut a lot of time or be with both families if he IT……but Idk goku wants to make his life difficult….or maybe he’s getting so old that he’s forgetting certain things or can’t do certain things like he used to?…..for example for me this showed his old age.

 But I think it’s mentioned that he visits his family once in while…So maybe Neko Majin Z is not that far off from this idea? So that’s better then not visiting them at all….