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I dunno, though - I think it's all right for people to have that sort of thing. One doesn't see straight parades because the world doesn't have a problem with being straight. I have never ever heard of someone committing suicide because of being straight, or being kicked out of their home, for example. So in that case, it makes sense to celebrate, because even though so many people have endured so much hardship, they're still (mostly) turning out all right. That's how I make sense of it, anyway.

Okay. So I kind of extremely ranted while answering this ask (even though technically it isn’t.) Please see the post I’m about to make after I publish this to see my /pretty much/ in depth view of this answer and a lot of things else.

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1, 10, 13, 31, and 34! :3

1: I’ve skipped a few useless lectures and accidentally slept through a few classes, so yep.

10: It’s really difficult for me to pick just one! But Renard’s Terminal has been one of my favourites for years now, like right when I started finding his music back in high school.

13: If I have to pick just one, it’s probably something I don’t wanna post about on Tumblr and you already know about anyway.

31: I don’t think I’d be able to deal with one myself, but I guess they’re pretty great if it’s something you can handle? I get sad about a lot of my friends being far away kinda often so actually being in a relationship with someone so far away would probably fuck with me a lot.

34: Haven’t tried it myself but I probably would if someone offered! I don’t really have a strong opinion on it one way or another ahah.