the scene in overclockwise where bender finds out that freela is endgame and like. looks at fry, sompletely heartbroken and says “… it’s getting late…” and starts creating new galaxies breaks my heart every time

like i dont know how they wanted me to interpret that scene, but literally the only way i can is bender realizing that fry and leela have a future together, instead of fry and him, and not being able to handle that and like

hey groening, what were ya going for there? because i honest to god cannot think of another interpretation since he proves at the end that he DID see fry and leela together

anyway, the conclusion, as usual, is that bender is sad and gay


100 Adamtina moments


66- HOUSE OF BLUES. on th efirst one I love his face, on the second both of their faces as they sing along and super close and the third one is just perfect

67-THAT moment

68- what they usually do, even though it wasn’t as common as in season 3

69-they’re adorably looking at eachoter and on the other one I LOVE the way she’s sitting… so seductive! & almost giving her back to blake because she’s sompletely flirting with adam

Finn Fancies The Bus Girl: Chapter 2

Finn stepped on the bus, Rae was behind him. Then he got his wallet out pulled three crisp singles out and fed them to the meter.


“It’s too late, they’re already in.” He smiled and moved out of the way so she could go ahead to pick out the seat. Rae choose a set a few rows back from the driver. She sat on the seat next to the isle so Finn started to climb over her to get the inside seat. She held up her hand not letting him pass.

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