somone else thought of this right

I just want to hear your voice and hear you tell me everything is going to be alright. Even though you are probably talking to somone else right now while I am just sitting in my empty room, looking through your pictures and reminding myself what an amazing boy you were and how stupid I am for treating you the way I did. I know, ten years from now, I will probably still regret all those things I have said to you and maybe I will never forgive myself for it.
—  M.V.

I rewatched “First Born” today, and I began thinking a little too hard.

It’s really no wonder Sam’s mental state is what is, if the best compliment anybody has given him is, essentially, “You’re only the world’s second biggest screw-up! Yay! Now call Dean.” I really hated that comment. After all this time, after Sam has not only apologized, cleaned up his mess, but suffered a thousand times over for it, he doesn’t even get enough recognition to be counted as a hero?

Dean did not save the world, yet he is happy to take the praise for it from the hunter community. (Re; his talk with Tracy Bell, and how he took Charlie’s praise without comment) Sam saved the world, he made the sacrifice, he went through the pain, and the value of his triumph is not even his. Apparently, it’s Dean’s.

Saving the world should be something Sam can take pride in, a shining beacon of something he did right, but it isn’t. It’s one thing Dean did right.

This enrages me. As an artist, I know what it’s like to have your work stolen; all of your hard work becoming somone else’s? To see the same concept used on Sam, whom deserves the recognition more than anyone else, is aggravating. This, in addition to the fact that nobody even wants to pay a thought to Sam’s massive contribution to the safety of the world?

Nobody even wants to scrounge up a better compliment than “world’s second biggest screw-up” for the guy who sacrificed everything to save them? Really?