My life is complete now~ 

the scene in overclockwise where bender finds out that freela is endgame and like. looks at fry, sompletely heartbroken and says “… it’s getting late…” and starts creating new galaxies breaks my heart every time

like i dont know how they wanted me to interpret that scene, but literally the only way i can is bender realizing that fry and leela have a future together, instead of fry and him, and not being able to handle that and like

hey groening, what were ya going for there? because i honest to god cannot think of another interpretation since he proves at the end that he DID see fry and leela together

anyway, the conclusion, as usual, is that bender is sad and gay

I am actually sick right now (the stress of the week finally caught up with my body) and is currently trying her best to keep her lungs in her chest from all the coughing, and I needed some fluff to feel better

just a simple coloring scheme; nothing to fancy or too bland for this one OwO

the background was actually accidental but the colors looks nice together so I kept it haha XDD

While drawing this, I was listening to the Jonas Brothers’ song Lovebug! It’s such a cute song!

This ship needs more love! I mean I love shadilver and all (i would go as far and say I’m the queen of shadilver but that is sompletely debatable), and would draw fanart of it every chance I could but decided that if fluff is needed, these two fits the bill