tbh im such an unforgiving person like how do ppl just forgive somone for something bad that they did to them idk maybe im just very bad at trusting ppl

One announcement

I’m super picky on contest entry’s, somone always says I’m biased but I looked over every entry the same friends or not, I saw every entry and hymns was the most clear and well made, I’m sorry a 100k credit contest will have repaints and edits, I liked a few entry’s but hymns entry was the best in my opinion so she won that’s the end of it,I won’t do another tumblr contest if you harass Hymn on anon a
That is very child like just because you didn’t get your way are you 12? Anyways thanks for all the entry’s and glad some people can act like adults

Have a great week everyone

its absolutely mind blowing to me that I’ve met somone who I can’t live without. its crazy that im so in love with someone and every little thng about them. not just their appearance, but them as a person. the way they talk. they way the walk with their feet a little pointed out. they way they chew. the way their eyes light ip when they talk aout something they love. they way their lips curl when they say “i love you.” the giddyness they get when they’ve had a little too much to drink. but then you start to fall deeper in love and you start t see even smaller details. they way their hands move. they way the face looks as they sleep peacefully next to you. and then you start to realize how really in love with them you are, and how much this human and this soul means to you. and you start to feel the little things instead of just seeing them. they way their skin feels against yours. the way it feels when their body is pressed closely against yours. the softness of their hair in between your fingers. the warmth of thier lips against yours. and you fall in love with the sound of their voice. the way they say things can change your mood in a matter pf seconds. because it relaxes you and takes you home. they become home. and never in your life did you think a human can feel like a place. but its not a place, its a feeling. its being completely comfortable with who you are with that person. and being able to feel safe. its being able to look into their eyes and feel like you can do anything. like everything is gonna be okay as long as you’re together. because together you are one. no matter the little fights, or the arguments because they have different interests or opinions. its being able to work through them because you learn to accept them for who they are. its being able to come home from a long day, and be grumpy and look at them and suddenlly forget it all for a while and just be happy. i think thats what love is. day after day, neever forgetting the little things about tht person that make you them. and learning to love all their flaws as well.



Sterek AU: Stiles picked the wrong guy to hit on tonight. Not only does he seem severely disinterested but he is also underage and the things Stiles wants to do to him would probably constitute a felony, or at the very least a misdemeanor. He knows he should leave Derek alone and find someone else to hit on but something about the boy keeps drawing him in. He’s just so… proper and twisted though it may be, Stiles really wants a chance to see if he can ruffle his perfectly law-abiding feathers.