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  • batman comics: batman is super sad because his parents are dead, and is either angsting with his alternative universe father, dramatically looking off into the night after parents are mentioned in any capacity, or staring up at a large portrait of them
  • me: [barely awake, drooling, 'kill me now' written on forehead]
  • batman comics: "jason was the best", batman calls robin "kiddo" and "smart pup", family portraits, batman taking his kid to a baseball game, batman taking his other kid to a rock concert, "i think of dick and tim and my life seems that much richer", batman grieves for his lost children deeply
  • me: [tears streaming down my face, cheering, nothing but praise, howls endlessly]

My hero


Dedicado a mi papá, a quien quiero muchísimo.
Mucho de lo que soy hoy en día se lo debo completamente a él, quien me ha enseñado tanto de la vida, y siempre me ha aconsejado deseando lo mejor en mí.

Además él siempre fue quien me defendió de los bichos a quienes tanto les he temido, e intentó enseñarme que no había que temerles (spoiler: jamás aprendí, les sigo teniendo mucho miedo). Y siempre me ha soportado, desde mis berrinches y caprichos, hasta la música que escucho.

También siempre ha confiado en mis decisiones, pero siempre orientado en ellas, al igual que ha apoyado mis gustos, y que le encante lo que hago (o al menos eso dice).

Como se que él es de las personas más dificiles de saber qué regalarle de cumpleaños, porque él siempre tiene todo lo que quiere; siento que es más especial regalarle una muestra de mi persepción, interpretación y abstracción de lo que él ha representado para mí, muy a mi estilo; porque incluso en cosas tan sencillas, él siempre ha sido mi héroe.

Feliz cumpleaños, papá!



Dedicated to my dad, whom I love very much.
What I am today it’s because of him, who has taught me so much about the life, and with his wisdom has always advised me for the best.

He was always the one who defended me from the bugs to which I’m terribly feared, and tried to teach me that there was no need to fear them (spoiler: I never learned, I am still very afraid). And he has always supported me, from my tantrums and whims, even to the music I listen.

He has also always been confident in my decisions, but always oriented in them; as the same he has supported my tastes, and he loves what I do (or so he says).

As I know he is one of the hardest people to know what to give him for birthday, because he always has everything he wants; I feel that it’s more special to give him a sample of my perseption, interpretation and abstraction of what he has represented for me, in my style; because even in things so simple, he has always been my hero.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

My dad had some interesting thoughts about Rose Quartz:

He thinks Steven is gravely misjudging his mother. Steven insists that shattering Pink Diamond was wrong without acknowledging the fact that Pink was an enemy, a danger to everyone and everything he loves. He doesn’t consider the situation she was in at the time–Garnet herself says that Rose had no choice.

About Steven’s assertion that Rose put the Earth in danger by starting a rebellion, my dad wants to point out that the Earth was already in danger. Blaming Rose Quartz for that is really unfair.

Of course, now we know that Rose might not have shattered Pink Diamond. I have to wonder if the Crewniverse believes as Steven does that Rose would be unforgivable if she really had shattered her Diamond. I would be disappointed if Rose’s redemption came from the discovery that she hadn’t done anything Steven considers wrong rather than the acknowledgement that good people can be flawed and that leaders have to make hard decisions. After all, Steven forgives Lapis, Peridot and even Jasper for these reasons. He’s definitely holding his mother to a double standard, and himself by extension.


മ◡മ Shance Fluff Week Day 1: Black/Blue


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I missed these misawa moments ♥ ♥ Srsly, those two just make my life better

ily terajima, pls dont ruin my happiness


Koushuu…. omfg bby i cant xDDD i’m crying rn he’s too precioussssssssss ♥ ♥

Voltron Character's phone wallpapers
  • Shiro: Keith and his cat
  • Keith: Shiro laying on his Physics book
  • Pidge: Her and Matt at the Garrison
  • Hunk: He and his Mom
  • Lance: His family
  • Allura: Her and her father
  • Coran: He, Allura and Alfor
  • Zarkon: Kittens
  • Lotor: Himself
  • Haggar: Zarkon
  • Plaxum: She and Lance near the Shore.