Hello studyblrs,

I am here to say that I will always be happy to talk about mental health with any of you. I’m of the belief that mental health should never be swept under the carpet. I hate that it seems to still be taboo to bring the topic up, or the fact that there is still stigma surrounding the topic.

Mental health is more prevalent than people seem to realise, and I think it’s important to note that you really are not alone. Your university/college has resources for you to use. And there are more resources available outside of your campus, though this may not be as readily available depending on your financial status/health care system/etc. (though this can also be said about the university).

Most importantly, and I’ve already said it, you are not alone. There are many students who are battling mental health problems of all kinds, and there really is nothing quite like finding another person who you can at least sympathise with. Details aren’t always necessary, and there are people who will be there for you.

This has been a random PSA, but I just kind of want to get it out there that mental health is not easy, but it’s often treated like an elephant in the room (or whatever the phrase is), and I want to address that especially in this community, which I do think has some unhealthy ways of approaching academics, but also for those who feel alone or unsure about their struggles.

And especially for the younger ones, you would be surprised how many gradblrs especially are aware of these problems within academia. And perhaps I cannot speak for everyone, but I know for me personally, I am readily available to talk about it if you ever have doubts during high school, undergrad, etc. A lot of us has seen some shape or form of mental health, whether personally or through colleagues/friends.

from eden

(for @deathberryprompts‘ weekly prompt, ‘Queen’. Vague ichi/ruki and hichi/ruki, 686 compliant. Title and opening lyrics from Hozier’s ‘From Eden’.)




Innocence died screaming // honey ask me, I should know. // I slithered here from Eden // just to sit outside your door.




The next time Rukia sits jinzen (the first time in a while), she is surprised to find that her zanpakutou spirit wears a crown of bone.

Not of ice, but bone. “Why this?” is the first thing she asks, reaching up to tap pensive fingers against the ornament; but before she can feel the brittle texture of it underneath her fingertips, Shirayuki intercepts her wrist with a grip like morning frost.

“He is coming,” she hisses, and Rukia jerks back as tendrils of ice snake their way up her arm. “He is coming, he is coming— I cannot stop him, Rukia.”

“Stop who? Who is coming?” Ice should not frighten her, not after all these years— but Rukia cannot help the rising panic as the ice grows over her shoulder, encases the side of her neck in a beautiful and deadly brace. She can feel frost forming on her eyelashes. “Shirayuki, let go!”

She does not; instead, the zanpakutou spirits pulls Rukia closer, so that her bloodless lips are right by Rukia’s ear. The ice starts flowering, bursts and sprays of petals with razor edges; and for the first time Rukia realises the fear of being buried alive, of being swallowed whole by her own ice and laid to rest amidst the pine trees of her soulscape.

“Rukia,” her sword whispers into her skin, “have you been dreaming lately?”

And then the ice shatters.

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buffintruda  asked:

I was wondering about gender neutrality in other languages. What pronouns do you use in Esperanto? Does ili work the same as they in English? Could you create new pronouns like ni or something? And what about some nouns like patro and patrino? (1/3)

Would a word like gepatro make sense or would it be easier to ungender it completely and not ever use the ino suffix for feminist reasons as well as nb ones? And in Japanese how easy is it to go completely ungendered by others since it doesn’t (2/3) use pronouns as much as English. I’ve heard that using different formality levels of ‘I’ can make you sound more feminine or masculine so how would you recommend a female perceived nb to get by? (3/3)

re: Esperanto

no, “ili” cannot be used as a singular, gender-neutral pronoun in Esperanto. trying to use “ili” in that way will only confuse people.

a few decades ago there was the start of a movement in Esperanto called “Riismo” ( eo / en ) which tried to combat sexism in Esperanto by proposing ways to neutralize the linguistic patriarchy upon which Esperanto is built. among the things proposed / advocated by Riismo is the gender neutral pronoun “ri” (ie. “ri estas neduuma.” = they are non-binary.) and the usage of affixes to neutralize gendered roots like “patr-” (ie. “gepatro” or “patro” = parent, “patriĉo” = father, “patrino” = mother).

while Riismo is very well known in Esperantujo– literally every “seasoned” esperantist knows of it– like most (all?) proposed reforms in Esperantujo (the Esperanto community), it never actually gained ground. it’s on and off the topic of debate in Esperantujo, but it always seems like most people are either staunchly against it or they’re for it but not enough to actually get up and advocate for it. that said, those who do actively use / advocate for Riismo are known as “riistoj” and you can definitely find groups of them online.

other gender neutral pronouns and reform proposals exist besides Riismo (Hiismo or “ŝli”, for example), but i’d say that Riismo is arguably the most well known.

as for me, i personally prefer “ri”, but i don’t consider myself a riisto because i’m such a halfassed esperantist in general. i wrote an essay once at an Esperanto seminar about how sexist Esperanto as a language is, presented it to my group but then proceeded to not publish it or anything because i couldn’t be bothered to deal with people’s opinions on it… D; plus i wasn’t out at the time.

re: Japanese

if you haven’t already seen it, check out this post that i wrote about third-person gender-neutral language in Japanese. as i noted in that post, it’s relatively easy to talk about someone in the third-person without gendering them. does this mean that it’d be easy for you to go through life in Japan without being gendered at all? easier than in many other countries, definitely, but you’ll still encounter people who use gendered language who will then use it when they talk to / about you unless you correct them. unlike in English, gendered first-person pronouns are more of a problem. you touch upon that in your ask, so i’m guessing you’re already at least somewhat aware of the problem. i talk about how i myself navigate this problem in the post i linked.

as for recommendations for you…. it’s hard to recommend something based on only knowing you’re non-binary and perceived as female. are you wanting to go with what people will expect of you as someone who is perceived to be female? in which case you could go with 私 / “watashi”. it isn’t exclusively “female”, even if it is primarily used by women. if you want to “push back” against or counter what people perceive you as, you could try 僕 / “boku” bearing in mind that that will come with the baggage of then being seen as “tomboyish” and depending on the social situation, it may not always be the most appropriate word to use.

honestly, i say just go with whatever feels alright to you and try not to make how people perceive you the deciding factor for what pronouns you use.

Is she in dream? A notion of imaginary romance? It doesn’t matter. I long for her… for hands I’ve never held.. for the unheard calling of this ethereal phantasm I’ve created so unintentionally.. I yearn for an embrace not yet felt.. and Maybe she is here somewhere… Or Maybe she is loneliness.. and if so, maybe it’s all I’ll ever deserve.
—  Who am I missing? What am I missing?

i just cant use apps that have cutesy reminder things like ‘remember to drink water by watering this plant every time you do!!’ or 'wake up this cute animal every day and help it by doing all of ur mental health tasks!!!’ like i just… dont care enough.. im too depressed for those things to work like its cool that it works for other people but really if i cant do those things on my own im not gonna be able to do it for some fake plant or animal or whatever it is this time