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Jack G -> Pia Mia, Do It Again

Jack J -> G-Eazy, Remember You

Nate -> J. Cole, Wet Dreamz

Sammy -> Somo, Show Off

Stay The Night (3) (Sam Wilkinson)

So many requests for this…well awaited, I hope you Sammy girls enjoy! 

Listen To -> Show Off, Somo 

“Y/N, babygirl, fuck baby…” He mutters in a tone almost inaudible as you kiss down his perfectly sculpted abs leaving hickies on his chest and sides as you do so which drives Sam just about psychotic. Sam was known as a fuck boy, whom had girls melt with just one smile, a tough guy even in bed that did not fall victim to a girl and her pleasing ways. However, during this cold winter night he was everything but that. At least while you were on top. Sensitive, vulnerable, nineteen. The only way you could describe it was like you were the wet dream he had but never talked about because it was so embarrassing, and, if he admitted that he had it, he would be seen as something he ‘wasn’t’. 

Nonetheless, your plump lips travel down to places other girls could only dream about and you soon find Sam to be a moaning mess as your lips make contact. Kissing a line before taking in all of him, you intertwine fingers with him against his abs as his other hand finds your hair. Sam attempts to take control of where you’d go and how much pressure you’d apply but he soon loses that battle after you flick your tongue on his most sensitive part and he realizes that you know places to kiss and touch that he didn’t even know he’d like. 

“Y/N…you better start taking in more of me, you know just how to set me off the day daddy likes it ooooh babygirl.” Sam’s Nebraskan accent is thick and strained as his mouth releases a groan and his nose scrunches up in pleasure. 

Moving away for a brief moment you find his lips and slowly begin to rub your hips against him placing kisses on his neck, “patience, baby, patience.” You tease thinking back to the few moments ago where he was in your role and you were the one begging for him to finish you off. 

However, Sam always gets his way and without a second breath he rolls you over and teasingly begins to rub you just at your opening.

“You should know better than to blue-ball me.” He whispers in his ear, “daddy doesn’t like that.” You let out a moan, nails digging into his back, Sam enters you not being able to wait any longer as he was more in need that you and quickly begins pumping in and out. His hot breath against your neck, as his forehead is pressed against your temple, Sam rocks his hips against you. 

“Sammy…” You trail off, nails getting deeper into his muscular back with each thrust. 

“Come on, you know what to say.” 

“Daddy” you quickly correct yourself, Sam takes long strides in and out of you, for any other boy it would be tiring but Sam barely breaks a sweat. Holding himself up, he grips at your thigh with one hand and rests his forearm above your hand suddenly becoming very affectionate. 

It wasn’t about the sex…it was about you, and him, being together. 

“Oh god, y/n, I love you.” He whispers in your ear pressing a kiss to your ear, you were so close to finishing, and you felt like you might break down in tears but you hold back wanting to give him everything he was giving you both physically and emotionally. 

Sam wasn’t just a friend anymore, “I love you too,” you stated making eye contact, you were a mess with moans and screams of his name and within thirty seconds you climax…Sam helps you ride it out before reaching his and afterwards you fall back onto the bed together almost amused with the whole experience. 

“Well that’ll be a great story to tell the kids.” He chuckles, and you watch him with admiration before cuddling into him further…you really should stay the night more often. 


SoMo - Show Off (Official Music Video)