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Can you imagine how Erron and Hanzo would react if they saw McCree flirting with Jin? xD

They both would probably explode, Nonny (Erron and Hanzo are very jealous souls, and over their dead bodies will anybody steal Jin and McCree from them) - first it would be Erron to voice his displeasure:

McCree wouldn’t be happy to hear that, so …

Kung Jin, who liked the flirting earlier, sees this exchange and decides that he doesn’t like McCree anymore:

Hanzo, who’s already fuming, is not impressed by the threat directed towards McCree:

Suddenly, Jin’s overprotective, mercenary-hating cousin gets involved:

And just when all hope seems lost …

… Genji comes through to add nothing but drama.

This is why McCree shouldn’t have flirted with Jin in the first place. ^-^;;


Joonyoung-ssi please let him live.. but good job teacher!

*note: in case you’re wondering, month in korean system is using numbers, so January is 일(il=one)wol and etc etc that’s why rapmon says “it’s one out of 12


At least you didn’t have to win three times in a row(〃・ω・〃)


(┳◇┳) Please baby Simba, don’t cry. And don’t ever doubt the love and gratitude you receive from KEYS! You deserve all this love!

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I'm sorry if you already answered this. Could you maybe recommend some winter/christmas songs to me? ♥

Right here! :D

Don’t be sorry about asking again, there’s even more Christmas-themed releases this year! Here are some more

Lucite Tokki (루싸이트 토끼) - Deer Dear
Son Jin Young (손진영) & No Su Ram (노수람) - Romantic Christmas (설레는노래/로맨틱크리스마스)
Outsider (아웃사이더) & ASSACOMZ (아싸컴즈) - Blue Christmas (Feat. Ma Su Hye/마수혜)
J-Walk (제이워크) - The First Day of Snow (첫눈 오는 날)
Yurisangja (유리상자) - White Memory (하얀기억)

And it’s not even December yet! All these songs are on Hope you enjoy ^^

- Jane

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콘서트끝! 너무 감사하고 행복한 콘서트였다

Concert finished! It was such a grateful and happy concert

(T/N: He was grateful and happy for the concert)

Mr. Son
끝! 그리고 시작! .

End! and also beginning! .

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