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Do It All For You - Taylor Caniff

* taylor takes you to a somo concert and sparks an extreme jealousy

BIG shoutout to withtaylorcaniff96 for the idea :)) x


“What the fuck is taking so long, babe?” Taylor asked, leaning against his bedroom doorframe coolly with a playful smirk on his face. I glanced back at him and shook my head at his cocky attitude.

“Fuck off, Tay! I’m almost ready, so chill out! Can I wear one of your sweatshirts there?”

Taylor smiled crookedly and nodded, running a stressed hand through his hair. He walked over to his closet, pulling out one of his favorite Aztec printed hoodies. He offered it to me and raised an eyebrow when I didn’t grab it from him. He groaned playfully as I opened my mouth to speak.

“And can you spray it with your cologne, baby? You always smell really good.”

I slid my feet into my shoes and stood up, ready to watch SoMo perform live. He was my favorite artist, and not only did he have fantastic music, but he was also extremely attractive. Even thinking that, I know that I’d never put him before Taylor.

“Here,” Taylor handed me his sweatshirt with his familiar, calming aroma and I grabbed it, along with my purse. “Are you ready now, y/n? Do you have everything?”

I nodded my head, grinning softly. “How do I look?”

“Good enough to fuck,” Taylor teased, smacking my ass playfully before running downstairs to the car.

I gasped loudly and chased him outside, sliding into the passenger’s seat with his sweatshirt sprawled across my lap. “I’m so hyped to see SoMo in person,” I gushed, “He’s such a great artist, don’t you think?”

Taylor rolled his eyes and gripped the steering wheel tightly. “He’s alright,” Taylor admitted quietly, “But he isn’t my favorite.”

I rolled my eyes, realization striking that Taylor was jealous. “I thought you liked his music? We usually listen to him when we’re kissing…”

Taylor smirked and closed his eyes briefly, probably picturing us making out on his couch to one of SoMo’s albums. “You have a point,” he added, “I’m just not feeling it tonight, you know? Maybe it’s because he’s going to be on stage, shirtless, and you’re going to have your eyes all over him.”

I frowned and leaned over, pecking his cheek sweetly. “Don’t worry,” I giggled, “I’m yours, Taylor. I won’t let anyone, especially someone like SoMo, change that.”

He smiled and reached down, squeezing my thigh comfortingly. He turned on the radio, and coincidentally, “Kings and Queens” by SoMo began to play through the speakers of his corvette. He smirked over at me and wiggled his eyebrows knowingly. We both sang along, making funny faces as we hit high notes and just teasing each other until we arrived at the concert. Taylor and I stood in line, anxiously waiting for SoMo to come out and perform.

A cool breeze came across my shoulders and I shivered, bringing my hands to rub my arms. I froze, remembering Taylor’s hoodie – which was nowhere to be found. I’d left it in the car.

“Shit,” I cursed, pouting to myself, “I left your hoodie in the car, Tay!”

Taylor stared at me, his eyes laced with concern. “We parked miles away, y/n. You’re going to miss half of the concert if you leave to get it!”

I frowned and continued to rub my arms furiously to keep warm. Taylor chuckled over at me, raising a playful eyebrow. “What? Are you cold?”

“Fuck off,” I giggled, “I’m just shivering because I’m so excited!”

“C’mere,” Taylor cooed, opening his arms. I stepped into them, feeling him embrace me into a warm, long hug. I melted into his chest, breathing in his comforting scent. Nearly five minutes had passed and we were walking through the stadium, finding our seats.

Taylor’s hand was securely held in mine and he beamed down at me, “Are you feeling any warmer?”

I shook my head and sighed sadly, “Not really, no.” We made our way to our seats and I watched as he smirked down at me, wiggling his eyebrows playfully.

“Well, lucky for you, I know exactly how to warm you up.”

I smirked and wrapped my arms around him, slowly beginning to lean in for a kiss. At that exact moment, the faint noise of a guitar strum began to play and I squealed, pushing Taylor away by the chest as anticipation ran through my veins.

 “Good mornin’, y’all,” SoMo spoke into the microphone, his voice slow and slightly sensual. All the girls in the stadium squealed, including me. He was beginning “I Do It All For You”, which happened to be one of my favorite songs, along with Taylor’s.

Taylor rolled his eyes, and dug his hands into his pockets, trying to hide his jealous state. I paid more attention to SoMo as he began to sing. I squealed once more and sang along, occasionally grinning over at Tay.

He looked so bored, and I knew I would have to thank him later for coming with me.

After he’d finished nearly his entire album, SoMo made his way to the front of the stage. I watched him in awe, trying not to drool for Taylor’s sake.

“Tonight we’re going to switch things up and play one of my favorite songs from the album, can anyone guess what that song may be?”

I nodded and cheered, watching as Taylor grinned at got his camera ready. It was Taylor’s all time favorite song.

I watched in awe, cheering and dancing. Taylor turned the camera to me, and I laughed and sang along with SoMo. “It’s just you and I tonight, why don’t you figure my heart out!”

Taylor stared at me, laughing softly. I bit my lip and turned my attention back to the stage. “SoMo!” I squealed, watching as he smiled at me for a brief moment.

“Oh shit! Taylor did you see that?! SoMo smiled at me!! Don’t tell me you missed that!”

Taylor rolled his eyes, clenching his jaw slightly.

I bit my lip, deciding against talking about SoMo anymore. Seeing as Taylor was getting pissed off, I wanted him in a good mood.

After the concert ended, I turned to Taylor and grinned happily. I draped my arms around his neck and stepped into his embrace, hugging him tightly. “Thank you so much for this, Taylor! Thank you for being a good ass best friend. I literally love you, thanks so much!”

Taylor smiled, pulling my body closer to his. “It’s nothing,” he mumbled quietly, face flushed.

I pulled away after a moment, grabbing his hand and grinning. “I’m freezing, let’s get that sweatshirt from the car and leave!”

He laced our fingers and followed me, keeping quiet as I rambled about the concert.

“My feet hurt,” I whined. I looked down the street and sighed. “And we aren’t even halfway to the car yet!”

“Why don’t you get SoMo to carry you there?” Taylor snapped, yanking his hand out of mine.

I froze, biting my lip. He turned to look at me, his jaw tense. “So that’s why you were quiet,” I assumed. “C'mon Taylor, you know I’d never actually date him. I love you, not SoMo. I think you’re jealous.”

Taylor rolled his eyes, chuckling softly. “Oh, please. You’d rather fuck SoMo than hang out with me any day.”

I sighed, walking over to where Taylor stood. “Not true,” I told him. “I’d rather be with you. You make me happy and you’re always there for me. I’d always pick you.”

I leaned towards him, letting my head fall onto his chest. His heartbeat was increasing rapidly and we stood on the pavement in comfortable silence.

I placed a soft kiss to his chest and grinned. “So… Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Taylor let out a dramatic sigh, turning around and allowing me to jump on his back. “Thank you babe,” I grinned, leaning forward and pecking his cheek before jumping on his back.

The entire car ride was full of laughter and our terrible singing. After Taylor pulled up into my driveway, I grinned and grabbed his hand, leading him inside my empty house and to my room.

We both lay back on the bed, staring up at my ceiling. Our fingers were still laced and I grinned down at Taylor. “You know,” I started, “You’re pretty hot when you’re jealous.”

Taylor turned to me, rolling his eyes. “I wasn’t jealous,” he lied.

“Yeah, and I wasn’t freezing. You were totally jealous, just admit it.”

He sat up and hovered over me, his lips dangerously close to mine. “Y/n,” Taylor warned. “Don’t.”

“Don’t what?” I asked innocently, looking up at him through my lashes.

“You drive me crazy,” He chuckled, staring down at me. His eyes flickered to my lips and he licked his lips, his pupils dilating slightly. “You know that feeling?”

I stared up at him in pure and utter confusion. “What feeling? Taylor, what are you talking about…?”

He smiled genuinely, smirking softly. “That feeling you get when you’re in love,” he trailed off, “Well, nobody can take that from us. Not even SoMo.”

I giggled at his song preference and decided that I was going to make him more jealous then he would have ever imagined. “Yeah, maybe…”

I knew exactly what this was leading to – and I was excited for it.

“M-maybe? What do you mean ‘maybe’?”

I shrugged nonchalantly and pressed on, “Oh, I’m sorry. I spaced out! I was thinking about how SoMo looked at me tonight at the concert… His bare, toned chest heaving and his eyes locked on mine…”

Without any hesitation, Taylor roughly slammed his lips onto mine. His tongue skimmed my bottom lip and jabbed into my mouth, battling for dominance.

After a few moments I began tugging at the ends of his shirt, and within seconds it was torn from his body. I broke the kiss and flipped us over, straddled his hips, and connected our lips once more. I grabbed the ends of my shirt and pulled it off, allowing it to fall to the ground softly. Taylor stared at my chest angrily, and I couldn’t deny how hot he looked when he was jealous.

I raked my fingernails down his bare chest, triggering a growl to leave his throat.

“I wasn’t,” he snapped, already knowing what I was thinking about.

“If you admit you were jealous, I’ll help you out,” I pushed, running my hand down his chest and to his crotch. I started palming him through his shorts, feeling that he was already stiff before I had touched him.

“Fuck,” Taylor moaned, reaching down and popping the button of my shorts. He smacked my ass softly, hinting that he wanted to get them off, and so I hovered up as he easily slid them down my legs. After they were off, he trailed his hands back up the bottom of my thighs and gripped my ass playfully. “You’re my girl, baby.”

I reached down and unbuckled his belt, tossing it to the ground. I unbuttoned his shorts and put a small amount of pressure on his already sensitive crotch, causing him to let out a hiss. “Fuck, d-don’t tease me babe.”

He lifted his ups upward and I pulled off his shorts, reconnecting our lips again.

Within moments, Taylor’s clothed crotch started bucking against mine impatiently as I remained still, hovering over him to tease him. “Fuck this, I can’t wait anymore.”

He flipped us over, his fingers skillfully rubbing me over my panties. “Taylor,” I whined. “More, baby.”

“Who made you this wet?” Taylor asked, smirking to himself as if he already knew the answer.

I bit my lip, knowing exactly how to push his buttons.

“SoMo did,” I replied confidently.

Taylor’s eyes switched and he stared at me in disbelief. His jaw clenched and he let out a grunt. “What did you just say?”

“SoMo made me this wet,” I let out a soft moan for effect.

“You’re going to regret ever saying that,” he growled, tearing off my panties and roughly pushing two fingers into me, stretching my walls.

“Shit,” I moaned, reaching up and grabbing the taut muscle of his back as he worked on me. I watched as he pulled down his briefs, already aware of what he planned to do next.

He pinned my wrists above my head and pushed himself into me, causing me to scream out. “Taylor, fuck!”

He smirked, slamming into me harder. “Who’s making you feel this good, y/n?”

I opened my mouth to speak but instead let out a loud moan. “Y-you, Taylor,” I replied breathlessly, building up my peak. I felt myself on the bridge of my orgasm, and Taylor seemed to have read my mind. He reached forward, rubbing my clit to help me get there. “It’s always you.”

Almost instantly, I hit my high. I bucked my hips against his to ride it out, clenching my walls around him as my orgasm overtook me.

“Fuck! D-do that again,” Taylor groaned against my skin.

I clenched around him again, watching as he came apart from above me. His mouth fell open slightly, his eyes rolled back as he cursed under his breath– he was gorgeous.

After he came down from his high, he flopped down next to me on the bed. He stared at me in silence for a few moments before his face went into disgust.

“SoMo pisses me the fuck off,” Taylor snarled finally, pulling me into his sweaty body. “I want to be the one to make you happy.”

I grinned and strained my neck, pecking Taylor’s jawline softly. “SoMo can’t compare to how happy you make me. You make me happy… You always do.”

He smiled wide, leaning down and pecking my lips sweetly. “I want to be the only one,” He trailed off, before continuing, “And I’ll admit that I’m jealous, but I can’t help it. I do it all for you, and my heart is alive because of your love, baby.”

So when I finally got up to Joseph he signed my album and after that I asked him if he could really quickly sign my red lighter cause I knew he was only doing albums and the line was crazy long but like the sweetheart he is he said of course and signed it for me, after I told him to keep the sharpies I heard him as I walked away say she’s so sweet. (dying inside!) -ashley

SoMo’s Album Release Show at Highline Ballroom NYC

5SOS Preference: "Ride"

“could you do a preference when you are cleaning the house in your panties and bra, with his button up shirt on as well, and he and the other guys catch you cleaning the house and dancing to Ride by Somo?”

A/N: I just spent two hours listening to this song on repeat as I wrote this prompt. I hope you enjoy. It’s a bit different and a little abnormal to what I write, but let me know if you like it! I highly suggest you listen to the song while you read. Here’s the link if anyone’s interested : x 

In addition, I added some GIFs to this one, cuz I can :) Enjoy.


Luke had left early that morning for a studio session, so when you woke up you were alone, his side of the bed already cold. You took your time getting up, showering and putting on an old plaid shirt of Luke’s he’d left laying around. As you walked through the house, you realized just how messy it had gotten. Being as clean and orderly as you were, you decided to spend the day cleaning. You plugged your iPhone into the Bluetooth speaker and went to town, dusting, mopping, doing laundry.

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