Supposed leaked XY Pokemon.

“Hello fellow anon! Just passing by to share some new info of XY!

Just a little bit of background first. I’m a redactor for a french website (sorry for my english^^) and the pokemon Company is actually distributing the finished game to the press as well as some "secret info” (mostly details on the online features since they are not available at the moment and 2 exclusive pokemon . I’m pretty sure you already know that.

I won’t give the name of the website obviously. I don’t to be in trouble. Anyway, I have some details on one of the new pokemon. Sadly I don’t know anything about the other one which is reserved for the north american press. Keep in mind that all the info were in french so the names and descriptions are different from the north american localisation;

Somnignon is the pillow pokemon. It’s name is a mix of somne (light sleep) and Mignon (cute). It’s a white mink. It’s normal type.

3.5 kg
45 cm

It has a new ability called “Confortable” in french—-> comfortable. It work the same way as static, but for the sleep status.

Rough translation of the french description: it’s fur is so soft that anyone who touch it will want to rest on it (not really sure how to translate this part). Women usually let somnignon sleep on their shoulder. (like a scarf I guess).

So yeah, that’s it. We don’t have any higher resolution picture. I don’t know about other website though. it’s not unusual for website from different countries to have different footages or screenshots, especially in Europe.“