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whaaattt? What's the story about Gethsemane????

In a million years I’m not going to be able to find a source for this or remember where I read it, but at the time they shot Gethsemane, the S4 cliffhanger, when Scully is in the meeting with all the FBI bigwigs and has to say that she was called to Mulder’s apartment to identify a body, and then delivers the line “Agent Mulder died last night from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head” – it was apparently Gillian’s understanding that Scully believed what she was saying. And so, of course, she brought the full power of her acting to it, and gave us a Scully visibly anguished and suffering and made us feel that heartbreaking moment deep in all of our souls:

because she’s a goddamn professional actress who is very good at what she does.

Except, Chris Carter did what was apparently his usual practice, which was write one half of a cliffhanger, shoot it, edit it, air it, go on hiatus, and THEN start thinking about how to resolve the cliffhanger. (Sound familiar? At least that time he knew the show was coming back.) So, when they got the next season’s scripts, it turned out that Scully had known the whole time that Mulder was not really dead. And, there is a quote somewhere from Gillian where she expresses being miffed that she didn’t know this at the time of playing the scene, because playing “my partner/best friend/soulmate/love of my life has shockingly killed himself and I had to identify his body and also I’m about to die of cancer and I am in the absolute black depths of shock and despair” is a lot different from playing “I sure hope I can pull this heist over on these FBI bigwigs so my partner and I can figure out who’s the mole. I, Dana Scully, a medical doctor who is not a professional actress and is not very good at lying because I’m naturally earnest and forthright and dedicated to the truth, better fake this as best I can. Also I am about to die from cancer. This hasn’t been a great week.” Kinda more like this:

But CC doesn’t understand that because he doesn’t understand acting or people or women or feelings or preparing for things.

Is it any wonder that by the time they got to Season 8 and Scully was pregnant and there was no information (for the audience or the actors) about whether Mulder was the father, whether Scully knew Mulder was the father, whether Mulder knew Mulder was the father, whether Mulder wanted to be the father, and also oh yeah Mulder had been dying of a brain disease the whole time last year, they just kind of slogged forward and did what they could? This is the girl who used to look up all the hard medical words in the scripts she got so she could inhabit the character as fully as possible. Smh.



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