Stuff Muslim Girls say (Parody/spoof)

My favorite quotes:

- Still on my 1st look, 2nd look is wrong … ah, I blinked

- I don’t know if they’re looking at me because of my scarf or because i’m hot


- I wish my husband would try to get a second wife

- Lower your gaze

anonymous asked:

Sandor Clegane was well-paid as KG & sworn shield to Joffrey. He also won 40,000 dragons at the Hand's Tourney. Yet he left KL with only 9,000, which got, uh, "re-purposed" by the BwB. What happened to the other 31,000? Arya never mentions him having any money other than what he later earns working in the village. Is it buried somewhere in KL, in a bank, spent on whores, gambling & wine...? Might his winnings figure in future plot? I know you can't answer definitively, but suppositions?

I think squidproquo-ink wrote a post about this recently(ish), though I don’t have it bookmarked or anything so perhaps she can link it for ya, LOL. I hadn’t really been keeping track of the exact amount of ca$h Sandor had on him at the time, but supposedly the tourney winnings amounted to a small fortune, so 31,000 dragons is no small potatoes to just piss away, that’s for sure!

You might have a point about him squirreling some away in King’s Landing though. In ASoS, he tells Arya:

“If this Young Wolf has the wits the gods gave a toad, he’ll make me a lordling and beg me to enter his service. He needs me, though he may not know it yet…”

I’ve always wondered what Sandor meant by Robb “needing” him… Maybe the money is part of the reason. Maybe Sandor did indeed stash a whole chunk of his winnings somewhere in KL that he ended up having to leave behind when he abandoned the BoBW, money that could aid Robb’s cause perhaps?

Otherwise, I don’t know what the hell Sandor could have possibly spent 31,000 dragons on. Whores? Highly doubt it. Gambling? I don’t think he’d be stupid enough to wager that much. Booze? Gosh I hope not. :-P Perhaps he invested it somehow? Maybe he sent it back to Clegane Keep to help with expenses since Gregor is probably a useless Lord? LOL

I dunno, maybe it’ll come up in the next couple books and end up meaning something!